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August 12, 2017 18:05

Well your hands

When the plot is not water - it's a real problem.After all, no watering is bad for crops, it gives a lot of other difficulties in life.Therefore, you should solve this difficult task in the first place.There are two ways to do this, but the cheapest and most qualitative of them - to dig a well with their hands.


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  2. How to dig a well on their own?
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To get started you need to denote the location of the place.Therefore, the first phase of the work is more like a collection of information.We need to talk with neighbors, learn on what level is the water, to see where it is more convenient to arrange for themselves the structure.

Consider need what wells set at a distance of 30 meters from the toilets and other places of soil contamination.All this is of great importance, because we are talking about drinking water, or at least of the water for irrigation.

Plan the better its activities at the end of summer or the middle of autumn.One should always remember that it is not so difficult to dig a well with their hands, how to do all the preparatory work to create preliminary drawings and modernize its upper part.All of this will take some time, so it is necessary to calculate correctly.

little help

1. any depth of the well should be between 10 m - this level, which will allow to approach to water in sufficient volume for you.

2. well structure consists of three elements: the well head, mine, water intake.Each of them must be properly installed - this ensures the durability of the entire structure.Pay attention should be on every component part, which may well have a different modification.The photo clearly shows that each well, made with your own hands can have different appearances, shapes and sizes, so a lot will be done exactly according to your preferences.

3. We must remember that for each of these facilities need to buy a water filter, pump and additional materials (fasteners, tube, hose).Filter will need to ensure that the water is clean and ready to use, since three layers of gravel of different thickness (10 cm, 15 cm, 15 cm) at the bottom and do not guarantee the complete cleaning quality.

4. most cost-effective, convenient and commonly used material of which do well on their own - a concrete ring, which simply install and are cost-effective option.For clarity, we recommend to watch the video of the concrete construction of the well.As

yourself to dig a well?

You will need:

  • shovel (large and small);
  • several buckets for earth;
  • rope ladder;
  • hoist and trolley for rings;
  • helmet and insulated clothing.

All this equipment will be needed to perform the construction of the well with their hands.At different stages of time each of them will help you to perform tasks.Now you can start digging, but we should not forget at the time of its activity on the security measures - they are very important.

Dig begin on settlements - the diameter of the shaft diameter of the rings = + 10cm.Then plunge into the mine the first ring, the location should be 10 cm from the ground level.Then, the second ring as digging is set to the first, as in the photo.The first and second ring must be installed exactly as much as possible - it affects the quality of the facilities.Next two concrete rings most closely connected with special brackets, as erection rings eliminate all the cracks with cement.Likewise, the next set of the ring.

seem When the first water, it is necessary to settle not less than 12 hours, then remove and proceed with the laying of a well-washed stones, then gravel at the bottom of the recess in order to protect the water from sand.

After some time (24-36 hours) can begin to set the upper (aerial parts).It can be of any type and made of completely different materials.The field of work set the filter and pump, then make a special water drainage - and this work can be considered complete.

recommended pump (rinse) before using it well.

Video digging a well with their hands