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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to organize the lighting in private courtyard ?

Proper organization of lighting in the yard of a private house - a pledge not only security but also the attractiveness of the site.If you want to highlight areas with their own hands, the first thing to do is to explore some of the nuances associated with the choice of street lighting and outdoor lighting options.Next, we bring to your attention to a few practical tips with photos of street lighting ideas at home.

  • Determine the purpose
  • lamps Select suitable lighting
  • Electrical work

Determine the purpose

lanterns The first thing you need to decide what you want to hold the light inthe yard of a private house.Lighting plot area can be decorative, security, functionality, or even a holiday.

Modern cozy courtyard

considered the most important functional lighting, which is responsible for the safety of movement on the court.This category may include lighting the garden paths, steps and porch.Most often, the owners of private houses illuminate objects such lamps on short legs, which during the day complement the landscape design of the site, and at night to effectively perform their function.To save money on outdoor lighting is also recommended to use lamps with solar batteries (last photo):

next, equally important option highlight the yard of a private house - security lighting.In this case, use lights on poles directed to the perimeter of the entire area, parking lot and the main entrance.In order to save electricity and time to understand what your site to be an outsider, it is recommended to use LED spotlights with motion sensor.Such lamps include light only when the sensor in the detection zone there is a movement.See what it looks like security lighting yard of an apartment house, you can count on the following photo examples:

As for the decorative lighting of the yard, it is used just to emphasize the most important objects of the garden.The original solution is to install fixtures in reservoirs, recreation areas, in fountains and garden sculptures.Special requirements in this case is not presented to the lamps, the main thing that they do not contradict the overall landscape design and balanced coverage of all the elements of the yard.

Christmas lighting yard area, in fact as well as decorative, is decorating the trees in the garden of a residential house, fences and garden buildings.The most popular fixtures in this case are the street lights and pendant lights.Most often, this option is used the backlight birthday and New Year, when you need to make a thematic atmosphere.The best ideas are yard decorations for the holiday are provided below:

also recommend that you review the video, which shows the more ideas the use of street lamps:

best options for lighting garden plot
YouTube Preview

Select the appropriate lighting

to make safe and durable illumination in the private courtyard with your own hands, you need to pay special attention to lighting fixtures.Firstly, they have to be street - dust and water.Secondly, they must be cost-effective - as it is possible to consume less energy and at the same time it is well to cover domestic territories.We recommend that you select the spotlights with LED lamps, which are several times more economical than the other light sources.A good solution is to use motion sensors and photoelectric.You can also buy separately a suitable lamp and connect to it already twilight switch.

LED Spotlight with motion sensor

The rest of the fixtures are selected by design and, of course, cost.

Electrical work

We have already discussed with you how to organize the lighting in the country with their own hands, which expands on the important points of the wiring.To hold their own light into the yard, be sure to consider the following practical tips:

  1. Before equip domestic territories, be sure to plan the scheme of arrangement of luminaires and route wiring to each of them.It is better to carry out cable to connect the points, so you do not break the decorated garden and do double duty.
  2. Wiring is best done in the soil, so it does not spoil the plot design.To learn how to hold the cable under the ground we covered in the corresponding article.The only thing that might add - under the ponds and flower gardens is recommended to lay the cable at a depth of 1 meter, and not 80 cm
  3. light switches are best installed in the corridor, so they are not influenced by bad weather conditions and external lighting control was convenient..

should arise in the rest of the problems.If you have any questions and you do not fully understand how to make the lighting in the yard of a private house with his own hands, we are sure to describe the situation in the category of "Q & A", so that our specialists help you advice!

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