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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is a liquid wallpaper : method of application , advantages, disadvantages , reviews

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you already imagine what the liquid wallpaper, imagine that they hide all the cracks and defects in the joints, frames, sockets, switches.But the desired procedure before applying the wallpaper is coated with latex paint or zinc oxide.

Important!Avoid applying the light to the dark surface of the wallpaper, the substance rayed.They can be applied to the pipe and batteries in case they do not absorb moisture, and thereby achieve the effect of monochrome interior.

liquid wallpaper differ depending on the structural composition:

  • thin layer of 2-3 mm.
  • 4-5 mm thick

Liquid wallpaper is not broken, do not break even as a result of precipitation of the house.

Liquid wallpaper

noteworthy that the mixed solution can be frozen and stored in the refrigerator.It is believed that through the liquid wall circulates the air, and they have a sound-proof ability.But say this with 100% certainty, we do not take.

in the kitchen or in the bathroom (wet areas) used for strengthening nail.It is moisture and soot, and makes it possible to remove dust and dirt with a sponge, but then the air circulation effect disappears.So what is a liquid wallpaper, and what they eat?

Liquid wallpaper for painting walls

«glue" liquid wallpaper on the wall requires some preliminary work:

  • Walls must be clean and treated with antiseptic, dry.
  • surface treated with primer.
  • The room temperature should not be below 10 ° C heat.
  • Use separate containers.
  • Mix all the supplements (if any) at the time.
  • Use strictly the amount of water indicated on the packaging, until smooth.
  • Apply with a spatula on the walls and ceiling and spraying as a "gun."
  • Post a coating to dry 12 to 72 hours.

A method of applying liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper manufacturers produce such:

  1. France - Senideco.In this country, such coverage - a gimmick, but even there it began to produce wall coverings in a wide range, and taking into account the various tasks interiors projects.As part of the wallpaper and can be detected cellulose and adhesive, and dyes.
  2. France - Cotex.Cotton cover - an amazing thing on the market today, joining cotton fibers, dye water.With this texture is able to work mainly master.It applied to the surface of everything.Apply one layer.All kinds of pollution derived stain remover.
  3. Turkey - Silkcoat.Not inferior to the French, and the cost is lower.They have very good hygiene and aesthetic certificates, because very quickly spread across the CIS countries, as well as in China, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria.
  4. Bayramixkoza.Materials, by Japanese consist of cotton, acrylic fiber and contain components which do not allow the coating to be applied to the oil paint.After applying the wallpaper using nail-hardener.
  5. Russia.Wall covering "Stenol" (new) consists of cellulose fibers, color dyes, thickeners and antiperena.Cellulose share originally from Archangel.Covering viscous and is often used as a heater.Apply all kinds of rollers.
  6. Russia.Decorative plaster.It's called "Danish", although established in France.The cost is equal to the cost of a single roll of paper wallpaper.Covering dynamically enables interfere with various additives and colors.Textured putty realizes the possibility of multiple finishes: under a rock, a tree, a matting.

What is a liquid wallpaper ?

What is liquid wallpaper?The material is quite new and unfamiliar to many users.Often it still remains a mystery because of the relatively high prices that can scare off risers at the wall covering.However, those who decided to try them out in your house, is unlikely to find flaws in them with obvious advantages.Reviews of the liquid wallpaper speak for themselves - the material still pick up their popularity!

Liquid wallpaper for walls