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August 12, 2017 18:07

The design of the pond in the country - are looking for the best solution

pond design in the country - choose the style of

Today at your disposal a huge amount of funds for the decoration and arrangement of the pond.You can choose different materials, garden items for decorating, apply those or other technologies - there is no limit to perfection.However, the design should be approached with skill.For a start it would not hurt to get acquainted with the basic directions of its decoration:

  • Creating a formal pond.
  • Creating a pond with free outline.

In the first case, the body of water is characterized strict geometric forms - it can be round, oval, square, rectangle or ellipse.It allowed its design in the form of the letter "G".This pond is ideal for small gardens.He epitomizes refinement, restraint and elegance.The combination of strict forms and little depth, allows us to consider the fish or plants on the bottom, make it remarkably beautiful and mesmerizing.

The formal ponds emphasis is placed on the water surface, so the plants are planted directly into the water very often.

free pond is considered to be the complete opposite of the formal.Drawing its coastline can be very different, and the feature is that with the passage of time - just two or three years - it turns into a natural.

This pond is ideal for the breeding of fish and is a "blank canvas" in relation to the decoration and arrangement, as there is no need to jealously maintain strict geometry of its forms.It is worth considering that the care for the most thorough is required, especially in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of plants.

Pond Construction in the country - the fountain to be!

If you are thinking about how to decorate the pond in the country, pay your attention to a nice looking unit, like a fountain.Thanks to its dynamism, it successfully fills a reservoir of oxygen necessary for fish and plants;prevent the proliferation of green algae.For the fountain device, you need a special pump of a particular type.

If the height of the fountain jet is less than 2 meters, using underwater pump for higher jet will need its surface counterpart.

working principle of this product is quite simple: through the suction pipe water from the pond to the pump, where on weekends pipes produced under pressure.However, it is worth considering that the power of the surface of the pump is greater than that of the submarine, so it requires the best technical equipment.If the arrangement of the pond in the country assumes the existence of any other dynamic elements - cascades and small waterfalls - pumps also have handy.

nice addition to the fountains on a country pond will it illuminated at night. luminaire can be mounted on a special support or attached directly to the fountain nozzle.As a rule, such lighting devices are used halogen lamps whose power ranges from 5-75 watts.Their light output is approximately 3 times greater than that of traditional incandescent lamps.

widespread for decorating a gushing figures in the form of animals, ancient heroes, flowers.They allow you to make a garden for a cozy and romantic, and the pond - more attractive, mysterious and alluring.If you want to give up the standard solution, then think about purchasing moving fountains, free-floating on the water surface.

How to elevate the pond in the country - choose the plants and fish grow

Artificial pond is hard to imagine without issuing coastal zone and plants.They emphasize its overall style, making it more "alive".The most widely used these plants for the pond in the country:

  • reeds;
  • sedge;
  • Siberian iris;
  • cane;
  • sup;
  • meadowsweet.

plants with strong root systems are ideal for strengthening pond shores.Flowering plants are selected depending on the style of the garden and pond as well as for the site in the Japanese style is perfect for the Siberian iris, daylily small, watch a three-sheeted.If you have a garden of pine trees for the decoration of the pond can be used arborvitae, spruce, juniper.If the soil around the pond marsh, it would be a good choice Astilbe, krasnodeva, marigold.

If desired, you can decorate with plants pond itself, and not just the coastal zone.For this purpose, suitable luxury lily, Potamogeton natans - they are deep species as their roots find support on the bottom.As the shallow-water plants can be planted arrowhead, alisma, sparganium.By floating on the surface include well-known duckweed, pemphigus.

It's worth noting that the choice of plants will be somewhat limited if you want to breed fish. So, pemphigus will absorb the fish food, and time unthinned duckweed "strangle" the pond, which also have a negative impact on fish life processes.

Pond, which contains river or ornamental fish requires proper care.You have to constantly ensure that the water temperature drops below the mark, and in the winter the fish was a source of oxygen.Of course, about any processes of decay in the water out of the question should not be - it should always be clean.

Thus, competent approach to the question of how to elevate the pond in the country, will allow you to become the owner of a beautiful body of water, which not only will surprise guests, but also regularly will delight you.