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August 12, 2017 18:06

washing machine errors Bosch: error codes and fault Bosch machines , f17, f21, f23, e17, e18, e23, f63

Errors washing machines Bosch
  • Error Codes
  • Frequent faults
  • Tips and prevention of damage

Washers Brand Bosch are known for their high quality, reliability, long life and functionality, but they also occasionally comeout of service.To understand what happened with the device helps to decrypt error appears on the display technology.

Error Codes


What does

Causes Error



problem with the door

door not closed properly or do not close.

Open, and then close the door again with additional effort.

Rate, if not prevent the closure of excess clothes.


problem with the water supply

turn off the tap, through which water flows.

The tap water pressure is too low.

clogged filter in the filler system.

Check the water pressure and the fact that the opening of the tap.

Clean strainer.


problem with drainage water (it does not merge in ten minutes)

clogged pipes.

faulty pump.

out of order control electronics drain.

Clean hoses and nozzles.

Repair or replace the pump.

Repair electronics.


There was a water leak

leakproof joints and pipes.

Check tightness and eliminate leaks.


problem with the door

The door is not closed the machine.

Close the door of the machine.


problem with water intake (she goes too long or is not poured into the machine at all)

clogged filter inlet hose.

water pressure in the pipes is too low.

Crane, through which water is supplied, is blocked.

Clean the filter.

Check pressure.

Open the tap.


problem with water draining (it merges too long)

clogged or broken drain pump.

not working water level sensor.

Clean pump or carry out its replacement.

Replace sensor.


problem with hot water (it is heated for too long, and the washing is continued with cold water)

faulty heater.

voltage in the circuit is too low.

not running a temperature sensor.

Check and replace the heater.

Check the voltage.

Replace sensor.


problem with hot water (it is heated in a situation when the heating should not be)

Broke heat sensor.

not work PETN relay.

Check parts and replace workers.


problem with the drum (it stops rotating at uneven motor operation)

tacho does not work.

Broke reversing relay.

Check parts and replace workers.


problem with the temperature sensor

had a break in the electrical circuit of the sensor.

sensor is broken (for example, a short circuit).

Check the sensor and its connections, replace defective parts.


tripped Hitchhiking

tray machine is filled with water.

The sensor circuits had a break.

To find possible leaks and check the wiring.


problem with akvasensorom

sensor is dirty (for example, covered with a touch of lime) or broken.

not working drainage system or pressure.

Inspect the sensor, clean or replace the plaque on the workpiece.

Check pressure switch and drainage system, replace any defective parts at work.


problem with pressure switch

pressure sensor has failed.

The connection of the sensor circuit is broken down.

Inspect the pressure switch and connecting chains.Defective parts replaced workers.


problem with pressure switch

sensor incorrectly configured (its calibration has been true).

Check pressure switch and set the new values.


problem with the flow sensor

Faulty sensor itself or the associated wiring.

Check serviceability of the sensor and its wiring.


problem with flow sensor (it does not detect water flow)

Water is not supplied to the machine due to blockage or breakage of pipelines filler system.

sensor does not work.

Check elements that are responsible for the water supply to the machine.

Rate Sensor serviceability.


Exceeding the maximum water level in the machine

broken or blocked pump, responsible for draining.

impassable drain hose.

Broken solenoid valve.

violated pressure switch setting.

Check elements that are responsible for the excretion of water from the machine.


problem with the hatch lock (it is not closed)

lock is broken or can not be closed due to mechanical obstruction.

Check lock function cuff doors and wiring.


The problem with the lock hatch

the lock is broken or does not work its controller module.

Check the operation of the lock and the control module.


problem with the temperature sensor (the machine continues to operate, but the water is not heated)

sensor broke down.

damage the associated wiring.

Check serviceability of the sensor and its wiring.


problem with the temperature sensor (washing continues, but the water is cold)


Check serviceability of the sensor and its wiring.


problem with synchronization

network parameters do not meet the acceptable values ​​

Check the mains supply and adjust the settings.


problem with the engine (its turnover exceed the permissible)

control module does not work (often as a result of burnout triac).

Inspect the triac and rewire it.


problem with the engine (it does not rotate)

Broke tacho.

There was a mechanical obstacle to the movement of the drum or the motor (eg underwear).

not work controlling module.

Check tacho and a control module.Make sure that the inside of the tub has not got laundry.


problem with the engine (no rotation in the opposite direction)

damage control module (often a problem in triac or reversing relay).

Check parts and replace workers.


problem with ZDdatchikom

sensor broke down.

not working power module.

There was a software error.

arose wiring breakage.

Check parts and replace workers.


problem with flow sensor

water pressure too low.

sensor is out of order.

Check the water pressure and the sensor itself.


problem with the door

From door lock goes wrong signal consequently damage the lock mechanism or damage the wiring.

Check the door lock and the associated wiring.


problem with functional protection

processor does not work.

There was a software error.

Check and replace the control module.


problem with encoding cards

Incorrect coding of the control module.

There was a software error.

Make re-encoding module, or replace the card.


problem with motor

not running the engine itself or any of its parts.

There was a problem with the machine electronics.

damage related to the engine harness.

test the performance of the engine, as well as its chain.Evaluate the work of electronic components machine.


problem with the coding of the control module

Encoding is done incorrectly.

to flash module or replace it with a new one.

Frequent faults

Most often, the owners of the brand Bosch washing machine requesting service for the following reasons:

  • faulty temperature sensor or heating element, so that the machine has ceased to heat the water.
  • drain pump is clogged or broken.This is one of the most common failures of machines Bosch.
  • The drum hit a foreign object, worn bearings or fixing eased the shock absorber.All these reasons appear strong vibrations and loud noises from the machine during washing.
  • Broke the engine or control unit, causing the unit does not turn on or the drum stops rotating.
  • tachosensor breaking occurred, resulting in the laundry is pressed.

To replace the pump in the washing machine with vertical loading and replacement of bearings in the washing machine with front loading of the brand Bosch Vladimir Khatuntsev shot a video in which all the work you can do yourself.

Tips and prevention of damage

  • to clean the machine only mild cleaning solutions should be used outside, as part of which there are no solvents.Wipe the unit with a soft cloth slightly damp.Keep the washer significant amounts of water.
  • The drum cleaning is unacceptable to use steel mesh or products containing chlorine.
  • Regularly clean the cell, which are loaded detergents.To do this, remove the cuvette, rinse it under running water using a brush, then wipe dry and insert the tank into place.
  • To prevent damage it is important to regularly clean the washing machine components such as a drain pump, the drain hose and the hose filter through which water flows into the machine.Actions to clean those parts of the machine described in the instructions to the machine.

repair washing machines Experts advise to carry out prevention of breakdowns, performing simple actions shown in the Ukrainian program "All bude good."