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August 12, 2017 18:07

Stairs to the attic , without which it can not do

What are the stairs to the attic?

get to the upper floors of a country house in two ways - inside and out.It is more convenient, of course, the internal options of stairs to the attic, but sometimes it would be desirable to have a separate entrance, so no one bothered or vice versa, to climbing up to her, not to disturb the household.The most common type - span.In other words, to be on the second floor, it is necessary to pass at least two flights of steps ten, separated by a platform.One march steps from top to bottom is rarely done, since older people a way to overcome difficult without respite.

However, spiral staircase to the attic are no grounds does not, they are simply nowhere to be arranged in a swirling spiral of the march.This spiral shape may be the most popular round and square, if, for example, for lifting upward assigned a special "tower", combined with the house, but only related to the placement of doorways on the floors.In the latter case, do not even need a railing on one side of the width of the stairs to the attic will be limited to the wall, the other - the central column.Finally, less common, but more interesting are considered special folding ladders, combined with the hatch.

Roof ladder, saving space

To connect the two floors of steps, it is necessary to allocate a certain portion of a flight of stairs, it does not matter, in the hallway or living room.The only exception is the above-described special well, connecting all floors, a staircase to the attic from the street.In the latter case, the spans are usually located in a straight line along the outer wall.However, if the ladder does not hinder anybody outside the house, the inside space to allocate to it is quite difficult.For example, living in the midst of the first flight will look out of place, and under the ground between the marches will go uncomfortable because height of 10 steps is generally 160 centimeters .

Ideal - attic ladders that fold over and removed the hatch cover, which then closes smoothly.Equipped with a spring mechanism, deck spans not descend with crashing down after the hatch opens, and rather slowly decomposed, the latter need to march to deploy manually.But there is no risk that all this construction, laying, cause injury.a couple of spans, and further work automation, all lured upstairs and closed the hatch To remove a ladder, rather, again, to lay down.There are models, folding one march - they are connected by scissor step method, with the addition in the form of the same spring mechanism.

boardwalk stairs to the attic floor

material processing which afford every - tree, and in the manufacture of a country house stairs preference is sawn.At the same time of the boards can be mounted not only internal but also external staircase to the attic, you just soak the wood preservatives and varnish top coat to step out of the warm natural material served for decades. If necessary, wooden elements can be easily replaced, drank exactly the same .

very popular wooden stairs to the attic, made on the string, when mounted on a stage set obliquely bearing elements of solid wood.Bracing is usually practiced by a corner, step also laid on the full of bars.A simpler and less reliable option - just on nails hammered into the end boards.The most time consuming way - in a hidden recess when the stage are attached with nails or screws.

stairs and rails have the greatest margin of safety, they can withstand loads up to 1800 kg on each step.

The house is a staircase to the attic floor will look very elegant, if you make it on the rails, when all the bars are hung on the stage is firmly mounted to the railing.Sometimes one party stage mounted on a special kind of rails to the wall, with no contact with her, so that steps are heard throughout the house.