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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a gas stove : simple rules

Benefits cookers

right podobrannoeustroystvo will guarantee the realization of your culinary talents, rapid and efficient cooking with the possibility of self-selection and temperature functions.
Gas appliances:

  • unpretentious;
  • easy to install;
  • economical on electricity;
  • food on fire a distinctive flavor;
  • cooking temperature can be adjusted;
  • helps to create a culinary masterpiece.

How to choose a gas stove 1

Difficulties gas stoves

  1. Gas inductor as dangerous appliance requires its own specific installation and operation and requires appropriate skills and knowledge.So how to choose a gas stove - not a simple task, it is necessary to learn a little.
  2. Stove necessarily connected to the gas, because its movement can be difficult, and in addition, you need an official permission to do so.
  3. Operating independently is possible, but the replacement and repair is possible only by specialists gas companies.

Disadvantages are, but in order to simplify some of these modern products are equipped with thermoelectric protection or "gas-control."The system includes a lock to avoid fuel leakage of gas burners and oven.Also, this system provides fire safety by having electric ignition (matches do not need to use).

Thus, comparing the pros and cons, home kitchens, yet choosing gas appliances on certain qualities and properties.About them reported below.

How to choose a gas stove 2

gas stove choose size

factors to select the size in the first place-is the kitchen area, placement of kitchen units and other equipment.To make it clear, is considered a classic slab 85 cm in height, and depth - 50-60 cm without legs.If there are adjustable feet, the unit will be slightly higher.Basic width of 30-90 cm depending on the number of burners.

Cooktop has an average of these values:. 50x50 cm, 50x60 cm, 60x60 cm Indications allow you to set the instrument in a variety of sizes and fit kitchens in any alignment.Importantly, do not forget about the hood!

How to choose a gas stove 3

Mark choose a gas stove on the surface and design

before how to choose a gas stove, it is necessary to pay attention to practicality and aesthetic coatings mean the entire device as a whole.Plates made of durable high quality steel and other materials, endowed with both advantages and disadvantages.

  1. enamel coating.Sometimes traditionally white, brown and black.Feature strength and cheapness.The disadvantage is the difficulty of removal of fat deposits, as well as the possibility of scratching and chipping instability.
  2. Stainless finish.Sometimes polished and matte.The advantage of this device is considered to be its spectacular appearance and durability, but the disadvantage - soiled fingerprint and the difficulty of adjusting to a shine.In addition, to maintain a kitchen appliance in good condition it should be cleaned with special cleaning agents.
  3. Glass ceramic coating.It includes cooking surface with a layer of heat-resistant glass or glass-ceramic.It has greater strength and resistance to temperature and mechanical stress.Caring for them is very simple, simple enough household chemicals.

How to choose a gas stove 4

Manufacturers determine the number and size of the burners

course, how to choose a gas stove burners, and how many you need, every woman has a right to, but is necessary to define some principles of choice.

  • Classic is the one which has 4 burners.But, nevertheless, there are 2 and 6 plates, having different size and degree of burning.
  • According to the size of dishes determine the size of the burners.So, if you pay attention, each working surface has a high power burner, two - and one medium - small.Modern products are multi-loop burners, which allow to prepare various complex dishes.

How to choose a gas stove 5

Oven Kitchen: reviews

Gas burners must be equipped with multiple-temperature and ventilation.If you have a gas grill, the conditions for the most natural roasting on coals.Elektrogrile is much more expensive, but provide a clear warming and its management.

Many firms installed in multifunctional oven plate with delicious air circulation.Often, instead of buying a separate plitys oven oven.Also, modern ovens have a serious security system and shock-proof glass with a heat-resistant properties.

How to choose a gas stove 6


Now you know how to choose a gas stove, but you need to find out which vendors are leaders in the production of this type of technology.Firms that will be named, has long been known to you, and characterized by high functionality and innovation.This is such brands: Indesit, Ardo, Gorenje, Bosch, Gefest, Electrolux, Hansa, Zanussi, BEKO, Bosch.