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August 12, 2017 18:07

Belt sander - whether it is necessary to have a partner ?

Belt machines for parquet - why do they need?

Parquet made of natural wood continues to be the highest quality and most prestigious flooring.To protect the upper layer parquet varnished or coated with cements, these coatings require maintenance (mastic rubbed twice a month).But

wooden parquet dies can be damaged: scratches, dents, stains from liquids or furniture, more serious damage.Anyway, flooring requires periodic preventive maintenance and repair.Complex operations remove old varnish and a thin top layer of the floor parquet called sanding.Cycle - For manual leveling flooring special scrapers are used.

among the whole class of power tools and machine tools for grinding work is performed in almost all types of materials: stone, metal, plastics and, of course, wood.Since the main working nozzles are brushes and abrasive surfaces (skins), the difference between the types of grinding power is to design features for the transmission of motion to the working tooling.

Band machines are based on the movement in one direction for grinding skins.The ends of this strip are bonded together to form an endless annular belt, worn on special tool drive rollers.The principle of operation is based on the movement of the endless abrasive belt, it provides the opportunity to work with high performance on a large floor area.

Belt sander - operation

Working emery paper may have different widths, typically from four to fourteen centimeters, easy to change, providing consistent grinding skins of larger grain size to smaller.So gradually removed profound damage the high quality surfaces.

four rooms usually enough sandpaper to cycle.The kit is recommended to include from the fortieth to one-hundredth the size of the abrasive grains.Grinding-machine tape can work not only with wood: it enables the use of high-quality results when working with metals and plastics, such stripping surface for painting and other types of processing.With its help, you can also carry out high-quality roughing building structures, to prepare complex bevels or edges on them.

Most models produced design has a low center of gravity is located, does it work with a light machine that does not require great physical effort.Most models are designed for manual use.Depending on power, hand sanding belt machines can provide a more or less long-term performance of the work with a constant or variable (adjustable) speed of the rollers coated abrasives.

How to choose a belt sander - what knowledge will be needed at the counter?

range of models provides a range of capacities from 500 to 1200 watts, which allows you to select the desired option for professional or home use.Depending on the potentialities of the manufacturer, many models allow smoothly or stepwise change the driving speed of sandpaper (from fifty to five hundred meters per minute).

Speed ​​control allows you to get high quality results, taking into account the features of materials.Additional facilities can be provided by the presence of special handles, stops and fixtures.Because scraping the parquet due to the formation of a large amount of dust, an indispensable element of the machine must have an outlet to connect a vacuum cleaner or a dust collection tank.

By the way, despite the fairly efficient collection of dust, you should always work in a respirator (bandage, "petal"), "insert hearing protector" and glasses.

picked, how to choose a belt sanders , bear in mind that many manufacturers in order to attract a buyer, the tool significantly expanded functionality.This is achieved through the acquisition of special grinding frames, excluding the possibility of accidental damage to flooring or other surfaces with special vise or table for the convenience of stationary use.

Such vices and stand in conjunction with the stops (angular, parallel) will provide the ideal smooth surface of the bevel or the same parallel surfaces, etc.Since the principle of operation and performance of tape machines for inexperienced employee makes a real risk of damage to parquet flooring, at the beginning of operation to use such a tool without the support frame is not recommended.

The quality also depends on the correct choice of grit abrasive sandpaper.Keep in mind that the higher the belt speed, the more likely instead of perfectly flat surface to get new scratches, scoring or grooves.Therefore, since you need to work to implement the recommendations of the manufacturer (use the frame, for example).Usually, all the advice given in detail in the operating instructions for each car model.