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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roman blinds in the interior

Having appeared on the market relatively recently, Roman shades immediately gained particular popularity among consumers of different levels, associated with the unique ability to mount curtains on the windows of various configurations.However, this advantage does not end curtains, and just beginning that opens endless possibilities for use in interior design as the windows and of interior space.


  • Roman blinds, their types
  • Benefits Roman blinds
  • Method of attachment Roman blinds
  • options interior decoration Roman blinds
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Living
    • Bedroom
    • Children
    • further application

Roman blinds, their types

Roman blinds include cornice and specially stitched canvas fabric.Inside curtains positioned wooden slats or plastic sticks, thanks to which there are flat pleats.The bottom of the curtain is equipped with special weighting, which prevents the waving curtains on a windy day, and gives it a fixed form.This opening / closing of the shutter is due to belt cords extending through a specially laid down on the canvas of the ring through a chain or strap, though there are mechanisms with a remote control.

tightness 500x450

Currently, Roman blinds are available in 2 versions:

  • Classic Roman shades are characterized by the presence of horizontal folds formed only when the curtains rise, which neatly superimposed on one another.In disclosing curtains folds completely disappear, turning the blind into a smooth sheet.

Classic 500x450

  • Cascade.From the classic version, cascading curtains are distinguished by the presence of horizontal folds that do not depend on whether the curtain is raised or lowered.


Despite minor differences, the most widely used is still the classic Roman shades.However, the embodiment with cascading folds lags only slightly.

Benefits Roman blinds

Not surprisingly, Roman blinds are so high in demand, because they combine many advantages inherent in a drape curtains and blinds, including:

translucent 500x450

  • Variety tint scale,because sew curtains using various types of tissue.
  • wide range of universal dimensions, allowing the curtains to hang on non-standard windows.
  • Resistance to wet conditions conducive to their use in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the balcony.
  • Compact as special moldings can be mounted inside the window opening, leaving more space than conventional curtains.
  • few cornices models differ in the way of fastening, which allows curtains to hang in tight spaces.
  • Easy care - curtains can be washed in the machine, using the delicate cycle.
  • Easy control mechanism of the cornice, which allows to adjust the flow of light into the room by adjusting the degree of opening of the web.
  • duration of operation is continuous immutability original shade under constant exposure to sunlight.

Disadvantages Roman blinds:

For 500x450 cabinet

  • Before washing constantly need to remove inserted into the fabric strips of plastic or wood, and before fastening the ledge again to return to their former places.
  • curtains made from natural fabrics, it may shrink after washing machine.
  • on quality roman blinds price also is not small.

However, disadvantages, taking into account all the advantages of curtains, no special interest and seem insignificant.

Method of attachment Roman blinds

Typically, Roman blinds are sold bundled with a special cornice, which is very convenient in case of acquisition of the curtains on the window of non-standard sizes.

There are 3 types of special moldings:.

  • Classic - for the Roman curtain rod curtain having a width of 1.5 meters and can withstand the weight of the curtains of 1.8 m above the cornice is fastened, and the curtains will be a wall, as it were in oneplane.

Classic curtain rod for mounting frames 500x450

  • Mini - cornice for curtains straight as mounted directly on the window frame.

Mini cornice 500x450

  • Skos - cornice used for attaching curtains on the windows mansard or any other geometrically irregular shape.Other eaves is characterized in that the control mechanism can be set at 45 ° C relative to the eaves.However, the cord must be positioned vertically.

For attic 500x450

Despite the existence of special cornices, Roman blinds on windows it is possible to fix using one of the following methods:

  • Using Velcro, one part of which is fixed on the ledge of a window frame, and the other - on the wrong side curtains.

Fixation with Velcro 500x450

  • With Drawstring sewn or separate loops.In this case it is necessary to remove the curtain, thread the round bar in a strip stitched and again to fix above a window or in the window opening.

Drawstring loops or 500x450

  • Through a special tape that contains a loop that is sewn on the back side of the web.Fixing the curtains on the ledge it is done by hooks.However, the hooks have to hide using swags, or Roman shade will not look very attractive.

