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August 12, 2017 18:07

What should be the pool lights - 15 photo ideas

Today lighting technology does not stand still and we can use the lamps even under water, creating a decorative and at the same time practical illumination surface of the water.Next, we will tell you how to be street lighting and pool some flashlights are best used for that purpose.

  • basic requirements
  • Options lighting
  • Choice bulbs
  • Useful tips
  • Photo examples

basic requirements

Since electricity and water are incompatible, installationfixtures in the pool has several important limitations related to the safety and comfort when bathing.

Decorative bowls lighting

So, when you create a pool of illumination you need to take into account the following requirements:

  1. lamps must operate from a safe low voltage (12 V).Apply the product, working on the 220-volt network, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Protection of underwater torches to be as much as possible, namely - IP 68.
  3. wiring inside the bowl should be qualitatively zagermetizirovanna.Problem area is considered to be the connection wires between the lamp and the lead-in wire, so pay special attention to just this place.
  4. to lighting equipment must be carried out quickly accessible.
  5. lamps should not create glare and "sunbeams" on the water surface.At the same time, the lighting should not blind a person.
  6. ladder Illumination in the pool should be comfortable, and most importantly - safe for descent.
  7. light should "fill" all the bowls area, including the bottom.
Video Review LED backlight pool
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lighting options

Today, there are two basic types of lighting: general and underwater.

General lighting is installed outside and is used for overhead lighting surface of the water and adjacent to the pool area.In this case, it is recommended to install spotlights and lamps on brackets, the design of which allows you to create a directional light output.It is also a good idea to installation of wall lights, if next to the pool in the country is any garden structure.

special requirements to the protective properties of the product is not presented becausein this case the contact with the water is completely absent.Interesting idea with waterfall

for underwater lighting installation of the pool is used spotlights located at the bottom and side walls of the bowl.

Its main purpose - to emphasize the shape of the object, as well as giving it an unusual type of designer.In this case, it is recommended to place the product on the perimeter of the pool at an equal distance from each other.If you do not comply with this recommendation, the backlight is uneven and the appearance of the cup only worsen.Alternative spotlights - LED strip.LED lighting is becoming very popular and also very easy to attach the tape to the sides of the bowl.

illuminated contours

Another contemporary lighting option, which I would like to tell - set floating lamps.Such an intermediate location of objects (on the water) can not be attributed not to one of the above options.In this case, the ball-shaped waterproof flashlights, which are free to move and cover the whole water surface.Their main purpose - is a decorative function.Most often floating pool lighting fixtures used in the inflatable and frame containers, ashere is more difficult to mount LEDs or tape.The ball-shaped lights

Expensive but fun pool lighting can be made using a fiber optic cable.With this lamp design is simple architectural lighting cup, which will be original and ever-changing.The only rule is that you should consider when installing fiber - power supply unit should be placed away from the water to the wiring is not short-circuited.

To illuminate the indoor pool, which can be in the house or cottage, it is recommended to use a ceiling LED lights.Also in the room you can make an original LED backlight bowl tape.

Choice bulbs

Once you identify with lighting fixtures, lamps must be selected properly for lighting pool.In total there are 2 options: halogen and LED lamps.Galogenki have brighter light output and range of its dispersion.At the same time, a disadvantage of these light sources is shorter lifetime.

As for the LED bulbs, they can work much longer, thus saving up to 70%.The disadvantage is smaller radius and high cost lighting products.

It should be noted that the LED lamps, unlike halogen, may have several options for color glow.When installing special RGB luminaires basin bowl can be painted in all colors of the rainbow to your taste.

also like to draw your attention to the fact that the above mentioned light bulbs were considered as underwater lighting.For general, you can use any of the existing options.

Useful tips

Finally to give you some useful tips to create lighting in the pool with their hands:

  1. When purchasing underwater lights, pay attention to their specifications.The main index - the maximum installation depth, which should match your requirements.If the product that serves to be deeper than the recommended standards, there is a possibility that it will quickly fail.
  2. not to install underwater flashlights directly on the bottom.In this case, damage to the water for access to the product will need to be completely drained.You can simplify your life by placing lights on the pool walls just above the water.In this case, the entire container will be covered, and at the same time, the water will be nothing.
  3. Use dimmers and filters, so that you can change the intensity and color of light.
  4. to create original soft pools of illumination using floating lights with frosted bubble.
  5. Protect yourself by setting over the cup waterproof fixtures.Despite the fact that the contact with water they will not have, either random spray condensation can cause a short circuit.

Worth also view the video, which provided low-cost option Backlight:

Overview budgetary lighting
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Photo examples

And finally, it would be desirable to provide in this article is a photo of modern lighting pools:

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