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August 12, 2017 18:06

Production of cinder blocks with their hands

cinder block is one of the most popular building materials.It is produced by the method of vibro concrete solution.From the cinder block erected a variety of construction - from sheds and garages to the baths and houses.

Production of cinder blocks with their hands

Manufacturing cinder blocks with their hands

planning something to build cinder block?Make them yourself!Nothing complicated in the production technology of concrete blocks there.It is necessary to thoroughly understand the procedure works, learn the basic requirements and withstand the recipe.

General recommendations and requirements

Article Contents

  • 1 General recommendations and requirements
  • 2 How to prepare the solution?
  • 3 Make cinder blocks manually
    • 3.1 Produce form
    • 3.2 Fill blocks
  • 4 Make cinder blocks on the machine
    • 4.1 Putting Machine
    • 4.2 Making blocks
    • 4.3 Video - Making cinder blocks with their hands
Dimensions cinder block

Dimensions cinder block

Cinder block for interior partitions

cinder block walls for interior

cinder block sizes are standardized - 188 x 190 x 390 mm.Each unit has openings.They are usually 3. For the production of building elements of a mixture of cement not less than the M400, blast furnace slag and coarse sand.Additional excipients often are added and plasticizers.

can produce blocks manually using the forms and with the help of the equipment with the function of block-making.

On average, one bag of cement enough for the production of 36 units.The savings is obvious.

cinder block must have the correct geometry.Even slight irregularities will lead to a deterioration of the quality of the masonry.To get straight blocks, forms need to be filled not just to the brim, and with a small slide, asvibration during concrete slightly settled down and settle.

How to prepare the solution?

What a universal composition for the manufacture of breeze blocks is no solution - each master their unique recipe.In general, the need to focus on the features of the slag composition.

components volume, l, one block strength of the dried block compression, kg / cm2 Frost finished block cycles Thermal conductivity of the finished cinder block
slag 8 mm 10 30-40 30 0.35-0,4
sand to 3 mm 1,8
Cement 2,75
Water 1,5

There is a standard "factory" formulation can be guided by it.The proportions of the following:

  • slag - 7 parts;
  • sand - 2 pieces;
  • cement - 1.5 parts;
  • water - 1.5-3 parts.For more information about determining the appropriate amount of water will be described hereinafter.

Tip:Previously cited standard dimensions of breeze blocks.However, for private building more convenient to use the product with dimensions 400h200h200 mm.

addition to slag composition of these blocks can include ash, sawdust, gypsum, brick fight, coal combustion products, gravel and other similar materials.

Additionally, the composition of the solution is recommended to add a plasticizer to the concrete.Enough to 5 g per unit.Thanks plasticizer waterproof performance will be increased, durability and frost resistance of products.

Concrete plasticizer

Softener for concrete

Pay particular attention to the definition of the necessary volume of water.It is necessary to add so much to the product will not melt after forming.

You can do a simple test.Throw a handful of solution to the ground or other surface.If he crumbled, but once again united into a single mass at the reverse compression hands - optimal consistency.

Make cinder blocks manually

If planned not too large-scale construction, the units can be done without vibropress.

Produce form

Form cinder block

form cinder block

Putting shape dimensions 40h20h20 cm. Can adjust the size of its discretion, if desired.For the manufacture of forms using metal sheets or wooden boards.

design is extremely simple: a bottom and side walls.The walls fasten display for the selected width and length of the block.The height of the faces form must also comply with the planned height of the building elements.

Tip:You can make shapes with cells for the simultaneous production of 4-6 blocks - very handy.It is only necessary to increase the length and width of the outer faces of the partition and to establish between them.

Prepare empty glass bottles.Their you will use to create voids in the blocks.

Variant forms cinder block

form Option for cinder block

Fill blocks

Evenly pour the solution into the mold to the brim.

Bookmark mixture into a mold

Bookmark mixture into a mold

Put in a lot of flooded bottle neck up.Fill screed surface, removing excess solution.

Layout bottles filled blocks

Layout bottles filled blocks

Waiting for about 5 hours and took out a bottle.Cinder blocks in the reserve forms a day, after which they carefully take out and decompose on the horizontal surface of the stacks.

reserve units to dry for a month.Only after a specified time, the material can be used for construction.

