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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to save with accessories for the bathroom on the rent : electricity, light, time and soap

Ideas for saving in the bathroom
  • motion sensors
  • Timer shower mixer Smart
  • Dispensers
  • Handshower with aeration

Undue water and energy lets money flow freely into the sewage system.But gadget makers are not asleep, offering their ideas to conserve resources.

motion sensors

Special sensors record the movement of your presence and turn on the light. Also, do not worry about the abandoned light sensors turn off by yourself. great idea for families with children.There is no need to constantly run only turn on and turn off the light because the child does not reach the switch.

These sensors save energy, but are expensive and require professional installation.

Motion sensors for bathrooms

Timer shower

Do you know how much water flows away while bathing in the shower?On average, a minute poured 7 liters!If you spend less time on the swimming, it is possible to save on water.Assist in the shower timers.When half the time passes, they give light or sound signal that it is time to hurry.

Moreover, they reduce each dip time is 8-10 seconds.Manufacturers offer different models.Some people are put on the shower floor, while others are attached to the wall on the sucker.

Timer shower
Timer shower
Timer shower

Smart mixer

Touch basin mixer itself includes water set temperature.Photocell reacts to the presentation to the hands, and the water flows from the tap.Savings are achieved due to the fact that it is not necessary to pour the excess water, selecting the desired temperature.When the sensor is powered by batteries, which is enough for two years.

As a drawback - very high cost.For the average Russian this purchase will pay off any time soon.But for a number of developed European countries, where the cost of hot water is much higher this gadget will be justified.

Touch mixer


Advertising imposes use of a large number of times any means, for example, to squeeze out the paste over the entire length of the brush or pour shampoo full palm.In fact, you need to paste a pea and the same gel onto washcloth.Undue consumption leads to new purchases and spending money.

Various dispensers help to conserve care products, which means they will last a long time.For the tubes can be used special Squeezers.

Soap dispenser
Dispensers for paste or cream
Squeezers toothpaste

Handshower with aeration

principle of watering cans in a mixture of water and air.The quality of bathing does not deteriorate, something quite the contrary, the water jets are becoming softer.But these watering cans there is no strong pressure, the water falls by gravity.Aeration allows you to save up to 5 cubic meters of water per year.

Watering can with aeration for the soul

can not only be equipped with different gadgets bathroom, giving it a modern look, but also greatly save the right approach.

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