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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to do the wiring by Stroebe - instruction in pictures

Shtroblenie wall is not difficult to perform wiring at their own hands, especially if there is a special tool, and the wall itself concrete.Nuance is that sometimes the hand is not suitable power or partition made of wood, plasterboard or aerated concrete.Here, things are a bit more complicated and you need to know how to make Stroebe no pollution all around and, moreover, the groove under the wire was flat.Next, we consider the basic ways to create cutting grooves and tips about this issue!

  • Select the tool for the job
  • Chisel and Hammer Drill +
  • chisel
  • Bulgarka
  • Punch
  • Wall Chasers
  • Summing up
  • to work
  • Requirements How to make a groove?
  • Note

Select the tool for the job

First of all let's talk about what can be done in Stroebe wall, considered the most appropriate tools, and efficiency of their use.The review will be provided to the most time-consuming method shtrobleniya to a more convenient and faster option.

chisel and hammer

antiquated way to make yourself Stroebe under installation - beat it with a hammer and chisel.The advantage of this option - a complete absence of costs, asin fact you can proshtrobit wall without power, using the means at hand, which is in every house.Disadvantages - big waste of time and effort that it was not reasonable in the 21st century.

Photos strip wiring without tools addition, make a hole for the cable in brick with a chisel you do not succeed.From this option, we advise you to give up, becausewill continue to be listed more simple and effective ways shtrobleniya walls under the wiring in the house and apartment.

How to do without the wall chaser and other power tools?
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Drill + chisel

more efficient, but still an uncomfortable way to create cutting grooves for wiring is a drill every 1-1.5 cm holes on the future deepening of the width.When the "point" track will be ready, as shown in the photo below, you can use a chisel to knock bridges between the holes, resulting in turn is not quite flat, but still Stroebe.The disadvantage of this option, again, the cost in time and poor performance concrete shtrobleniya.Working with a drill Photo


Coming closer to a convenient power tools that enable fast proshtrobit flat groove, the worst of the best options is the angle grinder (LBM) or as it is called in common - Bulgarian.If she put a diamond blade, shtrobleniya walls for guiding the process will be several times faster, besides the contours of the groove will be perfectly smooth.Bulgarka when installing wiring

Deficiencies in this variant is really a lot: very dusty room, the same groove can be done in two ways (slotted first one boundary, then the other), the inability to cut a line in the corner, increased noise during operation and are also verydifficult to do deep Stroebe same along the entire length.Bottom line - use grinders to proshtrobit concrete wall is necessary only in the most extreme case.

grinder Proper operation
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order to make the groove hammer enough to find a suitable nozzle - shovel or special shtrober and pass on marked lines in the shock mode.The disadvantage of using a single punch - Stroebe are curves, but still at home kind of data the tool most often used to shtrobleniya the walls with his own hands.

way, you can not just punch a wall held a shovel, but also to work as a shock drill - first nasverlit holes along the marking, then the shovel to clear partitions.Shtroblenie concrete turns quick, convenient, and are themselves the groove is more or less equal.

video lesson on the use of wall chaser with hammer
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Wall Chasers

And the last, the most effective option - to use a special tool, which allows you to smoothly and with no dust do Stroebe on concrete.Wall Chasers really very easy to use, works not so noisy and also due to the connection to the building cleaner instantly absorbs all construction dust.Today shtroblenie walls of this tool is the most effective, fast and safe.Professional power Tools only, but a significant disadvantage of this option - a very high cost of power, so a one-time repair of the apartment to buy it does not make sense.Get out of the situation in two ways: to take the wall chaser for rent (it will cost inexpensive) wall chaser or make their own hands.We recommend to stop the manufacture of home-made instrument, especially in the presence of the Bulgarian process will not take more than an hour.

Using wall chaser Bosch
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Summing up

So, among all these tools shtrobleniya walls for wiring your own hands, we recommend to stay in one of two ways:

  1. Using Wall Chasers (even if homemade).
  2. combination of Bulgarian + punch.

At the last stop bit version.The fact is that if the cut border Stroebe sander, then punch knock out the core inside, get a fast and efficient creation of cutting grooves in concrete and brick walls.At home, this option is used very often, so when there is no possibility to make wall chaser, stop it at this version!

I would like a little bit away from the subject and talk about how to properly say indent or Stroebe.The fact that the term is really in the construction properly called indent, but for unknown reasons in the conversation for a long time stuck slightly modified pronunciation.According to the technical part of both variants of the words mean the same thing, so do not be surprised if in the next article, we will use both the pronunciation!

Video: comparison of three of the best power tools in time shtrobleniya
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Job Requirement

Before proceeding to shtroblenie walls, consider the following standards and requirements according to SNIP 3.05.06-85 and recommendations of experienced electricians:

  • course must be held vertically or horizontally, no oblique lines should not be.

    correct wiring

    Wrong wiring

  • Turn the track from one of the "electric point" to another is allowed 1 time (for example, from the junction box to the power outlet).The more bends, the more dangerous areas of the cable occurrence, asin the fold conductor will be very hot.
  • maximum allowable depth of grooves - 26 mm, width - 30 mm, length - no more than 3 meters (meaning from the junction box).
  • derogate from radiators and gas pipes at least 40 cm away from the door - 10 cm, and at least 5 cm (but it is better and 10) from the ceiling or the floor.
  • in pre-fabricated house is forbidden to make a groove for the cable in the supporting walls.Stroebe reinforced concrete barrier is strictly prohibited, asThis may entail weakening the structure, cracking and further adverse effects.If there is an urgent need to make a groove in the reinforced concrete, it should be shallow and wherein reinforcing grid should not be damaged in any way.
  • If you need to carry out the wiring on the floor of the House panel, do Stroebe in the slab is strictly prohibited.The only way out - pour the concrete floor and include in it a recess for cables.As for the ceiling, it shtroblenie is allowed only on the shortest path to the luminaire.
  • If you want to make Stroebe in an inclined ceiling, for example, the attic, the line should run parallel interface.

