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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to replace the wiring in a private home ?

With the need to replace the wiring in the house a more powerful in the face when the home line is outdated and not capable of withstanding the load of modern household appliances, such as stoves or electric boiler.Next, we consider the modern electrical solutions, as well as a vivid video tutorial showing how to replace it with their own hands.

  • determines the complexity of the work
  • Create circuit wiring
  • counts and choose materials
  • Remove the old line
  • Getting to installation
  • Check correct wiring

Determinethe complexity of the work

Electric installation work

So, first you need to do an analysis of the old wiring and find out the following points:

  1. Is there at the site grounding system.This is very important, because without the presence of a ground loop you may suffer in case of failure or breakdown of household appliances insulation.
  2. it possible to partially change the wiring in a private home or it is necessary to do a complete replacement of electricians.Perhaps some rooms recently to make repairs and, accordingly, holds out a new, more powerful cable that is suitable to modern requirements.
  3. whether you are able to carry out the wiring, or it will have to hire a professional.Here it should be noted that replace the wiring in the house with his own hands is not difficult, but the event is time-consuming and requires special care.If you do not doubt in his abilities, of course, do everything yourself.Otherwise initially find out the cost of the wizard, becauseit will have to pay a considerable sum of money.

After gathering all the necessary information about the complexity and scope of work, we can get down to business!
Video instructions for replacing the wiring in the panel house (similar to the inner workings)
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wiring diagram At this point, consider the circuit wiring cable through the air and indoors.It is also necessary to properly design a grounding system, which will be located on the site of the village houses.We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following options: Simple circuit wiring cable through the rooms

Graphic layout

As for the ground, it is better to give preference to the "triangle" system:

Closed circuit protection

create the project can proceed to the calculation of materials and the choice of the most appropriate elements to replace the electrical wiring in the homewith his own hands.

counts and choose materials


The first thing you need to calculate - section of the cable, which will go on the air and inside the premises.This step is very important, becausebecause of the diameter of veins produced wiring replaced in the house (the old line, probably with aluminum conductors of a small cross-section).The calculation of the cable cross-section for the power, and the length of the current simple, so here you will easily cope without the help of the wizard.For external wiring is recommended to choose a copper cable of at least 2.5 mm2 (preferably 4).

inside a private house on the wiring junction boxes will be divided into several groups of different sections:

  • lighting - 1.5 mm2;
  • for sockets - 2.5 mm2;
  • for power electrical appliances (eg boiler) - 4 mm2;

should be noted that the wiring can be carried out as a way to open and hidden.How to choose the replacement, you decide for yourself.However, if the construction of a brick is much more advantages in the hidden wiring, so the technology will be presented to the tangent of the process.If you decide to replace the electrical wiring in a wooden house, it is better to use open cabling.

With regard to protection and automation - RCD and circuit breaker, they are chosen for each group of wires separately.On the lighting connected 16-amp automatic for sockets - 25A, 32A by strong household appliances.Separate RCD must be installed at the input (63-amp suitable device) for each outlet and the powerful appliance.Rated current products chosen in each case according to the calculations.

sockets and switches is recommended to use high-quality, so that they can also withstand the current loads (on the body contains the marking in amperes).For open wiring in the home must also buy corrugated cable channels or electrical baseboards, depending on what you select in your case.After you select all the components, you can count the number and go shopping.

Remove the old line

At this stage, you have to start directly replace the wiring in a private house with his own hands.To turn off the power at the beginning of the commissioning of housing (usually mounted distribution board in the corridor).After that you empty the room of furniture for hassle-free repairs.Removing the old power

old wiring must be completely replaced, from junction boxes.If for any reason it is impossible to pull the cable with Stroebe, it is better to leave it, only carefully insulated from both sides.Older Stroebe can be used for the new wiring, if you're comfortable with the former location of switches and sockets.If you want to change the route, proshtrobite new grooves according to established scheme.Once all the old line will be removed, you can proceed to the laying of a new one.

Getting to installation

detailed wiring in the house, we have considered in the relevant article, and which encourage you to read.To help you understand all the complexity of the work, we give you a brief step by step instructions on replacing the wiring in the house:

  1. prepare the wall: a pencil and spirit level is marked route wiring in accordance with the scheme drawn by.marking
  2. grinder or wall chaser (shown in photo) are grooves in the wall, which will serve as a seat for the whole of the power line.By the way, you can make a wall chaser with your hands, unless of course there is a desire.Using Wall Chasers
  3. Mounted Enclosures and junction boxes.Installing the Escutcheon
  4. cable is fixed in the cutting grooves with special clamps or alabaster (render over the wall do not hurry, because it is better to make after the replacement of the wiring in the house is complete).Laying a new line in Stroebe
  5. Mounted sockets and switches.Connecting socket
  6. install protective equipment on the switchboard.Installation automation

Check correct wiring

When you fully complete the replacement of the wiring in a private home, it will be necessary to carry out control check the finished line.To do this, you can use a multimeter and a screwdriver indicator.The latter option will allow you to check the voltage in outlets and other electrical outlets, but it is better to implement a dial multimeter to ensure that a short circuit in the wiring is missing.Using a screwdriver indicator

If the instrument is not revealed errors, the walls can be zashpaklevyvat and move on to decorating.

That's the technology replacing wiring in the house with their hands!We hope that the information is to you a clear and useful!
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