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House Insulation

August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming of the wooden house from the outside

Proper insulation of a wooden house can significantly save on heating costs, improve the microclimate in the house, as well as prolong the service log.When it comes to thermal insulation of the walls of a wooden house, the first and most important point is the choice of a way of warming - inside or outside.Most homeowners choose exterior insulation, and this choice is absolutely correct - the outer insulation of the wooden house more efficiently.

Warming of the wooden house from the outside

Warming of the wooden house outside

For internal insulation not only reduces the usable area of ​​the premises, but also the displacement of the dew point inside the carcass.Winterizing is only the inner space, the frame itself is constantly experiencing fluctuations in humidity and temperature, freezes in winter and summer rots.The greatest destruction of the carcass thus occurs on the inside, closed heater.

Outside insulation protects against frost, not only space, but also the frame.The dew point is shifted to the outside, and condensation occurs outside the wooden structures, under a ventilated façade, where the moisture dries quickly.

materials for thermal insulation of a wooden house

as insulation for wooden houses are most in demand mats of rock or mineral wool.The foam is not recommended for thermal insulation of wooden structures, since it does not have water vapor permeability, and does not give a pair of moisture from the surface of the log.Mats of stone or mineral wool are of varying thickness and density.The denser the insulation, the easier it is to install and long retains its performance.Soft and loose mats often slide down, fall apart, forming unhealthy dust.So do not skimp on quality insulation.Other advantages of stone or mineral wool can be attributed its non-combustibility and the unpopularity of the rodent, unlike foam.

Mineral wool insulation is a great tool for home

Mineral wool insulation excellent tool for

home Besides insulation requires two layers of film: one is a waterproofing and protects the carcass from moisture.He laid on the wooden surface to be protected.This film should have a water vapor permeability, and remove moisture from the carcass through the insulation to the external environment.Second - wind and hydro-protection, it is secured on top of the insulation.The purpose of this layer - insulation protection against moisture falling from the external environment.Waterproofing mineral insulation is required, as when wet it loses its insulating properties.

From the outside heater close to any facing material with mandatory ventilation gap arrangement.This lining is called the ventilated facade.Due to the air circulation between the lining and walls prevents the formation of mold and mildew, successfully removes moisture from the insulation and create the conditions for long service log and the whole building.

The structure of the stacking layers for insulation

structure stacking layers for insulation

Technology insulation wooden house outside

  1. walls of a log or block-house antiseptic process in two layers, with particular attention to the lower crown and corners.The ends of the logs are impregnated with an antiseptic very carefully, as they are most prone to rotting.The treatment is best done in warm dry weather.After treatment, the wall is dried for 1-2 days.
  2. On the wall is fixed with staples and stepleragidroizolyatsionnuyu film with vapor-permeable coating.This film has a different cover sides: high gloss should be paid to insulation, and a porous, able to absorb and remove moisture from a frame - to the wall.The joints of the film are fixed overlapped and glued special mounting tape.On the tape securing the vertical furring of the bar, the bar have the same thickness of insulation.Step crates choose 3-5 cm less than the width of insulating mats.The laid vraspor, they will stay perfectly without additional fastening.

    Installing crates on wooden house

    Installation crates on wooden house

  3. On film between bars placed insulating mats, slightly compressing them.If necessary, conventional mats are cut with a knife.If the mats are not sufficiently solid and poorly kept inside a frame, you can make a temporary binder, fixing their racks.Finally fix the mats with anchor nails.If you want to put several layers of insulation, successive layer of mats laid with offset joints so that the upper mat overlap the joints of the lower.All work on laying the mats of mineral wool should be carried out in protective gloves and a respirator.

    Laying mineral wool between the bars

    laying mineral wool between the bars

  4. top of a heater is attached on brackets gidrovetrozaschitnuyu membrane film.Hydroprotective surface must face outwards.The joints are fixed overlapping and glued shut.

    Set on top of the membrane film insulation gidrovetrozaschitnoy

    installation over insulation gidrovetrozaschitnoy membrane film using stapler

  5. top of the device must be ventilated film frame.It is performed as of the bars, providing the distance between the layer of insulation coated windscreen and decorative facade of at least 5 cm. The bars are fixed to the bottom of the frame with screws and if the walls are not sufficiently smooth, then use the perforated hangers for the profile, allowing to adjust the distance to the frame.Under paneling Decking metallicheskimsaydingom or you can use a profile for drywall instead of the bar.
  6. Sheathing secure the technology recommended by the manufacturer.For the lining can be used vinilovyysayding, metal profile, block-house, or an imitation of timber.When plating shall see to it that there are no gaps through which the inside of the facade of the moisture can penetrate.

    The house is practically insulated and sheathed

    House virtually insulated and sheathed

additional measure to protect the wooden house is the insulation of the basement and plinth.It can be performed using Penoplex or polystyrene and polyurethane foams using sputtering.On top of the layer of insulation is installed as a ventilated façade cladding or decorative stone or brick.