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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to sew up the front - decorated space under the roof

Warming gable - choose material

gables called the completion of the end walls of the house, often having the form of an isosceles triangle, the sides of which are adjacent to the roof, and the base is located on the facade cornice.The usual traditional gable roof has two gables.In view of the fact that it ends - most blown and cold elements of each structure, it is necessary to perform insulation gable .

to this process should be taken very seriously to the attic space could not very cold in winter and summer is not turned into a steam room.Mineral wool - the most common for this purpose, a material that is wrapped on both sides in a waterproof film.warming process going on inside the attic.

Alternatively, finish gables carried out using foam.Outside the upper part of the facade is closed with this type of insulation is then glued with a special mesh and plastered.If it is a wooden frame, then before the warm gable inside, it is necessary to sew up the siding or a special board.

As sheathing gable siding - choose the method of installation

Sheathing gable siding will require the following tools and materials: a drill or screwdriver, screws, hacksaw, jigsaw or Bulgarian, spirit level, as well as scaffolding, because all the work will becarried out at height.Now we tell you directly about how to sheathe siding pediment.

Before you start, decide what sheathing gable, choose the color and texture of the material to match the rest of the exterior of your home.You should also calculate the sutured area: it will depend on the amount of materials needed.If gable has a triangular shape, then the calculation is carried out as follows: the height of the triangle is multiplied by half of its width.

Siding mounted in three ways: on the pre-assembled aluminum frame, a wooden crate or on the material itself end of the roof, if it is a truss system made of wood.The first method is rather expensive and time-consuming, and the second - is suitable for brick or made of foam block buildings, a third option - the most optimal.

How to sew up the front - manual for successful

for crates require smooth wooden blocks that stuffed the whole area is sutured surface in increments of not less than 35 cm They need to be in the same plane and level..If at least one bar will serve, not be able to sheathe quality construction.

Before decorate the gable siding is necessary to tie on its edges, plastic guides, which will not only set the direction, but also to hide the rough edges of the panels.

first need throughout the area width horizontally fix the starting strip, screwing it with screws to each bar crates.You can then mount the first line of siding, which snaps into a groove starting spike strips.

ends of each sheet must be trimmed at an angle, which should match the slope of the roof.The panels must be snapped over the entire length to avoid misalignment, which will complicate the installation of the next line.Between the rail and the end of the strip is necessary to leave a small gap to the siding is not cracked by temperature extremes.

upper edge of each strip is fastened with screws to the adjacent bar.Thus, all the lines are mounted to the top.Finishing the gable home siding does not require any professional skills, more importantly, the right to comply with mounting technology.