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August 12, 2017 18:06

Set the mixer with their hands

Set mixer
  • Selection by type of installation, configuration and design
  • old mixer Dismantling
  • Types
  • installation Wiring
  • How to install on-board mixer
  • Special features on the wall from the ground
  • Pipe mountingand on the shelf

Installation mixer compulsorily included in the list of works on arrangement of the bathroom.Depending on the situation, whether a replacement or a new faucet installed mounting it to a new location, this procedure may be different.This process, though not simple, but entertaining.

try to help you get your job done in both cases with the help of the following tips.

Selection by type of installation, configuration and design

to new acquisition last a long time and regularly, it is important to choose a quality product.Quality can be easily determined by weight of the goods.Durable mixer is always a heavy metal due to the greater thickness.Do not forget that there are flaws and heavy products, but the fact that the manufacturer has not stinted on the material should be reassuring.

bathroom faucet

The material used for the production of brass, and silumin.

Products of silumin weighs much less than the brass, and the price she has more pleasant.However, silumin has sufficient strength.Permanent disease silumin mixers - arm breakage and bursting nuts.They owe their popularity price but not long service life.

silumin mixer

In turn, products, cast brass, weighty and expensive. Brass - viscous material, so the union nuts and Spouts not crack from the effort that they experience during installation and operation.

brass faucet

Remembering that the miser pays twice, it is recommended to opt for brass mixer.

Faucet bathroom brass

Read more about the different types you can learn from our article about choosing a mixer.

Modern mixers 3 mechanic designs:

  1. Lever .Compact and easy to use.One lever controls both temperature and pressure of the incoming water.A significant drawback - the need to change the entire cartridge when failure of one element.
  2. Valve .2 valve to regulate the flow of hot and cold water.Less convenient to adjust the temperature, but there is a wide variety of valves and housing design.
  3. Thermostatic .It can be set to automatically maintain the required flow rate and water temperature.Good complement modern interior due to the stylish design, plus help save water.
lever mixer

Such technical indicators, such as size, are very important for the installation.

for personal convenience, pay attention to the size and shape of the mixer element - length gander, shower hose, wall bracket for the presence of a watering can.

models are different depending on the installation site: crane crashed into the bath, can not be mounted on the wall, and vice versa.There are models with both fixed and with swivel spout.Almost everywhere washbasin is located side by side with the bathroom, so it is convenient to install a wall model with swivel spout and shower watering.

In turn, hot tubs or showers are always equipped with a separate mixer.

mixer valve

Removing the old mixer

selecting convenient and practical option for you, you can begin to dismantle the old mixer:

  1. first shut off the flow of water in the bathroom.
  2. opened the faucet, drain the remaining water, and using an adjustable wrench loosen the lug nuts on the mixer connected to the feed pipe.Working carefully so as not to strip the threads on the derived fittings.
  3. Free fitting thread from the old seal.
dismantling of the old mixer


installation, depending on the mixer location you selected distinguish options that are mounted directly on the wall or built .Second place on the board or a bath built into the wall.There is also a built-in models include mounted on a rack or shelf.All options have their advantages and disadvantages.

wall installation is carried out at the adjacent placement of sinks and bathtubs.Performed quickly and it allows you to replace or remove the crane at any convenient time.

wall mixer

embedding in the wall of the mixer, you can give the interior a more aesthetic appearance, but access to the connection hose is closed.

mixer wall

Installation on a stand is possible the derivation of the pipes through the floor, and if there is free space in the bathroom. Racks have a wide variety of designs: from the strict modern to baroque pomp.Rack mixers are the most expensive to date.

installation on board or shelf bathroom sink also restricts access to connections and the supply hose, but allows to put compact model.If the installation of this type is provided, the bath and sink, as a rule, are equipped with the original mixer.


products are often sold and dismantled by purchasing them, be sure to check the contents.content of the package is listed in the instructions inside the box.Each item is packaged individually in cellophane.

The set details are as follows:

  • mixing unit;
  • spout;
  • Lake and shower hose;
  • eccentric sleeve;
  • gaskets;
  • Decorative ceiling.

Check for chips and cracks on all elements.Also make sure that the thread of the eccentric sleeves and fastening nuts are not disrupted.Only after this, follow the assembly instructions according

Required tools

Prepare a necessary tool:

  • spanners and wrenches;
  • pliers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • sealant;
  • Sealing materials (FCMs or hemp);
  • an electric drill with a crown cutter.

