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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of gas boiler in a private house requirements

for heating private house the best option, of course, is a gas boiler.This heating unit has a high efficiency and enables smooth and flexible enough to adjust the intensity of heating of premises, sometimes even without additional thermostatic devices.Today, gas is considered the most favorable fuel in terms of efficiency, so the cost of such a boiler to quickly recoup its purchase and installation costs.

Installation of gas boiler in a private house requirements

Installation of gas boiler in a private house requirements

If you plan to install a gas boiler in a private house to the room requirements and to the heater must be clarified in advance.For general information, you can make sure that have to collect a lot of different documents and bypass a few instances.Therefore it is necessary to prepare not only theoretically and technically, but psychologically and even these fairly unpleasant, but, alas, the necessary measures.

sequence preparations

Article Contents

  • 1 sequence preparations
    • 1.1 Basic regulatory documentation for installation of the boiler
    • 1.2 Matching installation gas boiler
    • 1.3 Project Developmentinstallation
    • 1.4 Adoption of the draft
  • 2 Basic requirements for the boiler room
    • 2.1 General requirements
    • 2.2 ventilation and chimney
  • 3 few words about gas boilers
    • 3.1 Calculator necessary heat output for home heating
  • 4 sequence of works on installation of gas boiler
    • 4.1 Video: Common mistakes when equipment boiler
  • 5 Operation gas boiler
  • 6 Video: the job of installing the wall-mounted gas boiler

Basic regulatory documentation for installation of the boiler

first step recommended to get acquainted with the normative documents to which, in principle, set out all the rules and requirements necessarywith independent heating arrangement in the apartment or private home.

All these data can be found in the SNIP (Building Regulations), 02/31/2001, "Gas supply of a country house.The requirements and gas equipment installation rules. "

Besides this document, you want to see and more, containing information on the arrangement of boilers and boiler installation rules.They can also be found in among the "Building Regulations»:

  • SNiP 41-01-2003 "Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning."
  • SNIP 21-01-97 "Fire safety of buildings and structures."
  • SNIP 2.04.01-85 "Internal water supply and sewerage of buildings".

should explore SNIP 2.04.08-87 for everything boiler room in a private home.

Boiler room in a private house 2 As the boiler is equipped in a private home?

In your own home by heating equipment is usually allocated a separate room. What requirements must meet the boiler - More information about this is described in a separate publication from our website.

Matching installation gas boiler

To set the gas boiler in a private home or apartment, few will study the documents of SNIP.First, you need to obtain technical specifications that will become the basis for the organization of further work on the connection of the equipment to the gas mains.

For this master of housing floor statement to the local gas supply service, which indicated the alleged flow of gas required for use in a particular structure for heating and other purposes.This parameter is calculated approximately on the basis of norms of SNiP 31-02, paragraph 9.1.3, which shows the average daily volume of gas indicators for single-family homes:

- gas stove (cooking) - 0.5 m³ / day.

- hot water, that is, the use of the flow of the gas cylinder (column) - 0.5 m³ / day;

- heating via domestic gas unit with a connected water circuit (for Central Russia) - from 7 to 12 m³ / day.

The local organization, which controls the gas supply and the installation of boilers, the request is considered by experts.For the applicant prepared a document with technical specifications or a reasoned refusal.The review process can take anywhere from one week to a month, depending on the efficiency of the work of the supervisory service.

If the request is granted, it shall be issued at the hands of the technical conditions which must be fully implemented during installation of gas equipment.This document will simultaneously be a resolution to provide this service.

must know for sure that the installation of gas equipment without the technical conditions is illegal.In addition, uncoordinated self-assembly of the boiler - very unsafe, especially in cases where such work will be carried out in high-rise building.Sad examples of this, alas, as much as necessary.

Development Project installation

When specifications are received, you can proceed to the compilation of the installation project.

project is being developed taking into account all the requirements specified in the technical specifications.It also includes laying of gas communications scheme for private home - on a site before entering the residential building with an indication of the point in the drawing, and for the apartment - the entrance to the gas supply pipe it to the point of connection to the boiler autonomous system.

Start any whatsoever installation work is forbidden until it is drawn up, agreed and approved the corresponding draft

begin any whatsoever installation work is forbidden until it is drawn up, agreed and approved the relevant draft

development of the project should only specialists-designers, who are licensed to carry out works of this type.Typically, an organization dedicated to gas supply in a particular region (settlement) provided design department, where it is carried out all such investigations, calculations and graphic design.

Adoption of the draft

Further, the finished project is sent for approval to the Department of the organization that controls the gas supply to the house, where the gas boiler will be installed.The period of negotiation of the documents submitted depends on the complexity of the project scheme, and can take anywhere from one week to three months.

To be given at the coordination of projects and the installation of the boiler gas line summing necessarily applied the following documents with the characteristics of the boiler equipment:

  • Status of the gas boiler.
  • instructions for its use.
  • Certificates of compliance with technical and sanitary requirements.
  • data examination of conformity of the machine all the requirements of security.

these documents to the buyer provides the seller with the boiler, as they are made out of boiler equipment manufacturer.

If the project has not received approval, in addition to a reasoned refusal shall be issued to the applicant a list of the actions to be performed for a positive conclusion.

If the project is approved, it assured appropriate means, that we can already produce a practical work on installation of gas heating equipment.

Basic requirements for the boiler room

to install gas equipment with capacity of 30 kW and more should be a separate room.It must comply with all applicable standards and regulations.Quite often, try to choose the boiler for one of the rooms in the basement or ground floor, but you must know that such a gas boiler installation is only allowed for single-family residential houses.

In a private house under the boiler it is best to allocate a separate room

In a private house under the boiler it is best to allocate a separate room

in a private home can be the boiler of any power, since it is usually placed in the Attached Garage indoors, thus getting an opportunity to heat not only accommodations, butand utility.

