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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to charge the battery at home?

Homemade battery charger can be useful in the event that if you sit down and the battery at the same time at hand is not a normal appliance.Make it your own hands is quite simple, just to have a few basic elements of the chain is necessary.Next, we consider in detail the homemade device, as well as instructions for self-assembly at home.

  • device homemade
  • assembly technology
  • Operating Rules

device homemade

Photo improvised memory

So, for the assembly of the battery charger, we will need the following items:

  • power transformer.Ideal part of the old TV.Usually mounted TS-180-2 transformers, therefore we consider in the article.
  • glass-cloth plate.
  • diodes D242A - 4 pcs., You can use the product other markings, but they must be rated at 10 A. Bole
  • sinks for diode - 4 pcs.area of ​​25 cm2 (preferably 32 cm2).
  • Collapsible electric plug.
  • copper wire is not less than 2.5 mm2
  • Fuse 10 A and 0.5 A.
  • soldering.

prepare all the materials you can proceed to the process of assembly of motor memory.

assembly technology

To make a charger for the car battery with your hands, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Create a homemade charging circuit for the battery.In our case, it will be as follows:
  2. TV Remove secondary winding of the transformer (primary need to leave) and connect them in series in the circuit.As a result, you should get at the output 12.8, asvoltage secondary windings constitute 6.4 V and 4.7 V. Transformer TC - 180-2
  3. With copper wire interconnects the terminals 9 and 9 '.Jumper between terminals
  4. on a plate of glass-cloth collect diode bridge of diodes and heat sinks (shown in photo).The diode bridge of four diodes D242A
  5. Conclusions 10 and 10 'is connected to the diode bridge.
  6. consistently connect primary windings TC-180-2 television transformer.
  7. between terminals 1 and 1 'set the jumper.The jumper on the transformer
  8. to conclusions 2 and 2 'by means of a soldering iron fasten the power cord with a plug.
  9. The connect the primary circuit fuse 0.5 A, 10 amp respectively to the secondary.
  10. Limiting the charging current by connecting the 12-volt light bulb in the neutral conductor gap in series with the battery itself.Light source power should vary 21-60 watts.

also recommend adding in ammeter and voltmeter circuit, through which it will be possible to monitor current and voltage in the circuit.The alternative - to use a multimeter to check the data values.

illustrative example of the finished product
YouTube Preview

Operating Rules

Lack homemade charger for 12V battery is that after fully charging the battery automatic shutdown of the device does not occur.That is why you have to keep an eye on the scoreboard periodically in time to turn it off.One more important thing - to check the memory "to spark" is strictly prohibited.

Among the additional precautions necessary to allocate such:
  • when connecting the terminals, take care not to confuse the "+" and "-", or a simple homemade charger for batteryfails;
  • connection terminals should be implemented only in the off position;
  • multimeter should have a measurement scale over 10 A.
Master class for creating more complex models
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That's all that I wanted to tell you how to make a battery charger for car batterywith his own hands.We hope that the instruction was clear and useful for you, becauseThis is one of the simplest forms of home-made charging for the battery!
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