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August 12, 2017 18:06

Replacing the bearing in the washing machine with your hands : how to remove the bearing from the drum and replace it

How to remove and replace the bearing with the drum of the washing machine
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  • Instructions for removing
  • How to replace bearings?
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bearing - an important element of the device of the washing machine.It is a metal washer which supports the drum rotational shaft.Bearing helps evenly distribute the load on the drum, so its repair is very important for the stable operation of the device.Bearing Wear largely affects the quality of the wash, so it is important to notice signs of damage and replace the part.

Bearings with the drum of the washing machine - removal and replacement

characteristic signal telling that the bearing is faulty, is extraneous noise emitted by the washing machine during operation.As soon as you hear unusual buzzing or tapping, it is necessary to immediately determine the cause.If it's bearing a broken spare part will have to be replaced.

about how to do so without causing harm to the washing machine, please refer to our today's article.


To get to bearing stiralku should be almost completely dismantl


To do this you may need the following tools:

  • set of screwdrivers;
  • chisel;
  • hammer:
  • hacksaw;
  • pliers and wire cutters;
  • set of keys;
  • set of hexagons;
  • silicone sealant.

Do not forget also about the new parts - bearings and seals.

Tools for removing the bearing from the drum of the washing machine

Instructions for removing

  • Turning off the washing machine from the electrical outlet, disconnect the hose from the water and sewer pipes.
  • Shifts the unit from the wall, so that it is freely accessible from all sides.
  • behind the washing machine is in the upper part of the two screw and unscrew them.Remove the cover.
  • Disconnect the washing powder feeder.
  • unscrew bolt, which is under feeder.
  • Remove the front panel, at the bottom of the device.
  • beneath the panel, two bolt, unscrew them too.
  • Alternately, remove the two clamps that secure the rubber sleeve on the hatch.
  • pulled off the edge of the hatch itself cuff.
  • wrung out a device that provides the hatch lock.
  • Remove the front panel of the washing machine.
  • Remove the back panel of the washing machine.
  • removed from the pulley belt.
  • Disconnect the wires leading to TENu previously photographed their location.
  • Disconnect the pipe connecting the pump to the tank.
  • unscrew two bolts, which fixed the engine.
  • Remove the shock absorbers and springs on which the tank rests.
  • Carefully take out the tank itself.
Disassembly of the elements of the washing machine to remove the bearing from the drum
Removing bearing from the drum of the washing machine

How to replace bearings?

Pulling the tank, determine its type.Tanks of washing machines are detachable and detachable.Detachable tank consists of two halves, connected together by bolts or clamps.In this case, you just need to remove the fasteners.If the tank is one-piece, sawed it in the weld hacksaw.

Replacing the old bearings and seals on the drum of the washing machine

now proceed in this order:

  • detach a pulley (wheel) of the drum.We are doing it with a suitable size wrench or hammer and chisel work.
  • become loose pulley and carefully remove it with the screws.
  • the same tools to avoid damaging the shaft, the drum beat out of the hatch.
  • find the bearings on the inside and on the outside of the drum.Moving around, knock bearing wear from the slot.
  • Clear the nest from dirt, processes it with sealant or a special lubricant.
  • Trying to drive into the slot and replace the new bearing seals.
Replacing the old bearing on the drum of the washing machine
Installation of a new bearing on the drum of the washing machine

Visually, the entire bearing replacement process, you can see in the following video instructions for certain brands of washing machines.




Siemens, Bosch



Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG


  • If you decide not to seek the help of a professional, and to change the bearing by yourself, we recommend you clear this all day, but better - all weekend.Disassembly and assembly of the washing machine - it is quite time-consuming, especially for novice masters, so the error can not be avoided.
  • Together with the bearing is required to change also the seals, so these parts wear out pretty fast.Before you attach a new piece, a good, clean installation site.
  • It is advisable to first remove the old bearing, and then buy a new similar.When buying pay attention to the markings: it must be the same, otherwise the item does not fit, and money will be wasted.
Seals for bearing on the drum of the washing machine
Markings on the bearing for a washing machine