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August 12, 2017 18:08

Electrodes on iron , and their use


Iron compound - an alloy of iron and carbon, wherein the carbon content of more than 2%.Welding of the material used in the manufacture of various constructions and repair works.Use two methods of cooking: cold and hot.

hot welding - a technology in which the parts are heated to a temperature of 300-700 degrees Celsius.They are used for this welding electrodes for cast iron or cored wire rod doped ceramic.Heating is to occur after the completion of construction and uniform cooling cracks were not formed.Since heating is a high current, the cooling process can take 3-5 days.

Note!For hot-used electrodes with a diameter of 8-12 mm, which consume a current of 600-1000 amperes respectively.

Cold welding is used more often because it is more simple.There are several variations of this process: welding steel, copper-nickel, copper-nickel and iron electrodes.Before you begin, treated surface is trimmed, milled, drilled, in order to obtain a clean surface of the base metal.

Electrodes for cast iron and types

Welding electrodes may be as follows:

  • Copper and iron;
  • nickel;
  • steel;
  • Ferro-nickel.
  • copper-nickel.

Experts believe the highest quality for steel, nickel and ferro-nickel electrodes.

Steel - is based on iron rod, which is used for welding parts made of low-quality, slag contaminated oil and old cast iron (furnace design, pumps, heaters, and so on).Treat them to work you need polishing.It is considered ideal for the creation of a transition layer.

Ferro-nickel core and have a bimetallic used for smelting iron with lamellar and spheroidal graphite, malleable cast irons.Also such hinges are used to connect all of these materials with steel.

Note!It is necessary to each type of rod used only for its intended purpose, otherwise it will be of poor quality connections.


rods working with this material, it is required to comply with certain conditions, including the right choice of electrodes.The most popular brands of electrodes for cast iron among domestic manufacturers: CN-4 , IPM-2 , OZCH-4 , 3 and 2. With their help run welds of high density and with a clean surface after use.These bars have the following features:

  • Electrodes for cast iron CN-4 work on DC and AC current and reverse polarity used in the method of cold work;
  • rods IPM-2 operate from DC reverse polarity and current used in the vertical and polupotolochnyh works.

These rods have a diameter of 3 to 5 millimeters and provide a high quality weld.Domestic electrodes have GOST 9466-75 .The most popular bars imported - a brand UTP .Among them there are also versatile rods that can be used for various applications by low-temperature welds to cast iron compound with other metals.

Note!Prices of electrodes depend on the type of application and country of origin.