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August 12, 2017 18:07

Instructions for assembling a good extension

Most often, the desire to make an extension cord with your hands when there is urgent need (for example, during repair) or by disappointment in the finished product from the manufacturer.And in truth, no rare cases when connecting to carry the washing machine or other electrical appliance, plug begins to melt and turn yellow.This is due to the fact that at the cable manufacturers save section and an assembly, which entails inability to withstand the load network.To this did not happen, you can make your own powerful Electroextension spending just half an hour, and a little money.More readers' electrician himself "will be given simple instructions and tips from our experts!

carry So, to begin to understand from which it can make a good extension cord at home:

  1. Collapsible electric plug.You can cut it with a damaged appliance, but you can buy a new one.The requirement to plug - it must necessarily be to the ground.Collapsible electric Europlug
  2. three-wire cable to length.Here it is necessary to pay attention to the future destiny homemade.If you will be connecting large appliances (eg welding machine), conductor diameter must be appropriate.It is better to carry out pre-calculation of the cable cross-section of current and power, that in the future not to face problems such as melting of the socket and short-circuiting.Most often when building extension to house the electrical wire 3 using PVA and PVA * 1.5 3 * 2.5.
    Three-core wire PVA
  3. socket strip (or the only one).There is also imposed several main requirements: the rear wall outlet should be closed, the product must have a grounding contacts, to do the construction dust and waterproof.If all these requirements are met, the safe use of such an electric carrying will not disturb you in the future.

As for tools, you may need the following:

  • multimeter (extender allows you to check after the assembly);
  • curly and straight screwdriver;
  • pliers or a special tool for removing insulation from wires;
  • a sharp knife;
  • electrical tape.

For example, look at how to make an extension cord of a three-core cable with sockets to 4 sockets.Thus, the assembly instructions as follows:

  1. Rotate an plug and socket strip to prepare a place for recording live.
  2. Remove the top 4-6 cm of the cable sheath on both sides.
  3. We clean each wire by 10 mm, as shown in the photo below.Peeled wire strands of PVA
  4. Insert the wires into the appropriate terminals and carefully tighten the screws with a screwdriver.
  5. curl rosette unit and plug in the reverse order.If the cable is hanging in the passageway, podmotayte little insulation to make the seat more dense.Tightening europlug screwdriver
  6. Using a multimeter prozvanivatsya homemade extension cord.If everything is correct, turn the plug on the line in the grid and use.continuity products

That's the instruction to create.We hope that you now know how to make an extension cord with your hands at home.If suddenly you have any questions, ask our experts in the "FAQ categories"!

I would like to further point out that it is possible to make a more reliable option Electroextension with a switch in the form of a button.In this case, you can turn off or turn on the power on the nests.If you decide to collect a long portability (for example, 50 meters), it is best to wind it on a special coil, the wires are not tangled constantly.Moreover, it is more convenient to keep the coil than bay wiring.

also suggest a clear view video lesson:

Video assembly instructions homemade extension
YouTube Preview

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