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August 12, 2017 18:07

What form can take mansard roof ?

Mansard roof in all its diversity

Interestingly, the roof under which it may be the living room, is not always easy gable.Just usually zealous masters of the gable mansard roof is preferred because it is simpler, less labor, and it is easier to warm than, for example, hip.What is the difference?First of all, gable - gable at it is, and hipped roof of the architectural details are not provided, instead - 2 triangular ramp.Therefore, they differ in shape.

Widely used mansard roof poluvalmovaya, it has two opposite sides with a break, having at the bottom of a trapezoidal shape, and the upper - triangular.Wherein one part of (any) is inclined and the other is oriented vertically.About dormer roof video was shot several times, many homeowners build a house and placed under the roof of precarious dwellings, trying to capture the result of their work for the story.But we recommend to pay more attention to the charts and drawings, they are much more important than the video.The fact that the compound trusses requires, in some cases, not only sharpness master, but certain rules.

Roofs optimal form of attic

Those who dream of a cozy bedroom or at least a comfortable office under the roof, did not think that the attic is a hefty loss of useful space that could be used with the full second floorefficiently.However, there is at premises under the roof and the benefits, in particular - the same comfort.Especially because there are forms of mansard roofs that minimize the loss of valuable space.

gable roof to those not applicable, the most used area there begins an invisible line where the height to sloping ceiling not less than 1.6 meters.But a broken mansard roof is almost a full second floor within the roof system, the bottom of the slopes have a very small angle of inclination.With a high roof, not less than 5 meters to the ridge, you can make a two-level loft or bunk, thus gain more living space.Other

quite convenient options are used less often because of the complexity of the implementation.In particular, the attic roof mnogoschiptsovye do personally is almost unreal, too many connection points that require high precision.

Such roofs can be seen in fairly large buildings which consist of a main body and side wings residential, i.e. building has a T-shaped.A simpler version of the L-shaped, but it requires the involvement of an experienced master.Very interesting combination option when the attic is perfectly combined with a full second floor at the same level.This is possible precisely in the case of construction consists of several wings or a veranda or the attached garage.Over one-storey annexe loft is adjacent to the second floor.

mansard roof on the stage of glazing

Place the standard window at an angle, and you will see how the field of view will be reduced.That is why glazing lofts must be approached not only creative, but also armed with previously made estimates. The main rule is that the windows should be not less than 10% of the total area of ​​the premises, including awkward areas .Accordingly, if you have a gable roof with a decent level of tilt windows should be the higher, the greater the slope ramps.

Different versions of mansard roofs require appropriate types of windows.That is, should be considered, even the roof profile is flat or wavy, the frame must be fitted according to the waterproofing.Mansard roof with skylights provide illumination all over the room, but this option is only suitable for a one-room attic or in different rooms you need to do some lights.

can, in general, to glaze a large part of the roof, but it should be borne in mind that it is placed under the roof exposed to the greatest heat loss, which is why when laying insulation should be paid close attention to the joints of the roof frame to frame.However, some types of mansard roofs allow you to use almost fully glazed, as a result of which the space can be used as a winter garden or conservatory.In particular, those forms are vaulted roof, folded and spherical.The latter is based not all vault and several points between which are inserted into the semi-circular lights on the entire length of the wall.