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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to insulate a loggia ?

choice of material

Proper insulation includes internal and external work.If on the external insulation can be dispensed with, it works indoors necessary.To complete this stage will require special materials.
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  1. Mineral wool.One of the most effective materials for thermal insulation is beneficial, cost effective and does not burn.There are two types of execution - in the form of rolls and slabs.
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  3. Penofol.Very easy to use and simple to perform.It can be cut by a simple knife.Laid overlapped.After that, the seams are glued shut.
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  5. foam.It is also one of the favorite materials for insulation, both internal and external.Its main drawback - a fire hazard.

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There are other materials, but these three - the most common and widely accessible.In addition, do not lose anything more expensive counterparts.How to insulate a loggia, with the help of the material - is the choice of the owner of the apartment, as each of them copes with the task of thermal insulation.


As in any other case - the key to success lies in the correct order execution and problem solving.Thermal insulation of loggia is no exception.

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  • The first stage - preparatory.This includes the choice of material, the future design of the room.
  • Preliminary work - a complete cleaning of the premises.It is necessary to bring all things to leave the room completely empty.This also applies to cement dust, if the insulation is made in a new building.It is better to use for this purpose building cleaner, but will fit and a regular Meshkov.The main thing - immediately after work to clean it, or he can no longer earn.
  • retaining walls.It is mounted on the inner side of the parapet.It is best to use foam blocks.Permissible their width -. 10 cm Later on this basis will be mounted a major thermal insulation material.
  • Floor Warming.As mentioned above, underfloor heating can be used, but only with a lag.Laghi - it sticks out of the carefully dried wood.They stacked them on the basis of the rail.
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  • You can then use insulation - mineral wool or polystyrene - or variations of floor heating.They are mounted on top of the established lag.At this stage of "rough" treatment of sex is considered complete.The next step - the ground floor - most often it is a laminate.
  • Insulation of walls and windows.The walls can be insulated or under subsequent plaster or as a plaster construction.In the first case is most commonly used foam, it is glued to the flat part of the wall.After the glue has stiffened further secured with dowels.After that, you can start plastering.The main advantage of this method - it saves space.If square footage allows - it is better to carry out the construction of plasterboard.

Thus, insulation loggia done and it is completely ready for operation.How to insulate a loggia - no more unanswerable questions.