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August 12, 2017 18:06

Step crates under the decking - User mounting battens

last and final stage of construction of the house is the overlap of the roof, that is the construction of battens and laying special coating on top.At this level of development of the construction industry a major role in covering home is such a material as the decking.It is comfortable, durable, efficient, has all the basic features for a good protective function of the roof.

Step crates under the decking

Step crates under the decking

One of the most important steps when installing corrugated sheathing is preliminary, which should have the correct structure and steadily carry out its primary function - to firmly secure the material that will be covered by a roof.Crate is made of boards or bars mounted on a solid support, then effectively sealed with staples.When properly installed, the frame of the crate is durable and little susceptible to the influence of mold processes.

main materials for the sheathing are wood and metal frames.Wood is used to build roofs in private homes.Metal frame, in turn, used for industrial buildings.Structure and lathing material vary depending on the expected load on the roof, as well as the specific features of construction.

Options mounting furring

There are two options when installing roofing sheeting:

  • first - a lean-roofs, which are mainly used for the construction of commercial buildings.
  • second type - gable, they mainly cover the houses.The slope of the roof in different types of buildings varies from 0 to 60 degrees.The scheme design should be well thought out and designed.

main constituent elements crates are wooden beams are laid perpendicular to the straps with a certain step.Mainly fixed with nails.If done correctly, the roof structure is strong and will distribute the load evenly.

main board in a crate along the ledge, its thickness should be thicker than the other boards.Besides, where will be withdrawn additional elements of the roof such as chimneys, ventilation and fire hatch is required to attach additional boards.The very same crate fastened after being under the decking was Fitted with an insulating layer and bred ventilation.thickness calculation is carried out with an eye on the height of the trapezoidal sheet and the length of the fasteners that hold the outside profile.

crate is recommended to do a step thirty centimeters or less, for the correct calculation of the step can not forget about the cross-section profile and thickness of the material, by reducing the distance between the roof sheathing boards angle should also be reduced.

Table mounting lathing step depending on thickness and angle roof sheeting

Table lathing step installation, depending on the angle of the roof, and the thickness of a sheet of corrugated

At the ends on both sides of the board is required to install wind farms, it is assumed their position above the main battens exactly is the value for a rise profiled.In addition to these factors, the length of the pitch affect the climatic conditions of the region, implying a certain load of snow and hail, as well as the selected roof slope you.Separately should be said about the creation of a possible backlash, aimed at fighting the wind.Carrying force directly dependent on the height of the profile: the more the altitude, the greater the load construction can withstand.

The scheme of packing material

scheme of packing material

If the roof slope angle of fifteen degrees, usually installed profiled type C20, using the solid sheathing, and themselves profiled sheets are placed overlapping in two waves.When using profiled sheet type C35 crate will be constructed in steps of thirty centimeters and overlap into a single wave.Sometimes it is possible to move sixty-five centimeters, but it significantly reduces the amount of load capacity.Step fifty centimeters is used for corrugated type C44 or higher.

for prevention and preservation of wooden crates board members should be treated Specialty antiseptic compositions.The move will save the wood from the spread of mold, as well as keep you from insects and pests.This step is optional, but if you want to make your roof last longer, it is recommended to use this board.

main fixing material to fix the sheeting on the roof is specially designed for this purpose screw.It represents a kind of screws with a drill at the end, and also has a special rubber seal near the cap.To maintain your roof style caps on the screws have a color similar to the color of corrugated board.

Fastening to corrugated crate

Fastening to corrugated crate

Screws attached to the sheathing corrugated board only in the lower part volny.Tak same as the fasteners may use roofing nails, v-shaped mount.Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.It should be noted that the nails perform its function well when securing sheeting as protective shields, as well as for cladding walls.V-shaped mounting profile used for fixing sheets to a ceiling.

Arrangement crates

Profiled sheets are stacked in the direction from the bottom row to the top.We must remember that the first row of sheets must perform at eight - fifteen centimeters away from the wall in order to protect it from undesirable effects of moisture.

Video - installation batten under profiled step size