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August 12, 2017 18:05

House of SIPs panels with their own hands

Construction technology houses from SIP (SIPs) panels used for several decades in North America.Distributed by such construction in Europe.The popularity of this technology is due to design reliable, high-speed construction, regardless of the weather conditions, good heat-shielding performance.Easy assembly makes it possible to build a house from SIP panels with their own hands without the involvement of a large team and heavy equipment.


  1. Features of this technology
  2. main stages of building a house from SIP panels
    1. Building foundation
    2. Arrangement lower level
    3. Laying communications
    4. Construction of internal partitions
    5. Installing SIP panels
    6. Building roof
    7. finishing
  3. Videos home construction from SIPs panels with their hands

Features of this technology

The fact that this type of construction is feasible, you can see it the photo report below onconstruction work.Hosted following information shows how to build a house from SIP panels themselves.

should be noted that the concept of self-supporting insulated panel comes from the English language for complete clarity - SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) translates as constructive thermally insulated panel (see photo).

Houses made of sandwich panels with handle and transverse loads (hurricane force wind), and the weight of snow on the roof.

main stages of building a house from SIP panels

If the planned construction on the ground, where before there was nothing, placing the house on the site would be due solely to the personal preferences of the owners, and with the rules concerning the placing of land borders.If it passes near the pipeline, equipped with sewage, it is necessary to take care of that in the construction process does not hurt the communication.

done marking the foundation.

Building foundation

Lightweight house of sandwich panels to minimize the cost of building the foundation.Massive construction is not needed.Light building of SIP panels can be placed on the following types of foundations:

  • belt;
  • pile-screw;
  • slab.

Of course, it is possible to equip the ground floor.

where it was decided to build a house without a basement.First, with the help of heavy machinery was equipped with a platform, do a little penetration below the foundation.When the recesses are made in accordance with the project documentation, equip the formwork and pour concrete solution.

on strip foundations established cinder blocks, which are reinforced and filled with concrete.

988 units used in this situation.A rather high base of the house.This helps to protect the house from moisture and insects.Instead of cinder blocks can be used for pouring a concrete plinth.

Arrangement lower level

believed that SIP panels are very durable.Without effort, you can find a video where a truck traveling on a panel, and it is completely deformed.Therefore, the floor of the house make it out of this material.But first on the foundation laid waterproofing.On it lay the first panel, combining with the foundation angle.Places docking panels is filled with foam.There also establish a connection key.The second panel is coupled to the first flush.Connection keys to which are fastened the panels themselves, give all structural rigidity.

level should be checked when laying the panels.If there are deviations, they should be eliminated.The end of the stacked panels closed strapping boards, with their mounting foam used.As a result, external flooring of the first floor will resemble a monolithic panel.

communications Laying

Prepared technological hole used for the construction of communications.This water supply system and sewerage system.

These works need to take place before laying the finishing floor.

Construction of internal partitions

usually put internal partitions simultaneously with the construction of load-bearing walls.

But if you are delays with the delivery of panels, you can first install the frame internal partition, in accordance with the schemes and drawings of the design documentation.

Installing SIP panels

main stage of building a house from SIP panels with their own hands - a montage panels themselves.

Attach this material should be without gaps and voids.The more tight is the connection, the more comfortable to live in the house.The joints should be filled with foam.Fixing is carried out with screws.By guiding the beam on the foundation panel better secure anchor bolts to avoid possible shifts of shrinkage of the foundation.The number of connecting joints should be minimal.Therefore, the best option - to build a house from SIP panels made specifically for a particular project.

When assembled the walls of the first floor, stacked bar and floor panels.

Building roof

Then performed the construction of the roof from SIPs panels.

done mauerlat mounted truss system, which shall be established by SIP panels, and it has already mounted the roof.Details see how settling the roof, can be viewed here.


When the box is ready, you have to deal with installing double-glazed windows, doors, electrical wiring.

as interior decoration are most commonly used drywall, but it is better to use natural materials of wood.

also need to take care of the exterior finishing.The easiest option - installation of the siding.To use the metal tile roofing, Ondulin and other roofing materials.

All described the amount of work takes 2-3 months.Since it can handle 3 people.But if large panels are used, it is better to fit them to invite two more people, to facilitate the work.

Videos home construction from SIPs panels with their hands

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