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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to clean the filter in the washing machine LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux, Indesit, Zanussi, Siemens, AEG, Candy, Ariston, Ardo

How to clean the filter in the washing machine ?
  • What filters are installed in the washing machine?
  • How to remove and clean the filter filler?
  • How to remove and clean the drain filter?
  • If you can not remove
  • features located in different washing machines
  • When you need to check the filter?
  • Prevention blockages

Washing machine belongs to a class of household appliances, which means that in the course of its operation may have many different problems - water supply, drainage, energy, electronics, etc.Even if you have purchased the instrument from a reliable, well-proven products, this does not mean that the washing machine will always work properly.After a few years of active use, problems arise even in the most high-quality models.

Clean filters - a smooth functioning of the washing machine

One of the most problematic areas of any washing machine - a set of drain and water system.It is here that a significant proportion of breakdowns.In this article, we will tell you about what happens when one of clogged filters, and how this problem can be solved on their own.

What filters are installed in the washing machine?

In order to best protect the mechanism of the washing machine against ingress of foreign objects, each unit is equipped with two filters: one is "input", and another - "at the exit»:

  • water inlet filter is needed in orderthat along with the water in the machine did not get particles of rust, lime and other debris.
  • drain filter is provided to ensure that the pump is not clogged detergent residues, thread, buttons and other things, accidentally caught in the drum.
Drain filter washing machine
Drain filter washing machine

addition to the two "mandatory" filters, one extra, which cleans and softens tap water can be installed in the washing machine.

Deep cleaning filter on the drain hose washing machine

How to remove and clean the filter filler?

device, filtering the water which enters the tank, not found in all the washing machines, but in the most modern models it is still available.

water inlet filter is a small metal mesh, which accumulates debris. Periodically the filter is growing a thick layer of plaque, making it difficult to access the water.In this case, the filling filter has to be cleaned.

Filler filter cleaning in the washing machine

This filter is found in the back of the washing machine, there where the valve that regulates the flow of water, and the water inlet hose.Before you get started, you need to disconnect the unit from the mains, and disconnect the water hose set.Behind this is the filler hose and filter.

filter can be easy to pull, using pliers or a pair of pliers.Usually, it is attended by a layer of dirt, lime and rust.All these need to carefully remove dirt without damaging the device itself.This is best done using a toothbrush.No special cleaning agents need not be applied more often simply a sufficiently large amount of warm water.Clean the filter, return it into place and attach the inlet hose.

Visually this process you can see in the following video.

How to remove and clean the drain filter?

More often troubles arise with drain filter, because it passes through the water after washing things.Whole to wash off dirt, grease, and residues of detergent and conditioner are deposited on the device, so it blockages are formed regularly.

drain filter is usually located on the front panel of the washing machine in one of the lower corners.Usually it is the little plastic door.If a door on your washing machine is no need to remove the front panel to access the filter.It is removed very easily, because nothing is fixed, except for a simple latch.

Drain cleaning the filter in a washing machine

plastic door opening or removing the cover, you will see a small detail, like a cork - this is the filter.It has a special recess that you want to grasp with two fingers, and then turn the filter clockwise and pull it toward you.In some models, you need to rotate the filter as long as it does not unscrew.Sometimes the drain filter is fixed by a single bolt - in this case, use a screwdriver.

If in the process of filter extracting water flowed from it, do not worry - this is normal.It is better to prepare in advance a container underneath or a cloth so as not to wet the floor.Pulling the filter, first clean the hole in which he was.Then rinse the filter itself and screw it back.

offer to see the following video tutorial.

If you can not remove

This happens when the drainage system has accumulated a lot of mud and fat.Then the filter is stuck firmly, and pull it out in the usual way is almost impossible.However, it must be cleaned, so we try to get to this part with the other hand.To do this, put the washing machine on its side, then unscrew fixing, fixing the bottom panel.After removing the bottom cover, take out the pump and find it.We can now easily remove the drain filter from the opposite side.

If the drain filter in the washing machine does not eject, you can remove it from inside the machine

features located in different washing machines


How to find a filter?


Hotpoint Ariston





These washing machine drain filter is very low.To get to it you probably will not have to remove the bottom panel, since many models it is not in principle.




For these brands of washing machines is characterized by the standard location of the drain filter - at the front bottom of the unit.But to get it, it is necessary to completely remove the front panel.



What remove the drain filter out of a washing machine, it is necessary to push the unit from the wall - so you will ensure easy access to the rear of the device.The filter is located immediately behind the rear panel that can be easily removed with a screwdriver.


This drain filter manufacturer places on the right side of the device.You can get close to him, gently removing the decorative front panel.This is done using a thin screwdriver, which is inserted between the housing and the front cover of the machine.

Drain the filter of the washing machine under the hatches
Drain the filter of the washing machine under the panel

When you need to check the filter?

The fact that in one of the washing machine filter blockage formed, indicate the following symptoms:

  • display displays an error message in the program;
  • water drained very slowly;
  • device sharply stops washing and does not resume it;
  • impossible to run the laundry rinse mode;
  • not start spinning linen program;
  • water is not drained from the tank, even by force.

If you notice these oddities in the behavior of the washing machine, at the end of the wash filter condition diagnosis will be required.

Date and reasons for testing filters in the washing machine

Prevention blockages

  • drain filter should be cleaned regularly, so that the dirt does not have time to accumulate and are easily removed.Doing this is not recommended at least once every three months.
  • order in the drain filter is not settled detergent residues, use only approved for washing powders and conditioners.Poor quality tools are poorly soluble in water, so they can be collected into a ball and accumulate in various parts of the washing machine.
  • Watch out then, that in the Drum stiralki not permit foreign objects: pockets before washing unscrew things and fasten zippers.Small bags and clothing with a lot of decorative elements (rhinestones, beads, paeytok) wash in special covers.
Timely cleaning clogged filter of the washing machine - the smooth operation of prevention