General requirements

Basic requirements for boiler following:

  • Area for installation of the boiler must be at least 4 square meters.The total number of boilers in the same room can never be more than two.
  • room ceiling height is not less than 2200 ÷ 2500 mm.
  • window, which is mandatory in the boiler room for natural lighting, should be based on the size of each 10 m³ room volume 0.3 m² window, but in any case not less than 0.5 m².
  • opening width of the door should be not less than 800 mm.
  • distance between the front door and the boiler can not be less than 1000 mm, but it is better if the interval will be 1300 ÷ 1500 mm.
  • To be able to conduct maintenance work to the boiler must be provided for the necessary free space, which should be at least 1300 mm.
  • boiler should be installed stable and in a strictly horizontal position - this will minimize the vibration and noise.
  • Sex in the boiler room must be made of non-combustible material and be perfectly flat.
  • walls should also be made of non-combustible materials, and surfaces around the boiler walls can be further insulated with heat-resistant materials.
  • The boiler must be supplied cold water.In the floor of the room must be equipped with the drain the coolant into drains.
  • Electrical outlets should have ground loops as well as some elements of the boiler, for example, the ignition or a pump, is connected to the power supply.
  • necessary to ensure access to the chimney - in particular - to the audit window - for the control channel and the possibility of cross-tassel.

Ventilation and Chimney

Ventilation and taps combustion gases into the boiler must be installed in compliance with the rules of gas equipment installation, as a malfunction or inefficient operation of these systems can result in either a malfunction of equipment, or thateven worse, to the alarm, and even explosive situation.

ventilation chimney and regulations meet the following requirements:

  • vents and chimney channels should be separated.
The main parameters of the natural ventilation of the boiler room

main parameters of the boiler

  • natural ventilation for fresh air to enter the boiler room is necessary to provide forced ventilation.The input window is made in the lower part of the outer wall or door.ventilation window size should be no less than 1/30 of the total area of ​​the room, but at least not less than 80 mm² per 1 kW of installed capacity of the gas unit - for air intake from the street, and not less than 300 mm² per 1 kW if air flow isfrom another room.
  • Ventilation ducts must always be open because the air must circulate constantly.
  • boiler is recommended to set as close as possible to the chimney.
  • Chimney hosted in the wall must have two input channels:

- basic, for the installation of chimney;

- Audit, located below the first no less than 250 mm - this channel is designed for cleaning technology.

  • Flue chimney should have a section smaller meshes outlet of the boiler.
  • chimney must not have more than three bends or turns.
  • chimney is made of stainless steel or carbon steel sheet.Using asbestobetonnyh pipes or other, made of layered materials is allowed only at a distance of not less than 500 mm from the boiler chimney pipe.
Chimney pipe can pass through the premises or just to go out

chimneys can pass through the premises or immediately go

  • street to the boiler operation was safe, and she heating system - efficient, should be created favorable conditions for the maintenance of normal traction.Therefore, it is important to calculate and the total height of chimney, and its location on the surface of the roof, so headroom is not ranked in the area of ​​the so-called wind backwater.

So, for chimney gas boiler, there are certain standards:

Proper positioning of the chimney above the roof

Proper positioning of the chimney above the roof

- on a flat roof with no skate, pipe should rise by at least 500 mm above the roof or above the parapetif it is on the perimeter of the roof;

- if the pipe goes through the roof slope at a distance from the ridge is less than 1,500 mm, the headroom it rises above it is not less than 500 mm;

- provided through the outlet pipe pitched roof at a distance horizontally 1500 ÷ 3000 mm from the ridge, headroom is necessary to raise the level not lower than the top of the ridge;

- if the flue passes through a pitched roof at a distance of more than 3000 mm from the ridge, its outlet is to be located on an imaginary line drawn at an angle of 10˚ to the horizon from the top of the ridge.

2016-03-04_211423 optimal solution - installation of the chimney sandwich

In our time, the problem of creating a reliable system of exhaust gas is solved much easier.Quick and reliable installation sandwich chimney allows to speed up the introduction of boiler equipment into operation.Read more about this - in a special publication of our portal.

few words about gas boilers

Nowadays the consumer a wide range of gas heating equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers.It can only make the right choice.

Gas boilers can be divided into several types according to different criteria:

- by design;

- by the process of the installation;

- at rated power,

- by the type of ignition;

- for exhaust gas technology.

  • In basic design boilers are divided into single and double-circuit.

- first intended for the heating system and, if necessary, use them for hot water will have to install an additional device - boiler of indirect heating.

- Double-circuit models are the same as for heating and to provide hot water.They can work on the principle of flow-through heat or be equipped with a built-in water heater, which heats and maintains a certain reserve of heated water for household needs .. Therefore, this unit could be called universal.

Single-boilers often abbreviated AOGV - unit heating gas fired.

Double-circuit devices intended for heating and hot water supply, designated AKGV - combined gas fired unit.

  • By way of installation and installation gas units can be wall and floor.

- Outdoor boilers are usually different from the wall higher power.They usually try to place in the boiler to its dimensions, they do not clutter the room.

- Wall variants of gas appliances are becoming increasingly popular, as they can be installed even in the apartment.The use of such equipment is convenient by the fact that the combustion gases do not require the construction of "classical" chimney - it can be done directly on the street through the outer wall by means of a coaxial chimney, which provides both a supply of air necessary for combustion of the gas.

Chimney coaxial

Chimney coaxial

All modern gas heating boilers are equipped with automatic protection systems of a certain level of complexity, but always providing for the termination of the gas supply to the burner in the event of leaks, disruptions in the gas line, the coolant overheating, and the absence or deficiency of thrustin the chimney.