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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grease seals washing machines : how best to use and whether it is possible to replace , silicon and titanium

Grease seals washing machines
  • What gland and why he smeared
  • lubrication
  • Requirements What is better to use: tips on choosing
  • Instructions for use
  • The lubricant can be replaced?

Washer is usually acquired with the expectation that it will last at least ten years, but this does not always happen.The service life of the washing machine depends on many factors: the integrity of the manufacturer, frequency of use and compliance with operating rules.

Gentle care includes not only the selection of quality detergents, cleaning and timely prevention of scale formation, but also the control of the state of the internal components of the washing machine.

Caring for the washing machine - grease seals

One of these elements - a caul.The fact that it is and how to keep it in working order, you can learn by reading this article.

What gland and why he smeared

gland (or as it is properly called, compression seal fitting) - a part of the mechanism that serves as a sealing element between its two parts, one of which is mobile, and the other - no.Gland usually made of rubber, so it not only seals, but seals the connection.

Seal for washing machine

In the washing machine seals are needed that protect the bearings from water.They are located on top of the bronze bushing, which is in turn fixed on the half-line.Seals must be replaced along with the bearings, the compound has always been tight and sealed.

Seal and bearing for the washing machine

floor - is rotatable shaft on which the fixed tank and the washing machine drum.Rotating shaft touches the inner surface of the gland.Constantly exposed to friction, this item wears out quickly.To slow this process use a special grease seals, which provides sliding, thus reducing friction.If time does not update grease, oil seal rassohnetsya and begin to leak, resulting in damage to the bearing and a malfunction of the washing machine.

Seal and bearing on the half- drum washing machine


Requirements There is a category of owners of washing machines, which, instead of specialized formulations for care of the stuffing device prefers to use folk remedies, such as vegetable oil or fat.This solution is certainly more economical, but the state of the mechanism, it affects not the best way.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use only those means which meet the following requirements:

  • are water-resistant, that is, do not lose their properties, being in constant contact with water;
  • do not have an aggressive chemical compound that does not destroy the gland surface and a metal shaft;
  • resistant to temperature changes, they do not break and do not lose their qualities, subjected to heat;
  • possess sufficient density and viscosity, so that a long time is not washed off with water.
Grease seals washing machines - Requirements

Which is better to use: tips on choosing

grease seals are usually sold in stores specializing in the sale of washing machines or spare parts for various types of household appliances.The price can you hate on the consumable surprise: this is due to the fact that this item of the narrow purpose, which is for sale is difficult to find.

Often household appliances manufacturers engaged in production of lubricants for seals that are designed specifically for this brand of washing machines, but in fact suitable for all models.Most lubricants are interchangeable, only needs to pay attention to the composition of the main component. use popularity of silicone lubricant and titanium, which is well to repel water and are able to withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees.

Grease seals washing machines - tips on choosing

Instructions for use

To replace the stuffing box or update the grease will first have to almost completely disassemble the washer, remove the tank and remove it from the drum.For information on how to do this, we are told in detail in the article "How to remove the bearing from the drum of the washing machine?".

Exchanging worn bearings and oil seals with new ones, you need to make sure that they have served as long as possible.For this we need the right to put grease on the oil seal.First, grease is applied to the outer surface of the gland smooth, thin layer.Then proceed to the processing of the inner surface.Here, the layer should be a little thicker.After that, the gland can be installed on site.

Visually and in more detail, this entire process, see the following video.

The lubricant can be replaced?

sometimes find a special grease seals fails.In this case, craftsmen replace it by similar action by means of an oil-based, such as grease or lithological.Experts warn against the use of these funds, since they contribute to the rapid deterioration of seals.Similar lubricant used in the automotive business, but household appliances they cause more harm than good.Therefore it is better to spend time and money for the purchase of specialized funds, which have a persistent effect and are completely safe for washing machines.

Using substitutes instead of specialized sredst for lubricating glands leads to rapid breakdown of washing machines