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August 12, 2017 18:07

Gable roof : this kind of multi-faceted design

gable roof - what is the feature of the construction?

roof of the house in addition to engineering and technical functions bears the architectural and decorative load.It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, that "roof" and "roofing" - the concept is not identical, though often at the household level, they are used as synonyms.

According to the definition given in the handbook builder roof - this coating, the top element of the roof, protecting the structure from environmental influences.Let us not confuse these concepts and in the future.The roof can be flat or curved, and in the latter case we say that it has a "ramp".

This design provides a fast flow of water, which prevents decay and destruction, as well as significantly reduce snow load.At sufficiently steep slope ramps space beneath them easily converted to residential or office space, referred to as the attic.

As you can see, gable mansard roof really deserves close attention as the best form of defense at home against weathering.

gable roof - for which it is impractical to use?

However, if we ask ourselves how useful the attic area depends on the type of roof and the angle of its inclination, and which one is most effective in this regard, we see that the attic with a gable roof - not the best option.

When a steep slope of 45 degrees useful area of ​​the attic is only 67% - the lowest figure among all types of structures.But the highest safety characteristics of the building!Therefore, you should have to weigh the individual preferences for such a choice.

and reaches protective function is primarily the lack of different kinds of obstacles on a level surface.Such obstacles, such as creases in the intersection of the rays, as it takes place on the sloping roof, and where so easily damaged by water or, say, the valleys - the interior angles of convergence faces where so loves to accumulate snow.

And, in addition to the technical details, no less important, and the economic side - gable roof will be cheaper another just as much smaller than its area.

Types of pitched roof - a variety of designs

gable sloping ceilings claims the second highest usable space located underneath the attic - 90%.The reason for this is easy to understand if we take into account its specific form - sloping gable roof in a certain place forms the room and rushes down sharply.

Strictly speaking, each ramp as it consists of two converging crease in the place of individual elements.It is a combination of steep and shallow sides led to an increase in the attic area, because the room is chamfered corners.It is convenient and it is the fact that during its construction in the course of building material is a small length.

And another advantage of broken roof - built-in window.Located in the almost vertical faces at the height of the second floor, they provide an excellent view of the surrounding area, and the windows in the flat part of the day ensures excellent lighting and great views of the night sky at night.

Finally, the record holder, guarantees 100% usable space - raised the roof gable.The area of ​​the attic is maximized due to the fact that mauerlat not located on the intermediate floor, as in the two previous cases, and in addition built about half a floor wall.

That is probably the most well-known and all types of pitched roofs.It stands somewhat apart poluvalmovaya gable roof whose shape to withstand higher wind loads.This is another nice feature of this class of roofs.