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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shock absorbers for washing machines dampers : Bosch, LG, Samsung, Indesit, Ardo, Hotpoint Ariston and Beko

shock absorbers and dampers for washing machines
  • device
  • Causes and symptoms of malfunction
  • Removal suitability
  • check How to Repair
  • How to replace
    • The spring
    • damper
    • Shock
  • Where to buy

to heavy, filled with water and the laundry drum is not swayed the entire machine as a whole, the engineers have provided the depreciation system.Its purpose - to extinguish vibration during operation.Dampers are attached to the bottom of the tank.Over time, they can lose their firmness and elasticity.The Bosch machines, LG, Samsung, Indesit, Ardo, Hotpoint Ariston Beko and it manifests increased vibration and the emergence of a squeak and extraneous knocks caused by tank strikes on the machine frame in the process of washing and spinning.

Shock absorbers for washing machines


Outwardly looks like a shock absorber cylinder.The cylinder has a rod.It consists of a rod (holder) and pads impregnated with special lubricant increased friction.Vibration damping is due to the piston movements.With a sharp movement of the piston submerged tank inside the cylinder, whereby vibration is reduced.Usually there is also a cylinder spring which returns the piston to its initial position (its so-called - "return").

Until recently, all dampers are the same.Today, technology moved forward: to replace the return spring came a system of springs, which are mounted at the top of the tank and provide him a "suspended" state.Shock absorbers of this type are known as "dampers", they are more reliable and better quenched fluctuations.

Shock absorber for washing machines

Causes and symptoms of malfunction

most often exposed pad wear of the piston and rod inserts. These elements provide shock-absorber firmness.Sometimes wear and cylinder.Sometimes, the damper is broken into pieces or bends.Outwardly it may appear methodical attacks or frequent malfunctions associated with fly-belt washing machine motor.

In all circumstances, the above-described damper requires repair or replacement.

Shock absorbers for washing machines

When damage cushioning components, technology is not recommended because this may cause a minor problem with the car much more serious harm.

Removal and check for suitability

First, make sure that the problem lies precisely in the amortization of the system.

Remove and remove the dampers, body washing apparatus.In some models in order to do this, it suffices to put the machine on its side;Access to the shock absorbers will bottom.

washing equipment have other models to ensure access to the right parts, remove the front wall of the housing.This procedure is very troublesome.

  1. First, unscrew the fixing screws (they are located on the rear panel) and remove the top cover of the machine.The vessel is then removed and the panel for the powder, which protects the drain filter.
  2. Next, unscrew the screws and remove the control panel at the top of the unit.Do not hurry!In addition to the bolts, the panel is connected with the car still and lots of wires.Their length allows you to attach the item anywhere near, without removing it completely.
  3. Now with the front wall of the machine is necessary to remove the collar and tuck it inside the tank.
  4. final stage - at the top and bottom of the machine unscrew the bolts that secure its front wall.Be sure to loosen the lock and the door, otherwise the wires coming out of it will not be allowed to remove the panel completely.(Alternative: do not unscrew the lock and gently try to pull out of it contacts).
  5. After all these manipulations access to the dampers will open.

To check the damper, remove it from the housing by loosening the screw located at the bottom.Try to put pressure on his hand so that compress and decompress mechanism.If he just gives in - the shock absorber it is in working condition.If the piston moves without any effort on your part, such a device needs to be replaced.

Shock absorbers and dampers for washing machines

How to Repair

The idea is that when a significant reduction in vibration absorption ability, it would be sufficient to replace the inside of the shock absorber or damper worn parts. Most often comes down the gasket between the piston and the cylinder, resulting in both significantly deformed. course, the gasket can be replaced by producing similar from a dense fabric.It should be borne in mind that if you did something wrong, the results of "repair" may adversely affect the operation of the machine as a whole.

Shock absorbers and dampers for washing machines
Shock absorbers for washing machines

Spare parts for the repair of these devices do not produce, because the replacement of one or another element of the details does not guarantee improvements in the operation of the unit.If any problems occur in the depreciation systems professional repairers are advised not to place some of its components, and completely replace them.

Shock absorbers and dampers for washing machines

How to replace

The spring

springs allow the tank to keep on weight and sudden movement of the mechanism is returned to its original position.At each end of the spring we have a small hook at that allow to attach the metal tank and the spiral housing.Area adjacent to the fastenings, are constantly exposed to heavy loads, which is why over time the spring comes worn or torn.

Before replace, remove the damaged part.You can do this in two ways:

  • remove the spring from the fastening of the top part of the body;
  • with the connector assembly, which is located on the tank car.

In the first case, you must first remove the cover.Then, as high as possible, lift the tank and fix it in this position by placing it on any subject.Pull the spring in the direction of the tank and remove it using pliers.It remains to unhook the other end parts of the body of the machine - and you can begin to change.

If the venue for these activities is not sufficient, it is necessary to remove from the body all the disturbing details.

In the second case, you must also remove the wall, at the top of the body, as much as possible to raise and fix the washing machine tank.Holding the spring broken hand, a thin screwdriver or other tool to pry the hook and unhook responsible for fixing parts of the car body.Then away; spring to the side and remove it from the bottom.

Shock absorber for washing machines


To replace damper come in disrepair, first remove it from the body of the machine, as described above.In some models, instead of the fastening bolt at the bottom of the damper to snap the pins are made of plastic.To get a pin, it is necessary to find by touch latch and push it inside.If it is difficult to pin a little treat with grease.

Likewise disassemble the fixture that connects the shock absorber to the tank washing machine.A new part is installed in the tank in the reverse order.

The damper for a washing machine


Shock absorbers can be fixed to the machine in two ways: vertically or at a certain angle.One end of the part attached to the machine, and the second - is linked to the tank.If the shock absorber is fastened by means of the rod, to carry out replacement have to disassemble large part of the washing machine and even extract it from the tank.

Shock absorber for washing machines

about how to replace the shock absorbers at the Electrolux washing machines, refer to the video Oleg Belokurova.


  • Each particular machine, whether it's Bosch, LG, Samsung, Indesit, Ardo, Hotpoint Ariston or Beko, - a type of shock absorber.It is possible that a number of models equipped with the same dampers, but the probability of this is low.Therefore, going for interchangeable parts, lock the house, "original" or ask when choosing a qualified assistance.
  • If damaged, only one damper will have to change anyway, both.Otherwise, the load will be distributed unevenly, and they will fail again.

Dampers Fira the Bosch, as a rule, better, than, for example.LG.For information on how to put the damper on the Bosch washing machine at the LG, explains in the following video.

Where to buy

To not make the wrong choice, buy a replacement shock absorbers in the best service centers. Typically, these companies are not only engaged in repair technology, but also offer high quality (original) parts.Prices for accessories there is very accessible, and the range is very wide.Another advantage of such purchases - it is an opportunity to consult with a qualified professional, who will give good advice and help you choose exactly the detail that you need.