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August 12, 2017 18:08

Column Formwork - choose a practical design option

Why not do without formwork in construction?

Decking - the form required for the concrete and reinforced concrete materials, plays an important role, because it is helping to implement design ideas and high-quality construction spending columns.The accuracy of the assembly structure depends beauty and practicality for future columns, which is why the builders insist on the construction of the structure on the spot.

few decades ago formwork order was complicated and expensive process, today, thanks to the possibility of using modern materials, everything goes much faster and easier, and the developer saves money without sacrificing quality.Formwork

may be circular, oval, square, have different thicknesses.Speaking of height, it is worth recalling that the construction is going on the site, so you can adjust it without any problems.

plastic formwork - a chance for the creativity of the architect

The easiest option is the construction of structures made of plastic.Lightweight materials can be quickly to shape and connect the necessary details.Such formwork for round columns erected in a matter of hours, but the main disadvantage is the low strength of the option.

also provides meticulous manufacturing plastic parts, which means incredible precision design and manufacturing in future columns.Fair docking - guarantee a complete seal, such an advantage can not boast of a metal version.

Manufacturing of parts of plastic and is much faster, which means that the customer can get a ready-made elements in just a couple of days after the relevant drawings and parameters.

How to work with plastic formwork?

During plastic formwork columns must be installed in accordance with all the requirements , otherwise all the advantages of options are reduced to "no".In order to collect the design, using drawings, all parts carried out in accordance with the specified parameters , fixing can be carried out without any additional material due to pre-arranged "locks" in the elements themselves.

This method of construction buildings can be compared with the designer assembly or laying laminate.As a rule, companies engaged in the manufacture of formwork, offer installation services if the person is going to do the work himself, he needs the drawings and installation diagram.The modules can also be connected with metal locks, dredging which are located in the plastic parts.

Easy assembly saves time, allowing you to finish work on the construction of the column as quickly as possible.Convenient disposable formwork for columns made of plastic, so that it should not be reused.The low cost of the material, the speed of production of modules, ease of installation - all this suggests that such an option most closely matches the requirements of modern construction.

According to the recommendations, the full retraction of concrete takes place after 28 days, the first 7 days of the plastic formwork is better not to shoot in order to prevent deformation of the structure.28 days - the approximate time, largely depending on the ambient temperature.

For general calculations come from the data - 18 degrees above zero.To conduct work on the construction of the column is not recommended at temperatures below zero.