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August 12, 2017 18:06

The common floor insulation polystyrene

The common floor insulation polystyrene

Paul, for heat losses - is second only to the walls.

increasing distribution was getting polystyrene insulation floor - one of the most popular heaters.

Despite all of this material, it is necessary to hold it correct folding.

Besides the lack of warming is a consequence of condensate accumulation, the appearance of mold and mildew.


  • Features of material
  • Features works for various premises
  • Prices for services

Features of material

Expanded polystyrene is considered a kind of foam, but has a lot of differences and has a number of advantages:

  • Operating time - more than a century;
  • one of the lowest thermal conductivity;
  • not amenable to mold and mildew;

Allows you to achieve good sexual surface waterproofing, thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.

Before starting insulation extruded polystyrene floor, you must purchase the required amount of material.

Driving insulation

It is available under a variety of brands and can have a variety of structure, used for insulation of different surfaces (wood, concrete screed).

Of course, the thickness of styrofoam for floor insulation can vary, depending on the operating conditions.

recommended value of this indicator - not less than 55-60 mm.Most plates stacked in two layers each of 25 mm.

The second and subsequent levels when the floor surfaces not in direct contact with the ground, it is possible to reduce the layer thickness of up to 20-25 mm.

Perform insulation polystyrene concrete floor must be in conjunction with waterproofing.Most used roll materials based on bitumen or mastic due to the lower cost.

Professionals recommend to lay a special film that is held under polystyrene insulation floor screed.

Through laying insulation on the ground, increasing the waterproofing layer is especially important character.

There are two possible options for work in such conditions:

  • fall asleep slag or gravel flooring, which is well compacted.On top lay a wooden joists and between the stacked insulation;
  • First put polyurethane sheets which are covered with roofing material and poured cement-sand screed, or concrete, then trail insulation.

its own characteristics has wooden floor insulation polystyrene.To think it should be at the design stage or construction.


Initially, the compacted layer of gravel laid concrete screed 5-6 cm thick

When the surface is dry, spreading insulation with a minimum thickness of 5 cm, on top of which to begin the installation of wooden flooring..

Features works for various premises

For many sexual floor surfaces polystyrene insulation technology is similar.

It is performed on a common plan, but if some of the steps already carried out during the construction earlier, they can be omitted:

  1. Alignment bases;
  2. Decoration cushion "gravel-sand" layer at least 10 cm (if necessary);
  3. Filling voids expanded clay;
  4. installation polystyrene plates;
  5. laying reinforcing mesh over the insulation, which evenly distribute the load on the floor.

Conduct insulation polystyrene floor of the first floor must be under the screed, especially if under the house is a basement.

On rough concrete floor or floor slab is laid thick polyethylene or waterproofing sheet.

Insulation spreads in 2-3 layers, joints overlapping plates of each of the previous.Over

need to do one more vapor control layer of foamed polyethylene foil.

then laid reinforcing mesh, filled with a thin layer of rough concrete, which after drying is complete screed.

became widespread warming of the floor loggia polystyrene.

It is not much different from the insulation under the screed, but instead of the waterproofing layer is required vapor barrier.


floor attic or balconies to breathe, to the sudden change in temperature does not accumulate condensate.

styrofoam plates and stacked in multiple layers offset each other at the joints.

If the floor is wooden, laid reinforcing mesh is optional.If you will be put on top of ceramic tiles - it is needed.

Through polystyrene insulation floor with your hands, you must take into account several recommendations:

  • Cut the slab can be any improvised tools;
  • too large gaps are sealed with liquid glass;
  • a wall, leave a gap of 1-2 cm for ventilation;
  • When laying on top of the insulation of wood flooring or laminate need to fill a wooden crate;
  • If polystyrene is placed under the "warm floor" system, perimeter wall damping glue tape;
  • With polystyrene must not touch the resin and bituminous mastics.


services for those who have no desire to carry out the work with his own hands, it is possible to hire a construction crew.

Largely price floor polystyrene insulation depends on the number of operations performed and will be the sum of their values:

  • Dismantling of old concrete pavement - 3 y.f .;
  • Dismantling of old wooden cover - 2 y.f .;
  • device stekloizolyatsii and waterproofing - 6 y.f .;
  • device screeds - 5 y.f .;
  • Laying insulation - 5 y.f .;
  • laying final floor covering - 5 y.e.

But even Order Services of construction brigades, acquire material should own.