Hook 500x450

Thus, you can buy roman blinds separately from the eaves or sew yourself and fix most vending manner.

options interior decoration Roman blinds

Functionality Roman blinds combined simplicity and conciseness of forms is indispensable where there is no place in the usual curtains.This Roman blinds can be used as an independent element when decorating the windows, or used in combination:

  • with tulle;

Roman with tyulyu 500x450

  • with classical drapes;

Frames with curtains 500x450

  • with lambrequins.

Supplement lambrequins 500x450

special decorative Roman shades give:

  • festoons;

Frames with scalloped 500x450

  • shuttlecocks;

RIMCO supplemented with lambrequins and flounce 500x450

  • fringe.

Bags with fringe 500x450

high quality decorative Roman blinds, along with unpretentiousness of care, promote their use in different rooms.


use in the kitchen Roman blinds helps visually increase the space while maintaining an attractive design, depending on the selected fabric curtains and type of material.

The translucent fabric can visually enlarge the space of the room 500x450

For the kitchen, the dining room ideal curtains made from synthetic fabrics because they not absorb smells like natural fabrics, and also easily erased.

Curtains for the kitchen made ​​of synthetics 500x450

The most optimal solution for the kitchen are the roman blinds classic look.

Roman blinds made ​​of bamboo 500x450

decorate a wide window it is possible the selection of a few paintings of the same or different widths, depending on the ideas.

Several paintings on one window 500x450

If the sun peeks into the kitchen window is not often, it is possible to pick up a translucent version.

Roman blinds translucent shell around 500x450

In addition, Roman blinds in the kitchen should not be monotonous, because the hit on her various kinds will inevitably drops, and the colored fabric or canvas with a picture spots will not be so evident.

Coloured cloth good hiding various spots 500x450

In any case, choosing the curtains for the kitchen, it is necessary to start from the general style of the room.


for decorating the windows in the bathroom is to choose washable materials that figure is not floated in a constant humidity.

RIMCO in the bathroom 500x450

This quality color paintings look quite unusual, generally giving the interior completely finished look.

Volumetric image 500x450


Despite the brevity of the form of Roman blinds in the living room, they look just great, especially in combination:

  • with light transparent organza;

Tulle with Roman 500x450

  • with curtains that complement the color scheme of Roman blinds or contrasting with them;

The combination with curtains in the living room 500x450

  • with lambrequins.In this case it seems that curtains and pelmet are a single entity.

Integrally with lambrequins 500x450

dense Roman blinds hide from the constant spying neighbors of adjacent apartment buildings, contributing to the creation of their own cozy corner.

Thick curtains will hide from prying eyes too 500x450

However, light translucent curtains are perceived in the living room is much easier, especially in configurations with a variety of complementary elements.

Semi-transparent fabric in the living room 500x450

Of course, the choice of one or another variant of curtains depends on the already established environment.


bring to the interior of the bedroom a touch of romance and tranquility will help calm shades of Roman blinds.

Calm colors 500x450

However, when choosing a color worth considering coloring furniture, because the same tone of these items allows for the room as a harmonious combination.

Key interior sustained 500x450

This interesting design can be achieved by combining Roman blinds with curtains, lambrequins or light tulle.

Combining rimok conventional curtains in the bedroom 500x450


Adjustable height of the curtains fit in very handy in the nursery, because rambunctious children can not accidentally break them.

The ability to adjust the length of 500x450

colorful flowers, images of fantastic heroes will leave an indelible mark on the life of every child.

When choosing colors should choose curtains that support the basic tone of the room, rather than contrasting with it.

Combining curtains with basic background child 500x450

In addition, the nursery is better to buy curtains made from natural fabrics, because children often are allergic to the most ordinary things.

Natural fabrics for children

further application

Roman blinds may well be used as a door.

Exit to the terrace 500x450

To separate the space of the room on the bed and sitting area or study again, you can use the Roman blinds.

Zoning 500x450 premises

Smooth canvas classical type allows you to arrange an unusual type of screen.

Fencing 500x450 space

Thus, Roman blinds are quite widely used in the interior of the room.The main thing is the right approach to their choice and think in advance all the elements of the future decoration and Roman blinds, a photo of which is present in the article will help you create your own unique decor of the room.