By doing this, you can begin to installation.

tools for installation of the mixer

Mounting wall mixer

Let us consider the example of the installation procedure install a wall mixer.

the derivation of fittings water pipes from the floor or the walls kept the distance between the pipes of 150 mm.If this distance is not the same at the same mixer, it can be adjusted by means of eccentrics.Wound sealant on unions, threading them into the water pipes fittings, respecting the required distance.Check that the unions were leveled.

Sticking unions, try to block him mixer and begin to fasten it.If the cams are set correctly, the unit will be screwed evenly on each side.


To hide block mounting position, we have to take it off and wear on the eccentrics decorative ceiling.In case of correct installation eccentric ceiling must lie close to the surface finishing.

Adjoining block itself, do not use additional sealing materials, gaskets will be enough in clamping nuts for tight shrinkage.Tighten them with your hands and gently press out the key at the end.In general, working open-end and an adjustable wrench should be very careful not to damage the chrome finish izdeliya.Esli there is a need, puts over tighten the nuts and tighten the fabric without effort.

After finishing the installation, open the valves on water mains and check for leaks on the body and joints, force of pressure.Eliminate the remaining leaks by tightening the joints stronger.

installation of the mixer in the bathroom

How to install on-board mixer

Before you install the crane on board the bathroom is worth remembering that in the event of a fault it is necessary to secure access for dismantling.To do this, put a removable bezel.

Installation steps:

1) First, examine the structure of your mixer.As a rule, the board is inserted into the lever bathroom faucet.Note the place where will be located the mounting hole, the convenience of its location, the adequacy of the length of the spout and shower hose, the height of the attachment under the shower heads on the wall.

2) Note that the self-drilled hole in the board only in acrylic and polyurethane baths.The holes in the iron and steel products at plants doing a only, to prevent the appearance of the enamel chips and cracks in the hull.

Read more in our article about the faucet on the tub side.

Mixer mounting bath board

3) Having marking holes for the installation, drill his crown cutter.Under mixer put the original gasket from the kit.Insert the mixer itself, and pull the board with the bath using the mounting studs and floor washer.Secure the unit in position and pull the fixture thoroughly.

4) Trailers flexible supply hoses for hot and cold water to the mixer.Ensure that the union nut has a hose seals, and screwed into the block couplings - sealing rings.

Manufacturers can equip mixers Mortice mounting plates.They further enhance attaching, asmounting hole weakens the rigidity of a side.Unfortunately, the mounting plate is often not fit on the size and shape of the board and requires trimming.If there are doubts about the strength of the bath side after tapping cock, is to see a specialist for advice on installation.

Features wall mount with zero

In the case of wall mounting, it is necessary to provide for the supply of pipes from the water main to the location of the future of the mixer. PVC and PVC pipe commonly used for such practices.To connect them to the backbone is required to purchase the appropriate tees and transition joints.And do not forget to put the ball valves before the taps on the mixer.Install it conveniently at a height of 30 cm

When equipment conclusions pipe fittings, remember the following:.

  • Maintain spacing fittings in 150 mm is necessary to observe the level.
  • Butt fitting must not protrude beyond the veneer.
  • Fittings directed exactly perpendicular to the wall, installation height should take into account the size of the mixer.
installation of the mixer on the wall from the ground up

mounting rack and shelf

This type of installation requires a supply of water to it through the floor.A base for the installation can be located on the same height as the rest of the floor or slightly higher.Last convenient becauseequipped with a removable pedestal allows the panel to replace the fastening elements and couplings.

installation in question must be based on ease of mixer.It should be set at the correct distance, height, and with a certain side of the bath.The key points of the installation of the mixer on the counter repeats the installation wall: similarly screwed in the conclusions of water pipes eccentrics, are set to the required distance, and then are wound union nuts connecting hoses that are attached to the unit.

mixer desk

taps on the shelf, as well as carried out at the front, are the solution for high-end interior, with the difference that if rackmount form with a bath kit, the models for the installation on the shelf can be arbitrary design.

water flow from such devices cascades, because the shelf, you can make the most bizarre forms.

Mixer on the shelf

So mixer is mounted in a niche or on a pedestal near the bath or on a separate shelf of solid stone, glass, tile.

for water supply hoses are used, and the spout, faucets and showerhead can be installed in different locations. installation will require you to accurately render the required length of flexible hoses to connect all of these elements.Installing the same mixer is much like the installation of the mixer plunge.

exercise maximum accuracy when working with a shelf and a stand of ornamental stone and glass, and better entrust the installation professional.

near a bath tub faucet

If suddenly your faucet broke, read our article on how to repair the mixer.