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August 12, 2017 18:07

A plaque on the house with his own hands

Everyone knows about these products right on the farm, as the signs on the house . Usually they are mounted on the facades or fences to the street side of the building, and contain information on the place of residence of the owner, as well as the name of the organization or institution.


  • Varieties address labels
  • methods of manufacturing the address labels
    • Addressable sign of plastic
    • Addressable sign of wood
    • metal plaque on the house
  • Manufacturing address sign with his hands
    • Requiredmaterials and tools
    • Step workflow

address Similar signs can be purchased in specialized offices, and DIY stores general, however, if desired, they can be made personally.A wide range of materials allow to build without too much effort not only functional, but also beautiful plaque for the house.

Varieties address labels

Modern technologies allow to produce products in various forms, colors, and sizes of plates.House, as well as the style of the decoration is entirely dependent on the individual customer requirements.Today, the most common products made of materials such as:

  • stainless steel;
  • PVC;
  • bronze;
  • tree;
  • brass;
  • copper;
  • Oracal film;
  • acrylic;
  • organic glass.

also address signs may vary in shape.The assortment of products allows you to purchase rounded, polygonal, square, rectangular or oval plaques.


manufacturing methods address labels

availability of materials, along with the desire to build the original address plaques on the house leads to the fact that all the increasingly popular technique of manufacture of autographic mark.There are several options for the implementation of the plan.In this case it is possible to complete the coinage "from scratch", or purchase ready-made bases, followed by decoration plate.

Methods of processing and manufacturing techniques may vary depending on the selected materials, tools and wishes of the master.Consider some of the methods of manufacturing tablets autographic home.

Addressable sign of plastic

printing on the plastic surface is carried out with the help of colorful materials or special engraving.Such techniques require work on its core equipment, and therefore are not suitable for self-development.The only option for home-made signs - it Oracal film.You can buy a ready-made set pieces and get to work:

  1. vinyl films, pre-cut on the plotter, you must stick to the base using a special mounting sleeve.As fixing the workpiece may be a wooden, metal or plastic base.
  2. then be carefully leveled film.
  3. After removing all air bubbles gently remove the mounting layer.
  4. At completion, remove unwanted parts around the letters and symbols tsifirnyh.

This product is able to serve from 2 to 12 years, depending on the quality of materials and operating conditions.


Addressable sign of wood

This technique is suitable only craftsmen who own the art of wood carving.In this case, the manufacturing process of the address labels is reduced to the minimum action:

  1. Initially, you need to select the workpiece by determining the appropriate size and texture of the material.
  2. then made otshlifovki base.
  3. Following this, cut the street name and number.
  4. outer layer is painted in the colors conceived master.To information was the most readable, better highlight the letter and number.To do this, apply contrasting colors - light to dark wood paint paint, and vice versa.
  5. To extend the life of the product and protect against adverse atmospheric conditions, should be covered with a plate with clear lacquer in several layers.

As an alternative embodiment, the information can be applied to paint, working with a brush on a flat surface, without cutting out the labels.After drying, a cover plate with a transparent varnish.


metal plaque on the house

This technique is more difficult to perform and requires no special skills.Until recently, most of the targeted designation was made of galvanized plate, but today it is possible to use any metal materials available.

street number and name of the house can be engraved in any convenient technique, apply paint or make a forged address sign.However, such performance will need special equipment and expertise, as recommended by the manufacturer to entrust to specialists.Let us consider in more detail the simplest technique autographic manufacturing of metal plates.


Manufacturing address sign with his hands

practiced a little imagination and perseverance, you can build an original and long-lasting product.Make a sign to the house, even a beginner can master, as for the process of the construction of simple products require minimal skills with construction tools.


Required materials and tools

For work you need the following tools and materials:

  • metal sheet;
  • paper tape;
  • cardboard sheet size plate;
  • Bulgarian with diamond blade;
  • file;
  • water-resistant paint;
  • set hard brush;
  • oil paint;
  • permanent marker;
  • construction gloves;
  • goggles;
  • roulette.

Step workflow

consider the detailed step by step guide on making the address sign of metal:

  1. initially necessary to determine the form and stylistic way of the future tablets.In this example, a sample is taken the address mark in a typical English style.
  2. Then you need to measure the basic proportions and style of the image, taken from a photograph on the network.
  3. Since the wooden basis the lid of the barrel should be cut from the cardboard template, which will be slightly smaller piece of a circle.


  1. outlines tablets will be manufactured in the «bridge style» style, but because of the bridge circuit is necessary to draw on a plate of suitable diameter.
  2. Following this pattern is transferred to the workpiece.


  1. Cut the plate along the contour, using grinders.It is desirable as an attachment to place the diamond blade.For safety during the work should wear protective goggles and gloves construction.


  1. Using the file to be processed from the workpiece edge roughness and burrs.


  1. Then cover the canvas of the future tablets waterproof paint in one layer.Allow it to dry for 24 hours.


  1. After that, apply a layer of any oil paint, deliberately making a rough brush strokes.
  2. not giving content to dry, cover the top with another layer of waterproof paint.At the same time, make it thick to get the effect of an aged surface.


11. Using a hard brush should be applied a few strokes light tone, to create the effect of painting "transmission".


12. Thoroughly dry the surface and begin to spray the house number.Initially, you need to make a template using paper tape.


13. Using a marker, write the necessary numbers inside the perimeter.


14. Circle the number of white paint.To make the circuit as much as possible even recommended to keep the brush inside tsifirnogo designations perpendicular to the lines.


15. Once the loop is done, you need to fill the space inside the paint of the same color.In order to obtain etching effect should be applied at an angle of strokes, applying a sufficiently thick layer.


16. When the paint dries, you are ready to spray the streets here at home.To get a flat label, do the letter marking on an adhesive tape.


17. Mark the letters on the basis of a permanent marker.


18. Carefully enter the letters moisture-proof paint.


19. The tablet is completely ready.


Video tutorial on making address labels can be seen on a fragment: