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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a stained glass window with his hands

stained glass art of making known since ancient times.It is worth the pleasure is very expensive.Those stained glass windows, pictures of which can be found on the Internet, doing skilled craftsmen using unique technologies and materials.But, stained with his own hands or simulation can be done at home.


stained glass with their hands ,

stained glass in the window or the door, createsan image of the authentic flavor of the design space.To create a stained glass image, select the appropriate thumbnail to your taste and the available technology.Figure of stained glass can be anything: geometric pattern, flowers, pattern, birds or animals.

Types and variety of stained glass technology


  1. inundated stained glass, executed by applying paint on the glass.For the contour lines of special paint used in tubes with a device for applying a tip lines.It can be purchased at any salon art.After drying, the contour lines, loose gaps are filled with colored pigments for glass, more liquid consistency.
  2. Film stained - the easiest and most inexpensive way of stained glass on glass.Semi-transparent colored adhesive film cut out templates and pasted on the glass.It turns out a kind of application.To simulate full of stained glass, decorated with self-adhesive seams of lead or bronze flexible tape.
  3. Stained Glass by Tiffany technique, the most close to the real stained glass.It is made from pieces of colored and clear glass.All you need some skills in working with glass cutter and soldering skills.

Making stained glass filler

filler - stained - 492

  1. drawing sketch done in pencil and induced a marker on a sheet of paper corresponding to the format of the processed glass.Pick colors for filled sectors and mark them.Processed Glass, degrease and dry.Sketch very hard on the table, and the glass on top of it.
  2. Contour lines easiest to apply embossed thick paint.Tubes are equipped with a special paint nozzles for lines of varying thickness.They are manufactured in different colors, including simulating metals.Allow the paint to dry.
  3. possible to make stained-glass windows, aluminum wire.To do this, take the aluminum wire diameter of 1.6 mm, bend the contour lines on it and grease the PVA emulsion.Very hard on the glass and press the load.hour drying time - a half.
  4. Prepare aniline color.Dilute it with distilled water and filter through gauze.color consistency should be like thick cream.Apply the paint should be progressively clean brush.If the saturation area is weak, let it dry and paint again.
  5. After drying paint, turn the glass on the other side and place zadekoriruyte bonding aluminum wire adhesive metallic tape.The front side for safety and aesthetic appearance unpack transparent varnish.

film manufacturing technique of stained glass

how - do - stained - his - hands

  1. you need a lot of scraps of colored translucent or colored adhesive film.Sketch drawing stained-glass window, can be done on paper and then transfer it to the glass.Clasping the sketch under glass, move it contour lines marker or watercolor.
  2. Cut templates carefully the details of the figure stick to low-fat plane.Air bubbles gently smooth out the edges with your fingers or with a roller.Small bubbles are impossible to remove, pierce the thin needle and carefully crimp with your fingers to eliminate swelling.
  3. to create relief loop, used self-adhesive lead tape.The connections and joints are handled a soldering iron.

technology manufacture of stained glass Tiffany

how - do - their - stained - hands

  1. For these stained glass windows will need a set of multi-colored, preferably of the same thickness.The ability to cut glass along a curvilinear pattern and soldering tin, is also useful.Making a sketch drawing of the stained glass Tiffany, please note that the abundance of "T" - shaped intersection contour seams contributes to the strength of the stained glass design.
  2. on thick paper, put the stained glass sketch.Use scissors to cut out the individual pieces of the template.The table was covered with a soft cloth, put it on a template, and on top of colored glass.Glass cutter, it is better to use a filler.Slowly, with light pressure, make the risk of the contour glass cutter and then tap until the glass cracked.A pair of pliers, remove the excess pieces of glass.Inside the arc, can be done in stages.Deviation from the contour line may be permissible within 4 mm.The edges should be treated with sander and fine-grained needle files - remove the bevel on the edges.
  3. Every piece of stained glass panels, wrapped foliey.Folia - thin copper foil.Folia overlaps with the end portion with a small but steady running on the plane from both sides.Details of stained glass are beginning to spread on a sheet of plywood from the top corner to the side and down.Fixing part stained panels with small nails.
  4. space between the joints treated with flux, degreasing and preparing for the welds.The flux removes oxides with copper foil and a plastic overlay promotes tin solder.Process the soldering surface can be fat or mix it with acid applied to the groove between the glass and parts using a heated soldering iron is filled with molten tin solder 61.
  5. tip tin wire - For the manufacture of stained glass Tiffany suit tin solder PIC.Adjust the height of the seam itself, but be careful not to overheat and do not slap the glass.Welds made from both sides.
  6. Land, close to the perimeter propaivat do not need to leave space for the frame.Pick U - shaped sheet metal profile corresponding to the thickness of glass, cut out his frame rails with angles at the edges under 45 °.Taking stained glass panels in the frame, the connection at the corners, neatly Solder thin seam.

Stained glass is cleaned of visible defects, seams tinker with fine sandpaper, and clean water and soap wash.After drying, it can be installed on a door or window.