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August 12, 2017 18:06

What weighs washing machine , how many kg in cars of different models and companies

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Washing machine
  • What determines the weight?
  • mild or severe is better to choose?
  • Weight standard washing machine
  • Tips for Choosing

Selecting a new washing machine - not an easy task, because of the variety of options of home appliances on the market just my head is spinning.All models differ in dozens of settings, to understand that an inexperienced person is very difficult.It is necessary to separate the important from the less significant parameters, to explore concepts such as class of washing or spin class and take into account a host of other details.

Washing machine

addition to the basic criteria, such as the type or size of load, it is necessary to take into account the less important factors.For example, the weight of the washing machine - this is not the criterion for which buyers pay attention in the first place.However, in some cases, it becomes one of the key selection criteria (eg, if the family often moved from place to place).In this article, we will tell you what value is the weight of the washing machine and on which model is more preferable - light or heavy.

What determines the weight?

difference in weight between the different washing machine models can be tens of kilograms. Mass stiralki determined by several factors, including body material, the tank volume, type of installation, as well as the presence of additional functions that require additional hardware (such as drying clothes).

Experts say that the weight of the washing machine is largely influenced by the counterweights, which are necessary for the proper balancing of the drum.The mass of these elements may be different, depending on the manufacturer - hence arises the difference in weight between the same in size models.

Washing machine

mild or severe is better to choose?

When choosing a washing machine this question puzzled, not every buyer - for the majority of the weight of the unit is not is crucial.However, if you for some reason do not enter a number, this information may be useful to you.

believed that light washing machines have a lower resistance.This is especially noticeable during the spin cycle becomes, when the device suddenly begins to vibrate and bounce.Therefore, many prefer the heavier models - the machine is heavier, so it is more stable.

But very heavy aggregates become a real problem when stiralku need to move to a new apartment or a service center.Therefore it is better to stay on the average - more about it, see below.

Washing machine
Washing machine

Weight standard washing machine

Standard weight of a washing machine - it's hard to define the concept, because it depends on a lot of different factors, which we have already mentioned in previoussections. The lightest models that are sold in stores today, weigh less than 30 kg, and the most severe - more than 100 kg.

However, very light and very heavy washing machines on the market is still a minority.The bulk of the patterns has a weight ranging from 50 to 80 kg.It is this figure can be taken as an average.

stiralki If the weight is in the range of 50 to 80 kg, so it has good stability and, moreover, it is transportable.

In the video, which is located below, you can see the average weight of some popular models of LG washing machines of the company.

Tips for Choosing

  • Narrow washing machines are very popular with owners of small apartments.But such stiralok there is one drawback, which you need to know: small footprint, creates a strong vibration during the spin cycle.Therefore, manufacturers often further aggravate narrow models, making them more sustainable.
  • Choosing a washing machine, pay attention to such factors as the presence of auto-balancing.This is a relatively new feature that manufacturers equip last stiralok model.It controls the speed of rotation of the drum, thus avoiding the occurrence of vibration and noise amplification.
Washing machine
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