Production of breeze blocks

Manufacturing shlakoblokov

Tip:At the time of drying units cover with plastic wrap.It protects the product from cracking during the heat and did not give them to get wet in case of rain.

Make cinder blocks on the machine

Photo design from different angles

photo design from different angles

machine can significantly increase productivity.The equipment has a relatively simple structure.



Putting Machine

main element of homemade vibropressovochnogo machine - form (matrix) for the breeze of the solution.By design, the shape is a metal box with internal elements in the form of voids.Limiters for creating voids may also be removable.

Cinder block machine for compact

breeze blocks Machine for compact

set for includes the following tools and materials:

  • welding machine;
  • standard set of hand tools;
  • grinders;
  • vise;
  • sheet steel 3mm thick.It will take about 1 m2;
  • pipe diameter of 7.5-9 cm We need about 1 m pipe.;
  • metal strip 3 mm thick.You will need about 30 cm of the material;
  • electric motor 0.5-0.75 kW;
  • nuts;
  • bolts.
    Cinder block machine for compact

    breeze blocks Machine for compact

    Side view

    Side view

    Front view


    Front view


first step. Produce the form of the future size of blocks.Cut the sheet metal side faces of the matrix.We do form immediately into 2 blocks.To do this, cut out of steel inner central wall and anchoring it in the box.

second step. determines the height of the elements for the registration of voids.

Important!In accordance with the technology voids height should be such that the bottom wall has a thickness of 3 cm.

third step. 6 Cut the pipe pieces on the length of the cylinder-limiters for registration void.

fourth step. attach pipes tapered.To this end, the longitudinal cut through every piece of pipe up the middle, compress the vise and connect using a welding machine.Brew each cone at both edges.

fifth step.Putting stops in a row on the verge of a long cinder block.Adding the number of the edges on the plate 3 cm thick with holes for fastening lug.

sixth step. Doing this in the middle of each shape cuts compartment.On the verge of feedback forms welds eyes.They will perform the temporary support elements to create voids.Very convenient solution - it will be possible to remove the cylinders and make monolithic blocks.

Cinder block machine for compact

breeze blocks Machine for compact (press top)

Press machine

press machine

Press machine

press machine

seventh step. Outside one of the transverse walls 4 bolts welded on to the vibrating motor mounting holes.

eighth step.With attach by welding loading apron and the blade edges.

ninth step. Prepare all the design elements for painting - we clean them thoroughly and polish.

tenth step. Making the press.It will take the form of a plate with holes, repeating the position of the holes in the block.

Important!The diameter of the holes in the plate should be greater than the similar parameter for the recesses in the block about 0.5 cm.

plates are made of this size and we fix it so that it can go deep into the box in the place of installation limiters 5-7 cm.

Incompletion is welded to press the handle, cover design primer mixture and mount the vibration motor.

The appropriate vibration motor can be turned into an ordinary electric motor.This requires the engine to be welded eccentric shafts.Strong will not bother - just welded the bolts so that their axes are aligned.To control the frequency and power of vibration is screwed onto the welded bolts nuts.

Cinder block machine for compact

breeze blocks Machine for compact





sample catcher

sample catcher

Making blocks

Guidelines for the preparation of the solution given above.You can use a standard recipe or else modify it to your liking.The main thing to get optimum viscosity.It can be defined "by eye" - a mixture of lump should keep stable shape.

Before loading a mixture of metal oil lubricates the contact plane.Thanks to this solution will not stick to the iron.

Puts ready-mixed into the matrix and proceed to compaction.

Set the filled forms on the vibration plate and give it to ram the solution for 5-15 seconds.After a specified time, add in the form of another solution, becausepreviously downloaded inevitably settles.

repeat the process, only this time not turn off the vibration plate until it reaches the clamp stops.Remove form until the machine stops.

Ready cinder block

Ready cinder block

Dai blocks of 1-3 days on primary drying, gently take them out of the blocks, spread on a flat surface and cover with plastic wrap.Use material for its intended purpose can be no earlier than a month.

Comparison of characteristics of breeze blocks and foam blocks

comparing characteristics of breeze blocks and foam blocks

Successful work!

Video - Making cinder blocks with their hands