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August 12, 2017 18:06

Replacing the gas column : how to replace the old to the new column , how much the replacement

Replacing the gas column
  • In some cases, replacement is necessary?
  • Important nuances
  • How much is a replacement and what cost depends?
  • Documentation required
  • Removing the old column
  • Installing a new column
  • Tips

apparatus uses for natural gas, according to the most advantageous embodiment of the heater.If it becomes necessary to replace the old new column, the owner of equipment needs to know what documents are needed for this work, and what you want to spend.

In some cases, replacement is necessary?

replace old column solve new equipment if:

  • The device does not turn on.
  • main speaker units are out of order.
  • want to replace an outdated model is more modern.
Replacing an old water heater with a new modern model

Important nuances

  • Installation of gas heater should be dealt with professionals who can work with gas appliances.
  • If the water heater is in the bathroom, and as is often the case in older homes, built in the 50-60s, transfer it is not necessary, although the installation of new columns in this room is not recommended due to insufficient (it should be at least 15m3) and the absence of a window.
  • important to make sure that the room ventilation is sufficient.
  • If you want to hide the new column for decorative panels, should ensure that they are non-flammable and easy to take off.
Replacement of the gas column - the important nuances

How much is a replacement and what cost depends?

Average per unit speakers have to pay around 3000-5000 rubles. Depending on the model and the manufacturer's price may be both smaller and higher.Separately underpaid for his work on dismantling the old system (it costs about 300-800 rubles).

The cost of replacing the expert speakers include a call on the house to disconnect the equipment from the communications, the dismantling of the column, as well as the installation and connection of the new device.The wizard also takes charge of the work on setting up the column.

work cost will be higher if:

  • need additional purchase any materials for installation.
  • necessary to conduct additional plumbing work.
  • required to replace the chimney.
  • to replace the gas valve.
Replacement of the gas column - the cost of services

Documentation required

In the case of installing a new speaker to replace the old need the following documents:

  • copy of the draft of the housing department, which indicated the location of the speakers, especially gas and water supply, andalso dymootvedeniya.
  • passport to a new column.If the machine has not yet purchased, you can just specify the model.
  • Act on the state of the chimney.
  • statement to the gas service to replace the old equipment with preservation of the place of installation.
  • application for permission to carry out works on the gas pipeline.
Replacement of the gas column - the required documents ( certificate of the chimney state)
Replacement of the gas column - the necessary documents (passport of a new gas column )

Dismantling of old column

Work to replace the column begins with the dismantling of old equipment:

  • first disconnect the gas supply and the gas hose spun.
  • Then shut off the water, twisting the appropriate valve.Thereafter
  • column is detached from the chimney.
  • Once the equipment is completely disconnected from the communications, the column is removed from the fixtures.
Dismantling of old geyser
Replacement of the gas column - the dismantling of old
Dismantling of old geyser

Installing a new column

Run installation of a new water heater is quite possible with their hands, but with the exception of the device to the gas connection (it should dolicensed specialist).

Independent Actions column will be the owner:

  • If necessary, prepare the wall for the installation of new equipment and replace fasteners.
  • canopy device in the appropriate place, begin to connect the communications system at a time - first the chimney, and then the water supply hose.
  • invites experts to connect the gas hose, install shut-off valve and register column.
  • Finding run equipment in sufficient thrust, there is no smell of gas leaks.
  • Perform the regulation of water supply and power unit.
Installation of a new water heater
Connecting a new gas column to communications
Installation of a new water heater - mounting his own hands


  • to a new column for a long time worked without any problems, it is important not to forget about its regular maintenance (recommended frequency - every 12months).
  • Do not allow excessive increase of the water temperature of heating device, as it will accelerate the process of the formation of scale inside the heat exchanger.
  • When in the water the water pressure is too low, it is recommended to install the pump.
Replacement of the gas column - the recommendation for the smooth operation of the new equipment