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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dimensions refrigerators types: standard , single-chamber , dual chamber , single chamber , and Side By Side

term "size refrigerator┬╗

dimensions, they are the same size of a refrigerator, depending on the model and the built-in functionality.In particular, the concept implies a:

  • height (minimum of 50 to a high of 250 cm);
  • width (from 40 to ultranarrow scale 190 cm);
  • depth (from the modest 42 to spacious 110 cm);
  • volume (from minimum 30 to hoarders 800 liters);
  • weight (from 22 to ultra hefty 157 kg).

You can also split the bulk of technology on high (1.9-2.5 m), medium (1,4-1,85 m), low (0,5-1,35 m).The width used to divide geographically: the European, American and Asian, among which the tall and narrow models are European type, the average of all the - Asian, high and wide - the US.Depth is also of the classification: no refrigerators deep into the depths of 42-50 cm, are standard in the depth of about 60 cm, is the difference between the overall depth of up to 110 centimeters.

depends on the amount of capacity unit, ie how many products at the same time can be stored in different locations.The refrigerator compartment can be from 25 up to 760 liters, freezer - 4-700 l, freshness zone, as a rule, is not much volume.Depending on the engine capacity accommodates refrigerators are economical, are medium in size and volume.

An important selection criterion - the weight of the device.It is especially important for residents of apartment buildings where heavy refrigerator filled with food to failure, can significantly increase the load on the floors, not to mention the permutations and transport.

Knowing these parameters will allow to choose the right equipment for the home and garden, and even calculate the location, if you want to go home personal refrigerator Coke.

gold standard

In the countries of post-Soviet period is considered to be the standard European type refrigerating devices:

  • width varies from half a meter up to 65 cm;
  • height - from 85 cm to 2.1 m;
  • depth of half a meter up to 70 cm;
  • volume of 200 to 350 liters (the freezer 50 to 140 l, and cooling from 150 to 210 liters).

The dimensions of the refrigerator 1

Single Door Refrigerators

  • height of half a meter to 1.2 m;
  • width of half a meter up to 60 cm;
  • volume ranges 120-220 liters.

This type of refrigeration systems usually equipped with a small freezer on top.By volume, not more than one or two people calculated.

The dimensions of the refrigerator 2

Two-compartment model

Dimensions dual-chamber devices are more suitable for a small family.One-two compressor, complete freezing and refrigerating compartments allow you to use the fridge for many years without any complaints.Dimensions:

  • height from 1.3 to 2.1 meters;
  • width of half a meter to 70 centimeters;
  • volume from 260 liters to 380 liters, standard freezer inferior in size.

The dimensions of the refrigerator 3

Side By Side

Popular and, of course, very comfortable, thanks spaciousness and order, refrigerating devices models Side by Side is still very cumbersome, among other options.Optimally suited for the kitchen, which is enough space or a kitchen studio.Side buy Side - is not just a fridge, a multifunction device.At its core task of cooling, freezing and storing, the machine makes ice, has a built-in TV, equipped with all types of cameras, with a separate freezer door, a full set of features (including know frost).
mark refrigerator Side By Side

  • height from 1.7 to 1.9 m;
  • width of one meter;
  • depth of 60 to 80 cm;
  • volume of at least 350, and possibly all of 800 liters.

The dimensions of the refrigerator 4

Multi-chamber devices

Multi-chamber, or, as they are called, French Door refrigerators are different in that their two-door freezer and vertical, and the zone of freshness and freezer are located at the bottom of a sliding design.

  • height from 168 cm to two meters;
  • width of the order of 60-120 cm;
  • depth from 55 cm to 90 cm;
  • a total volume of 320 to 650 liters.

The dimensions of the refrigerator 5