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August 12, 2017 18:06

What can be done from an old washing machine: the engine , motor or tank , from a washing machine BBQ

What can be done from an old washing machine
  • What parts can be applied?
  • Mixer
  • Juicer
  • Sterilizer for preserving
  • grinder
  • Perosemnaya machine
  • Ideas for garden
  • furniture parts
    • Coffee table
    • Puffs of drum
    • door hatch as a window

What usually makes a moribund appliances?The options here can be set.Someone just drove the old machine to the nearest dumpster, someone - to the cottage or in the garage, in the hope that "maybe, useful."You can also contact the firm specializing in the export of large-size equipment - such organizations in every major city in the hundreds.

However, there is another way to solve the problem, which many for some reason forget.Old, non-repairable appliances can give a new life.Craftsmen are made from non-working refrigerators, electric cookers and washing machines original and functional things.In this article, we will tell you what you can make crafts from old stiralki.Do not rush to get rid of the failed assistant, let it benefit you in your new incarnation.

Bra from old washing machines
The table from the tank of the old washing machine
The table from the tank of the old washing machine

What parts can be applied?

Washing machine - is a complex device consisting of a large number of items, most of which you can find a useful application. In case you can let almost any spare part from a sealed enclosure and finishing drum.Most often in the crafts are following parts:

  • engine (motor) - if it is defective, it can form the basis for a new instrument;
  • drum - quality metal is always handy on the farm;
  • hatch door - safety glass is also a useful thing in life;
  • body - this part can come up with some interesting application;
  • various small parts: springs, counterweights, clamps, bearings, electrical wires - all this will fit for different economic needs, especially in the capable hands.
Crafts from an old washing machine


From old washing machines cylindrical shape, which is called "barrel", it is possible to make compact the concrete mixer and use it for domestic use.The device is quite complex, so to make it necessary to have at least basic knowledge in electrical engineering and plumbing.

first step is to remove from the washing machine activator.Instead, we will install the blades, which will mix the concrete.The blades need to cut and weld sheet metal (best if it will be).The blades should have a U-shape and a thickness of about 0.4-0.5 cm;must comply with a right angle between them.

Next welds the blade to the shaft at the spot where earlier there was an activator.Then you need to decide whether we leave the old engine or produce new.If you plan to mix a small portion of the solution, you do not need to change the engine.If the same amount of servings is large enough, it is better to install more powerful engine.Also, do not forget to put in place a belt transmission gearbox, which will reduce speed and increase torque.

Concrete Mixer from an old washing machine


Another useful device in the home, which can be converted stiralku - a juicer.However, it will be a very large and take up much space. for conversion into a juicer fit only old models of semi-automatic washing machines with the type of activator engine.

operating principle is the same as in the previous case: take out the activator and put yourself in his place made knives, which will shred fruits and vegetables.Knives should be sharp, so do not forget to sharpen them before installation.

Next, you need to work on the shaft: put on his thread, put on the blades, fix them suitable fasteners.Thereafter, sealing the drain and put into a centrifuge metal mesh with small cells.First, raw material is ground in a tank and then - wrung out in a centrifuge.

Crafts from an old washing machine
Juicer from the tank of the old washing machine

Sterilizer for preserving

indispensable thing in the country - a sterilizer for cans. You'd be surprised, but it can also be done from the washing machine.The process of making jams and pickles will be faster, because in this unit can be sterilized several cans.

So, to make the sterilizer from unnecessary stiralki need:

  • put the plug in the hole of the activator;
  • installed on the bottom of the support;
  • support to put a metal grid for pots;
  • drill a hole in the tank for the boiler;
  • connect the boiler at 2 kV.


If the motor of the washing machine is in good condition, you can make it a grinder for knives and gardening tools.In addition to the engine itself, we need a grindstone.In addition, zagotovte base for the machine - for this is perfect thick wooden die.

the shaft adapter must be planted, which will be installed grinding and cutting wheels.At the base of the machine is secured by means of two pairs of metal staples.The switch for the device, you can borrow the same washing machine.

If you plan to use the machine for cutting, you can install it even edged circle.

Sharpening machine from an old washing machine
Sharpening machine from an old washing machine

Perosemnaya machine

Perosemnaya machine - a device that allows you to quickly pluck poultry carcass.If you raise chickens, ducks, turkeys or other birds, such a device would be very useful to you.However, to make it yourself, you have to spend.Basic equipment: perosemnye rubber fingers are quite expensive.In addition, for each type of bird needed "fingers" of various diameters, since the size of a pen in different species may vary considerably.


