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August 12, 2017 18:07

What is cutting ?plant propagation method of propagation

The best time for grafting

Possibility plants "to produce offspring" of a portion of the leaf makes it possible for people in a short time to acquire a variety of plant species and create from his apartment a real botanical garden.For many species of flora typical of year-round breeding, however, believe that the deal with plant breeding through the use of cuttings is best in spring and autumn.At this time, a period of active vegetation.

Autumn - a time when many individuals go into a state of rest, so it's time more favorable to the rooting of cuttings.In the spring the young plants into the soil when planting can immediately embark on growth.

What stalk choose?

for landing necessarily need to take a cutting from a healthy plant.Poor rooting will be observed in cuttings, adults who have undergone stress.Newly purchased plants imported origin are also not guarantee a good rooting.And it's all because of these flora stimulated the growth, flowering and fruiting of certain substances, which dulls the process of the formation of roots.Cuttings from plants overfed with nitrogen often rot.

Planting cuttings sansevieriya ( Teschin language )

Planting cuttings of violets

large number of plants possesses waves of growth, that is first in the young shoots growing rapidly, then they freeze in the development, and then continue to actively grow.Cuttings desirable to cut at an intermediate stage of plant growth.Some flowering species "kids" are ready immediately after the flowering process.For example, it clerodendrum or bougainvillea.

Sharing large-leaved plants, such as abutilon, hibiscus or ficus, includes 3 to 5 buds.Leaved species will have more buds, while the length of the cutting will be about 10 centimeters.

Cuttings of ficus

Which house plants propagated from cuttings?

Among the plants that reproduce by root cuttings can be identified: dracaena, Aralia, arrowroot and other species, with knotty roots.Their roots are cut into small pieces for planting in pots pikirovochnye.For some species of flora is characterized by a proliferation of root suckers.The scion is ready for boarding, when I grow up to a quarter of the value of the mother.In this way, reproduce almost all kinds of cacti.

plants such as saxifrage and Chlorophytum stalks hung from the developing offspring plants.Not separating from the mother plant, they are dropped into a pot and are separated only when the kids take root.

How to care for cuttings?

ensure a comfortable environment for future plants - the primary task for the amateur gardener.As long as the roots of the plants will not need to keep it in a high humidity environment, i.e. keep it in water.Furthermore, it is necessary to obtain a natural light products of photosynthesis.Note that the light should be diffused as direct rays have a devastating effect.To help the process of rooting cuttings is possible, maintaining the temperature at 25 degrees.

to ensure the future health of plants exist, you must adhere to the correct propagation.This process should be approached with full responsibility that you have.teplichku recommended to prepare for the plants that are difficult to take root to achieve a good result.Remember that you need to choose the cutting healthy adult.

Option greenhouses for cuttings

Teplicka for cuttings

If you decide to seriously deal with the care of seedlings, we must remember that it can not be separated from the mother, if less than one month from the last bait nitrogen-containing fertilizer.You can not take it with the old or newly acquired plants.

To avoid damaging the graft during his cut, you need to do to choose the right place.Slice treated with charcoal, having adsorption properties.Grow a healthy plant will help the construction of a small teplichke - cozy nest with favorable terms and conditions, which you have settled your favorite plant.