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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make antenna for TV - 4 simple ideas

So, imagine this: in the evening you decide to view your favorite TV program, the TV and suddenly stopped showing.Or another case: you have come to the country, is already prepared for the rest, and again the same situation - no one channel does not work.What to do in this case?The answer is simple - you need to make the antenna to the TV with his own hands, because the most likely cause of failure is in this unit.Next, we consider the most simple variants of creation, which require a minimum of improvised means and time.

  • idea №1 - Beer cans in the course!
  • idea №2 - Use wire
  • idea №3 - Homemade HDTV device
  • idea №4 - Apartment version

idea №1 - Beer cans in the course!

Use cans of beer

This option makeshift TV antenna is the most simple and quick to produce.The maximum number of channels that will be given at your disposal - 7, but this figure can vary slightly depending on the region.

To make the antenna to the TV from beer cans, you will need the following materials:

  • 2 small screws, also referred to as "bugs";
  • 2 produced beer cans (empty, washed and dried);
  • from 3 to 5 meters of cable television (can be taken from a failed device);
  • soldering iron and tin (for better fixation of the contacts), the presence is not mandatory;
  • screwdriver;
  • wooden trempel;
  • insulating tape or adhesive tape.

All materials found in the home will not be a problem, so preparing them immediately proceed to business.
To make a homemade antenna of cans, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare cable.First, at a distance of 10 cm from the edge you need to make an incision and remove the upper part of the insulation layer.Opening access to the screen, turn him in one turn.After that cut middle insulating layer, exposing a thin copper wire cable.As to the second end of the conductor, there has to be a normal plug.Proper insulation stripping television wires
  2. Prepare jars.With capacities that will act as a signal receiver, difficulties also arise.First you need to find the optimal size of beer cans.It is better to use a liter, but if these are not available, good capacity to cope with the task in volume of 0.5 and 0.75 liters.
  3. Summing contacts.At this stage the twisted shield of the cable is attached to a bank, but she copper conductor to another.Fixing bugs is carried out with the help of Screwdrivers.In order to make the quality of the picture on the TV screen higher (signal quality), it is recommended to fix the wire is not only bugs, but also with the help of a soldering iron (grab a little).The result should look like this: Attaching the telephone cord into beer cans
  4. Putting a homemade antenna to the TV.The signal receiver is ready now do load-bearing structure, which we favor trempel.With the help of duct tape to fix capacity trempel (as shown in photo).Please note that the banks should be strictly in a straight line, or homemade will not work as we would like.Ready-made design
  5. Set up the antenna to the TV.Now you need to experiment with the optimal distance between the banks and place the suspension device to homemade catching a lot of channels.We turn on the TV and determine how the receivers must be located and where the most appropriate place to work.In this technology for creating and ends.

As you can see, the whole process is quite simple and does not represent anything complex.The optimal distance is 75 mm between the ends of the cans, and the best place to install - near a window.In individual cases, the distance between the banks can be made larger or smaller.

Transparent Video instructions for creating simple antennas from cans
YouTube Preview

idea №2 - Use wire

Another no less a good option that should be used in the village - a homemade antenna from copper wire to the amplifier.

All you need to manufacture it:

  • amplifier (approach from the old device);
  • two pieces of wire to 180 cm;
  • piece of metal (or wood) plate 15 * 15 cm;
  • electric drill with a set of drill bits (or welding machine);
  • small bolts;
  • hammer;
  • iron pipe;
  • TV cable of suitable length.

So to yourself to make the antenna to the TV from the copper wire, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the trap: bend the wire a diamond that all parties were strictly under 45 cm (homemade inventor claims that this is the optimal size of the device).Signal amplifier
  2. fix a wire to the prepared plate: flattened strands at fixing, drill holes and fasten the bolts.If there is a welding machine, it will go faster - just need to grab a signal to the plate separators.Immediately necessary to connect the amplifier (as shown in photo).Painted amplifier
  3. connecting cords.Everything is simple, becauseyou need only to insert the plug into the socket.
  4. Create a mast, which use a metal pipe of suitable height.Digged it, and a homemade antenna TV is ready, you can begin to set up the channels.High mast

Note - pictured examples and an amplifier, and a reflector, wire and covered with paint.Staining protects the structure from corrosion and other adverse factors, significantly prolonging a homemade antenna for TV service.

idea №3 - Homemade HDTV device

If the first 2 versions operate at a frequency less than 270 MHz, the following method of manufacturing will allow you to enjoy higher quality picture becausesignal range can be up to 490 MHz.The only part that is hardly a household among trifles, this matching transformer from 300 to 75 ohms.It will need to buy in advance, if you decide to make your own antenna to the TV as an experiment and improve their skills.Although there are instructions for the manufacture of home-made transformer, you can find and use it.

From the materials you will need:

  1. Scotch
  2. Cardboard
  3. Stationery knife
  4. Foil
  5. Stapler
  6. Scissors
  7. Marker
  8. Roulette
  9. Clay

prepared the wholeschool set, go to the cause!

First we need to sketch (or printed on a computer), this scheme:

Now, according to the scheme cut out all the parts, including the necessary foil pieces:

Then paste foil cardboard butterfly and, if desired, paint the back of the marker.

Then you need to make a reflector size of 35 * 32.5 cm (height and width).One of the parties to seal the foil.

middle cut out two equal rectangles, which are necessary in order to fully collect the trap signal a homemade antenna to the TV.The rectangle should be 3.5 cm in length, its purpose - to sustain the distance between the reflector and the auxiliary parts.

Glue parts on the box and when the home-made cardboard hardens, drill holes for cable television.

plug-in transformer and insert the cable into the plug.More powerful antenna for the TV is ready for use!Here it should be noted that this option is homemade suitable only for indoor use, aspaper quickly deteriorate in the street.

Assembling digital antenna cable from the TV and the carton

YouTube Preview
Another version of a powerful device, made at home:

HDTV antenna improvised
YouTube Preview

idea №4 -apartment version

There is another way to make a powerful antenna to the TV from the improvised means, which is suitable for both street and apartment use.

following tools and materials needed for the manufacture of your device:

  • 4 meter wire made of copper, section 4 mm.kv;
  • board arbitrary thickness, length 55 cm and width 7 cm;
  • screws for wood;
  • ruler or measuring tape;
  • simple pencil;
  • screwdriver;
  • soldering;
  • plug.

So first, according to the drawing hole is drilled in the board: Layout board

then transfer the data to the drawing board and in zasverlivaem respective attachment points.Markup board to create bindings

Next wire made of copper is necessary to cut the insulation must be removed (as shown in the picture) for 8 pieces of 37.5 cm. prepared wire

the middle of each of the 37.5-centimeter segments.insulation incisions

cut another 2 copper wire segment to 22 cm long and conditionally divide them into 3 equal parts, while at the inflection points again, remove the insulation.Places bending segments

Gnehm prepared bare wire into the ground.Please note that in those segments that are folded in half, the distance between the ends have to do 7,5 cm (optimal value for receiving a makeshift TV antenna signal).Installation scheme traps

Next fastened to the finished home-made plug, to him already, attach the TV cable.Plug the transformer

Installing the connector on the mast This manufacturing process is completed.Choose a suitable location and install the device.Ready power mast

Here we provide the most simple instructions.We hope that you now know how to make a home TV antenna with your hands!Please note that today on the Internet you can find plenty of other options in which the inventors do without cans and wire.Of the remaining available tools often used copper tubes, aluminum wheels and electrodes.The advantage of options we have listed - such antennas for TV, you can quickly make your own hands, without spending a whole evening.
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