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August 12, 2017 18:07

Where to install electric meter

How to choose the electricity meter?

When choosing the place of installation of the meter need to follow a few rules.Namely:

  • need to install a counter on the open visible place for good access to its performance;
  • temperature in your chosen location should not fall below 0 ° C and not above + 40 ° C;
  • place or area must be dry;
  • meter or meter box should be attached to the rigid structure;
  • height to mount Electric is 0.8-1.7 m
  • fixture that is used must allow easy removal of electricity meters.;
  • necessarily provide a counter ground.

Under these basic rules, you can easily find a comfortable place for you to install the meter.

counter in the house

The counter in the building

to select the electricity in the house or apartment should take into account aspects: that what are your requirements the meter and the price at which you expect.In order to decide not to overpay for expensive electricity meter with a completely unnecessary features you need to select the right induction or electronic, as well as to consider a single-phase or three-phase meter for you.For the second characteristic is enough just to look at the power cable included in the house, if the two conductors - the single phase, if the cable consists of four conductors, respectively phase.

How to connect a single-phase electricity meter, shown in the video in the next tab.

The meter Pole

The meter on a pole

To install electric meter on a pole is necessary to consider some rules and requirements for this installation.

The first thing to note is the placement of the meter, it must be located in easily accessible locations for service and the presence of insulation cabinets for temperature changes outside.

Second - this pillar structure, it must be tough enough to mount the box on the street (you need to buy or install to watch a passport operating temperature range for the meter).

also worth pay attention to the space potential damage of an electric cable, which could result in damage to the instrument, all exposed wires and cables must be insulated and covered with protective shells.

Attention!Very often there are questions about the transfer of the counter at home in the post, but require you to carry already operates elektrosluzhby device may attempt only if the counter is at the boundary, and if you do not match the operating conditions.And yet oblige you to do so, moreover, at your expense, they do not have the law.

Street electrometer

Everyone, of course, understood that the electric meter outside can install the owners of private houses and summer cottages.But the installation of street meter, which is also a counter in the column, there may be some problems.

first, which you will face a problem of its installation, becauseindependently establish such counters is prohibited.But when applying to the relevant organizations you will hear about the technical specifications put forward by the organization.The question considered above mentioned about the effects of temperature and other environmental factors on the operation of the counter and, of course, its longevity, even installing the meter in a sealed cabinet does not guarantee long-term operation.

should also be remembered that the induction counter of the street will be to show the error, and this, as you know, is clearly not in the pros owner.Unhindered access to this counter will have a elektrosluzhby workers and vandals.Also, keep a record of data will only electrical service workers.

Street electric meter

Note!To install electric meter must adhere to all safety precautions when working with electrical appliances.