Considering all of these standards and requirements, you can make the correct wiring by Stroebe, that last one was safe, durable and easy to maintain.Next, we will discuss how to implement shtroblenie walls of the most popular tools - Wall Chasers, providing step by step instructions in the pictures!

How to make the groove?

So that instruction was clear, even for Dummies in electrical engineering, provide a phased technology that allows you to quickly and correctly proshtrobit wall under the wiring in the house and apartment:

  1. protects the rest of the room from dust.To do this at all doorways need to hang with the inner side of the work area a damp cloth, which will completely cover the entire opening.You should not rely on closed doors - through the gaps on all sides by the dust easily take place throughout the apartment.Photo furniture protection from dust
  2. cleans the surface of the ceiling and walls of the pieces of the wallpaper, becauseEven small pieces of paper can block the movement of drives and prevent normal operation Wall Chasers.Cleaning the walls
  3. We transfer the wiring diagram in a house on the wall, using a marker and building level.By the way, you can make a laser level with your hands, which will allow faster and more accurately mark horizontal lines under shtroblenie.Partitioning walls
  4. If you do replace the wiring in the house, in addition you need to make sure that a marking is no longer held the old wiring.If you when you Stroebe wall, stumble on a live wire, electric shock can not be avoided, not to mention the short-circuit.To find a wire in the wall, you can use a homemade metal detector or a special tester for the detection cable.In case you stumbled on the old wires, or it must be dismantled, or to isolate and bypass, departing at least 10 centimeters per side.Search wiring device from Bosch
  5. After this, proshtrobit wall under the wiring according to the markup.This is done not difficult, which confirms the video above.As for cutting grooves for installation of switchgear boxes and sockets, it is better to do a drill with a special nozzle - the crown of suitable diameter (usually 80 and 65 mm).Photos crown for drill
  6. When all grooves will proshtroblena network, be sure to capture a picture in the camera, so you could easily find a place of damage, focusing not only on the wiring diagram, but also in the photo.

This shtroblenie walls for guiding their own hands and ends.All you have left - indent clean out and fix it anchor-collar cable, stucco or alabaster.This is what we were told in detail in the article: how to make the wiring in the house.Please note that you need to Stroebe wall plaster, but not after that then in one fell swoop to plaster the whole route, and prepare the surface for wallpapering or tiling.

Plastered walls

If the instructions provided to you seemed daunting, you can always call the master, so that he not only proshtrobil entire network of grooves, but he rasklyuchil wiring.However, just keep in mind that such pleasure is not very cheap.To date, the price of 1 meter shtrobleniya route may be between 100 and 500 rubles, depending on the wall material.In addition, the indent for each socket, switch and junction box will cost you at a cost of 300 rubles per point.As you can see, the prices are not very cheap and if you knock out the amount for the entire house, will be released pretty high price, so it is all the same to try to perform shtroblenie own hands.


All of the above instruction is suitable if you want to make Stroebe in a monolithic or brick house with the corresponding walls.However, to date within the housing can be erected aerated concrete, wood and plasterboard partitions.For information on how to proshtrobit one of the walls of non-standard options, we'll talk further.

When installing electrical wiring in the bath or the wooden house you will come across with walls made of logs or profiled bar.Do not be in a tree Stroebe safety regulations, and is not advisable, becauseStroebe not have a log and cut it in a special recess.This activity will be very difficult and takes a lot of time, so in the case of wooden walls used mounting open wiring.If you need to run a cable to the wooden floor, shtroblenie here, again, it is impossible, so you need to provide an option for stacking boards of chipboard, insulation and other layers of the cake.The main thing that the installation is safe and complies with the rules of the SAE.

Открытая электропроводка в деревянном гараже (с использованием кабель-каналов "под дерево")

open wiring in wooden garage (with "under the tree" of cable channels)

Within the walls of plasterboard Stroebe horizontal and vertical track also does not work, becausehl sheet is very thin and fragile.The cable is simply laid over the plasterboard wall corrugation in between profiles.The only thing that you can do in the drywall - a crown proshtrobit holes for outlets and light switches, as shown in the photo: Plasterboard work

If you need to make Stroebe in tiled floor (for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen), here the difficulties should not beoccur, it's best to use grinders or wall chaser.Do not Stroebe tile puncher sinceYou only damage the material - tiles crack, and then have to change the floor covering completely.Keep in mind that when working with stone and tiles should be installed diamond blade, which is designed to work with such material.How to cut the tiles on the floor

Well, the last of the most popular materials - aerated.Independently make Stroebe in aerated concrete can be special hand wall chaser, the value of which does not exceed 1000 rubles (and it is a model from the manufacturer).Using data fairly simple tool which can be seen by viewing the video tutorial below.

Working with gas concretes

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That's all that I wanted to tell you what it is - shtroblenie walls under the wiring and how proshtrobit track under the cable by hand.We hope that this information is for you interesting and useful!

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