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August 12, 2017 18:05

Facade insulation foam

Many gardeners eventually begin to deal with the problem of rapid freezing at home.The solution may be a facade insulation foam, which you can make your own, why not try and do not let them to save if not time, but the money?Your attention is a detailed step by step instructions with photos and video on how to insulate the house from the outside foam.


  1. Step by Step
    1. Step №1: Apply the adhesive mortar on styrofoam
    2. Step №2: Installing Styrofoam on facade
    3. Step №3: Additional support
    4. Step №4: Plaster
    5. Step №5: Installation of decorative tiles
  2. Video facade insulation foam with your hands

to cladding facade of the house was quality and served more than a decade, the technology must be observed, which, fortunately, is notcomplex.First we need to clean the surface, from which you will work: it should be smooth, flat, clean, and most importantly - dry.

also important to use a quality-tested adhesive solution, or even dry and smooth wall is not able to keep to himself the foam plate.Step by step instructions

Step №1: Apply the adhesive mortar on styrofoam

no need to apply the adhesive to the entire underside surface of the plate.Using a spatula, apply it on several "big spoon" solution in the middle and make a "frame" around the edges (as shown in photo).

Step №2: Installing Styrofoam on facade

important to know that before you install the first slab of foam around the perimeter of the facade is necessary to install a ground profile, which will be a support for the first series of plates and which will help to strengthen the corners.

use the building level when installing the profile.

Step №3: Additional support

technology facade insulation foam at home focuses on that one as the glue adheres material is not enough to be called a wall of foam strong and reliable.In addition to the glue necessary to hold together a special plate dowels (umbrellas).They must have the same distance of approximately one meter apart.

Council: the first dowel is better positioned in the middle of the plate, and the other at the edges.Normally a 5-6 dowels per 1 sq.m.

Remember, strengthening the construction dowels is done at the expiration of 24 hours after the installation slabs.

Step №4: Plaster

Warming house outside involves the creation of a simple start up, but presentable design, so take care of that at this point you have at hand was a decorative layer, in this case, decorative tiles.You can also apply the plaster, and after the paint has insulated facade in any color select.

Step №5: Installation of decorative tiles

This facade insulation foam with your hands is not finished yet.Using a trowel, apply adhesive mortar on the already installed plate.Importantly, it was applied to horizontal - from right to left or vice versa.In turn applied to each tile layer of the same adhesive solution, and then press down each of them to the prepared plate, using a level to achieve a perfectly smooth surface finish.

sure that the thickness of the seams between adjacent tiles is the same.If the hand you are not packed, you can use a special cross-shaped plastic parts - remote crosses.It remains to give the glue to harden, then the insulation and the wall of the house will be a monolithic structure.Now

foam insulation at home with their own hands under the strength and you.For clarity, below you can see the video.

Video facade insulation foam with your hands