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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make an artificial stone with their hands in cement - step by step instructions

moan In connection with the growth of the individual building artificial stone began to get more and more popular.Not everyone can afford to adequately arrange your home, buying a natural stone.With its many advantages, it has, in practical terms, a number of significant drawbacks.And here is an artificial "product" is largely deprived of them.

technology of its production is dependent on the selected components.Consider the most popular option, since it is complex and is not available to everyone, "amateur" builder.The fact that all the other techniques usually require the use of complex mechanisms and special equipment.For example, the need for acrylic stone vacuum mixer.Not everyone can afford to take everything you need for rent, and it is not always possible.


It is clear that the main ingredient - Portland.Fillers may be different materials.It all depends on what kind of property "master" wants to give the final product.The choice is extensive, but are the most common:

  • expanded perlite.It enhances the anti-corrosion properties of the product.
  • Pumice.Significantly reduces the weight of the artificial stone.
  • Little ceramic (fines).
  • Claydite.

worth a stop on the last details.The properties of this material are well known.By adding it to the composition-prepare, once solved two problems: the artificial stone is obtained fairly easy, and at the same time is characterized by minimal heat loss, saving on heating materials.

once - prepared concrete

Furthermore, depending on future operating conditions in preparing the composition are introduced various water repellents, plasticizers, reinforcing the structure of the material (reinforcement) funds.

Methods of making

block-making: this technology is used for production of slab material.

vibrocasting: used in the manufacture of blanks for cladding.The prepared mass is poured into a special mold and subjected to compaction using a vibrator.While the home is usually done manually.


Essentials 3 - sand, Portland cement and water.And the sand is taken only of fines (sifted).

the form


determines the need for configuration and dimensions of the product.The number of forms depends on the "scale" of production, so as not to waste time.On sale is a ready-made copies, but can be done by yourself.The main thing - to choose a suitable "shuttering", for example, a box of cardboard.Her

if desired and can be built from a single sheet.As a sample is taken and the finished stone is placed on the bottom.To the wall of the box and the sample does not stick to the composition of which will be prepared form, their richly lubricated with grease.When everything is ready, the filling volume is made with silicone.

to the inner surface of the mold is smooth, it is necessary to seal the silicone.This is done with a brush dipped in a solution of any detergent or soap.At the final stage the top layer must be leveled.For example, a spatula, which is also wetted.

remains to be seen when the whole mass of high quality dries.Typically, when natural temperature it may take 2 to 3 weeks, although the process and can be accelerated by placing the mold in a "warm" indoors (but not at too high temperatures).Artificial heating will lead to deformation of composition.

After the drying process, formwork is removed and the sample is taken.Defects in the inner surface shape (cracks, inclusions) are eliminated in the same silicon.

solution Preparation

batch Note that casting is done in two layers.Colorant previously diluted in water and added in portions while stirring the solution.Choose the desired color can be "work-out" on the prototype of the mixture.It is recommended to add the dye is not more than 3% of the volume of cement, though still it depends on the used ingredient.Therefore it is necessary to experiment.

composition is prepared at the rate of 1: 3 (sand - cement).Here the main thing - the quality of "batch."The solution should be a uniform dough.

Entering various additives is better to do after studying the issue separately.Or consult with a specialist.


  • first form filled halfway.The solution was sealed (it is possible to pierce, for example, a nail, you can shake the entire structure - how convenient).
  • This is followed by reinforcement.As a rule, use fine-meshed metal grid, which is cut to size a little smaller than the form.
  • Final filling, to the edge.It should be understood that the upper surface of the weight after drying would be the back of an artificial stone and will be applied to the wall."Notch" should be made to ensure quality bonding with the surface at the very top of the solution.After its hardening the grooves are formed, in which the adhesive and secure.

rock - your - hands

Common Errors

  • In order to save to buy cheaper concrete block - with major factions.However, during the operation of such an artificial stone is quite soon begins to be covered by cracks and break into pieces.Therefore it is necessary to use products with only small granules.
  • produced a superficial application of the ink composition on the finished products.It is desirable to do, as a coating for a long time will not serve, and have periodically engaged in its restoration.It is better to coloring formulation immediately add prepare a mixture.


  • To decorate your home, not necessarily perform the complete surface finish artificial stone.Cheaper (and sometimes much more effective) to mount it in some areas, creating a certain composition.The main thing - that it was combined with the rest of the liner.Read more about the stone in the interior, see this article.
  • If you still made of stone painting production after installation, you must use a moisture repellent formulations and apply them at least 2 - 3 layers.
  • When selecting cement is necessary to pay attention to the figures after the letter "D" in the name of the product.It represents the percentage of certain additives.And its appearance and properties that it attaches to the product, is available from the Seller.