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August 12, 2017 18:07

Chandelier ceiling fan - a comfortable and practical element of the apartment

Wiring chandelier fan

Air circulation is very important, so the combination chandelier ceiling fan creates optimal conditions for work.Such lighting devices can provide fresh air at any time of the year.Reviews of these models indicate that the rotation of its elements does not lower degrees in the room.

Priced lighting devices with a fan are different:

  • in the low price category, which can be bought cheaply suck;
  • at an average price based on the family budget, choose the appropriate quality;
  • have luxury models, the price is quite high.

Chandelier ceiling fan - a comfortable and practical element of the apartment

If someone wondered how to connect the chandelier with a fan yourself in a three-phase network, where you can find information on this issue.

Choosing a location

Before you start connecting the chandelier with a fan, it is important to choose the place of its location, the light shines evenly, without disturbing the overall mood of the room.If you plan to connect it to the last place chandeliers, you can skip this step.

Choosing a location

Installing auxiliary beams

Next, determine the approximate weight of the chandelier, and if you find that it weighs more than 13-15 kg, it is necessary to establish the beam, which will help keep the chandelier.If you skip this step, it is possible to hurt the wire or ceiling surface.In conventional apartments is unlikely to meet such heavy chandelier, therefore, most likely, you can do without having to install supporting beams.

Installing auxiliary beams

Installing the junction box

Before you start connecting the chandelier with a fan, a junction box with power supply cable must be connected.This should be done carefully and accurately, following all safety regulations.

Installation electrical

design Heart, that is, the circuitry must be connected at a distance of a little more than 10 cm from the fixed box, supply cables after cable connection is required in the case of damage to the wires.Then you must close all the wires special cover.All wires must be sealed, and the box firmly tightened bolts.

There are many reviews that are full of nice words in favor of a similar design.This is not surprising, because to buy a lamp - then give yourself a soft, pleasant coolness together with gentle light.Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity, can not be said about lyustrah- ceiling fans, which can buy in a specialized store.For example, you can find high-quality, sophisticated and functional model "Leroy Merlin".

Moscow shops have proven themselves as reliable suppliers of high-quality designs, which you can easily find a wide variety of lighting products and inexpensively.Explore the design photos to help chandelier with a fan.Besides photos, which are in this article will be a great help in the selection of chandeliers suitable for controlling stuffy and stale air in the room.Price chandelier with a fan in comparison with the air-conditioning is low and more profitable to buy yet constructed than the air conditioning and the chandelier alone.