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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paint decorative plaster , creating a unique and elegant interior

Benefits painting plaster

Firstly, plaster painting allows you to create a unique image of your design of the facade and interior.When choosing a color and paint, you can recreate any interiors, admirable.It is not necessary to do only one tone.Also can successfully blend a few colors, properly selected and combined with each other.

Secondly, this paint provides some protective function.It protects the surface from excessive moisture, UV light, temperature extremes.A white or any light color prevents excessive heating of the surface of the walls during the summer days.This will help significantly to save on air-conditioning facilities.

What paint to choose?

Decorative plaster for painting is white and color.White - suggests further painting.Color - already sold in finished form and applied to the substrate.Also, besides dyeing it is possible to add colourant to the mixture of plaster element.

So initially applied colored plaster composition.For this color is acquired and added to the mixture during dilution.

¬ęPlease note that color should be chosen in the same place, where to buy plaster base.Plus when you select should take into account the fact that dries the color of the surface will be a tone lighter.Therefore, try to trim colors right! ".

painting technology

After having been chosen tone and the corresponding design, the question arises - how to paint decorative plaster?

to start being prepared under the decorative plaster walls.This step involves cleaning the surface, cooking the mixture, the base and some other alignment procedures.After that, you can choose two ways of painting - making caramel mixture in plaster or paint coating finished plastered base.

When the coating paint used as a facade and interior paints.It is also possible to apply paint on parts of the surface or the individual elements, creating halftones.To the whole procedure is successful, it is important to use some tools.

  • roller and brush tray for easier scooping paint.
  • Nylon cord (for the buckets of paint to prevent splashing of the material).
  • plate with spikes, located on the edge of the tray.

Getting Started must be protected from dripping paint the floor, furniture, and window jambs.Therefore lay special material, for example, polyethylene.When the facades such protection measures are not necessary, but the track and the window near the wall still stands cover.

easiest method of painting the plaster - "in one go", which implies a complete painting the entire surface including projections and recesses.It carries out the procedure only once, and with one voice.It is also possible to combine different color and achieve a more complex effect.

For this purpose, a roller is applied first light base layer.After it is completely dry, some relief projections cover a darker color.This technique is called "dry brush method" and allows for more volume surface.

Instead of dark colors in some cases, use decorative elements (metallic - silver, gold, bronze).They have been applied using a special mittens or dry brush.

There are special videos on many internet resources, describing the process.Painting decorative plaster, which is shown in the video portals, will help you to create incredibly beautiful and refined interiors.