  • produce a disc of steel (thickness - 0.3 cm diameter - minus 1 cm from the tank diameter);
  • drill holes in the drive for "fingers" (the distance between them should be about 3 cm);
  • drill the same holes on the sides of the tank, departing from the bottom 15 cm;
  • install disk with vdet him "fingers" on the shaft;
  • vdevaem perosemnye fingers in the holes drilled in the tank.
Perosemnaya machine from an old washing machine

about Toom, how it works perosemnaya machine, see the following video.

Ideas for garden

Where usually transported unnecessary things?Of course, to the country.I'm sure most of us have an old stiralka gathering dust in the attic or in the barn.Rather than clutter up their place, the unit can be adapted to any economic needs something and do anprimer, washbasin.

Wash - what to make of an old washing machine

consider other options.


No one knows who first thought of making the drum of the washing machine BBQ, but this idea was quickly picked up by many vacationers.The idea is indeed successful - BBQ turns durable, comfortable and compact.For the production of high-quality metal drums used, which is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, and does not corrode.

drum to be removed from the tank and set on foot.For these purposes, you can adjust the metal rods or thin, strong tube - something out there for sure at their summer cottage.Suitable metal segment should be cut into equal parts, and then weld them neatly to the drum bottom.

Barbecue from an old washing machine
Barbecue from an old washing machine

barbecue, which can be made out of an old washing machine, you can see in the following video.


to cook tasty meat in nature, it can be used not only BBQ, and grilled.It can also be done from the washing machine (namely of its tank), but you have to buy the appropriate size and power of motor.

tank from the bottom of the need to cut a small piece - its dimensions shall be ΒΌ or a little less of the total pot size.Then the side of the - where was the drum bearing - drill a hole into which the motor is then set.Preheat grill will coals and spit will rotate with the help of the engine.

Grill from an old washing machine


should not forget about another incredibly tasty way of cooking meat and fish - on the hot-smoked.The device, which allows to smoke at their summer cottage, you can also make out unnecessary parts of the washing machine.

basis of our smokehouse will drum.Previously, you need to plug all the holes existing in it.You can make them, but the faster the drum wrap a thin metal sheet.In the drum need to cut through the door (if the case went stiralka with vertical load, the door is in the right place is already available).

in tank top cut through or drill a hole through which the smoke will come out.For meat placed inside a metal grille of the tank.

Smokehouse of an old washing machine
Smokehouse of an old washing machine

furniture parts

Those who are not in need of makeshift equipment and appliances for cooking, it may be advisable to put part of the dismantled washing machine for the manufacture of the original furnishings or seatsfor storage. It is best to translate design ideas suitable housing and drum. about how you can freshen up the interior with the help of an old washing machine to read below.

Coffee table

From old washing machine drum can make an unusual coffee table in high-tech style.Due to the peculiarities of the original material, it will be a very strong, but lightweight, and will last you for many years.

The basis of the table we take the drum from stiralki machine;that the product looked more impressive, Let us give it shine with a special detergent.As countertops take the appropriate diameter of the piece of tempered glass.We fix it on the drum, using long fasteners.The table is ready!

What can be done from an old washing machine - table
What can be done from an old washing machine - table

table can be done using the body of the washing machine.

A table of the washing machine body

Puffs of drum

Another interesting piece of furniture that can be made from a conventional drum stiralki - a pouf that can simultaneously perform the function of the box for things. To make it, we need: the drum itself, dense foam cushions in bright pillowcase, sheet of chipboard, staple gun and a pair of furniture hinges.

From sheet cut out a piece of particle board, which will play the role of pouf hinged lid.It can be either round or square, depending on the shape of the pillow.Then, using a stapler, fasten pillow on the cover.Next are suspending furniture hinges on the lid to the top of the drum.To our ottoman looked aesthetically pleasing, you can paint it with acrylic paints.

Crafts from an old washing machine - poof
Crafts from an old washing machine - ottoman
Crafts from an old washing machine - ottoman
Crafts from an old washing machine - ottoman

door hatch as a window

Another detail of the washing machine, which you can find unusual uses - is access door.Many use it as a window - but only in the non-residential buildings.The fact that a thick, durable door glass transmits light well, but see something fails therethrough with difficulty.Therefore, it is often put in the baths, outdoor toilets, garages and even dog kennels.An additional advantage - a window is waterproof and can be opened for ventilation.

The window of an old washing machine hatch