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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing class Washing machine : which one is better to choose a class washing performance

Classes laundry washing machines
  • Classification washing machines
  • reference machine
  • class washing machine spin
  • Energy class
  • What to look for when buying?

Buying a washing machine - it is responsible.Clean, fresh linen was always an indicator of good taste, wealth.Earlier underwear often had vystiryvat manually, now this responsibility rests with the washing machine.Choosing a washing machine, one looks at a number of qualities that will satisfy the needs of the family budget and save.To the consumer it easier to navigate the classification of washing machines has been introduced on the market.

Washing machines are divided into 7 major classes: A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

Classification washing machines

Accordingly, the higher the class, the better the machine will erase .But the cost of most high-end machines are not always going to be higher: it is often the price is inflated due to the advertised brand.

Classes F and G are extremely rare, and taking them is not necessary.Because the efficiency of washing machines is small.A car of a high

er class are slightly more expensive, but their effectiveness will be higher vneskolko times.

Classification washing machines



Quality Score





Very good















Very bad


classes Assign the washing machine is not just.For stains on clothes can be of various origins, with one type of tissue stain depart well and the other not.Therefore it decided to carry out tests to assign grades washing machines.

Classification washing machines

During the test, compared to the quality of the wash test the washing machine with the laundry in a standard typewriter. The same fabric with the same pollution is immersed in a washing machine.Wash lasts 1 hour at 60 C. To wash used the same detergent.After washing the tissue compared to a special machine.The machine is used to avoid the influence of the human factor.As a result of washing machines will be assigned to the class.The unit is considered to be the quality of the wash effectiveness index, which corresponds to its class.

reference machine

In 1995, there was the very first washing machine model.Now these machines are manufactured only by authorized manufacturers.These machines are undoubtedly effective.But progress is moving forward - now you can buy a washing machine, which by its performance will be better than the reference.

Reference washing machine must not show a better result, but stable. Unique low scatter parameters and makes it a point of reference for other washing machines.

Classes washing machine

class washing machine spin

To determine the class of spin washing machine is also being tested.During the test, the laundry is weighed dry and after washing.The smaller the difference between the two rates, the better the washing machine will spin the laundry.

on spinning quality is affected by the following factors:

  • diameter of the drum;
  • number of revolutions of the washing machine;
  • complete the spin cycle;
  • kind of wrung out cloth.
Class washing machine spin

It should be noted that it is not always profitable high grade pressed. The greater the speed the car does, the more injured tissue during the spin cycle.This should be considered when buying, especially if in the wardrobe of a lot of silk, knitted items, clothing delicate fabrics.

Energy class

At this rate, customers are looking even more than the index of the effectiveness of the washing machine.On average, in the family washing machine runs up to 5-6 hours per week.In the month it comes out to about 20 hours.And the cost of electricity, of course, everyone wants to reduce.

last time, manufacturers pay much attention to this indicator.And if before washing machines for energy consumption were classified into seven groups, then in 2002 we began to produce machines Class A +.It is the most economical option, which consumes 0.17 kWh / kg.

washing machines Energy class

To assign a washing machine energy class being tested.The washing machine is charged with 1 kg of cotton underwear.Linen washed 1 hour at 60 C. After washing, the number of consumed energy.That's according to this index machine will assign energy efficiency class.

Every year, manufacturers come up with something new in order to reduce customer energy costs. And except for class A + energy consumption of cars, machines already have A ++ and A? +++.These washing machine capable of reducing power consumption by 10, 20, or even 30%.

What to look for when buying?

highest washing class corresponds to the quality work washing machine.Although the difference between washing class A and visually you can hardly notice - so it will be negligible.But the machine, washing class that is lower than C are not worth buying.The savings would be minimal, and the quality is affected.

If we talk about spin classes, it is quite enough car class C. It bad press, linen quickly dries on a rope after pressing.Machines with speed more than 1200 frequently when spinning move, jump and vibrate.To avoid this, you have to buy a special leg or enclose some material.

Classification washing machines

All necessary information about the washing machine classification can be found on her body.All machines now there is the factory sticker, on which is written, to which class it belongs to.If the machine has no marks on the classification, do not be upset.This means that the machine is not intended for sale in the European Union.Possessing information, you can manually assign a class of washing machine, look into its specifications.

The fact that you need to consider when choosing a washing machine, look in the program "El Dorado".