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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to build your own Abyssinian well - construction technology

a- 1_ On the feasibility of autonomous water supply everything written many private estates, as well as on the source selection.One of the easiest options - Abyssinian wells (AK).Without going into the history of the emergence of this design (many sites this is given a lot of space, but we understand with the technology), discuss what it is and how to make their own hands.

To understand the specificity of the Abyssinian well, it is necessary to deal with the structural features of the hydraulic structure.Wells in the full sense can not be called.In the first place - because of the relatively small diameter shaft and a method for its installation.Rather - it is a cross between the well and the well traditional as "Abyssinian" is characterized by the features and properties and that, and another source.

AK No wonder there are many names.For example, the "well-needle" (or "pile"), the well pipe and a number of others.Whatever you may have heard, the reader, know that it is one and the same source, if there is all its specific features.

His Unlike other hydraulic structures for independent water supply is in the peculiarities of water intake - depth, first of all, and universality.This is clearly seen in the figure.

a- 2_

Components design

a- z_ Given that we are talking about an independent hardware Abyssinian well, there may be some minor differences, as any master, primarily focused on local conditions and specifics of the work.Therefore, all of the following is a recommendation and is considered "basic" list.

  • tube (barrel AK) .Typically, 1 - 2 inches.Depending on the depth of the well - one-piece or component.
  • a- 4_ tip. It is necessary in order to be able to pass the rock to the desired aquifer.
  • filter. His cell should be small to avoid getting into the water suspended solids (sand, silt etc.).It is set in advance on the 1st section of the composite tube or on the end of the whole.

  • pump. or manual or electric.Although it is advisable to mount both in the event of disruptions in en / supply.A good option is shown in the figure.
  • Additional elements. Gaskets (seals), the coupling - in the case of a composite barrel.

Procedure construction

exact, instructions "step by step" can not be, in principle, as all areas - different.The main thing the reader understand the meaning of the work, and the "how and what" specifically do to solve difficult.

Location well

In principle, the requirements are the same as in the conventional arrangement of the well.Since the barrel plunges, usually to a depth of no more than 8 m, it is necessary first of all be guided by the requirements of sanitation - equidistance from cesspools, septic tanks (not the fact that the container is not vented) and the like.

Features ground

Once it comes to the method of "hands", it is expected that drilling will be used for the simplest device.The complexity of the arrangement of Abyssinian well that may have to be moved from place to place, until it is found suitable.

specified depth

If you decide to make withdrawals on the combined scheme (electric pump + manual), you have to spend a number of pre-trial drillings.Based on the results and make decisions.The fact is that when installing the pumps have to advance on the tube to make removal of where the electron / mechanism, while the "jock" mounted on top of the barrel.Installation options Abyssinian well shown.

a- 5_

conclusion - that the definition of the location of the AK is the most difficult process, as it is necessary to look for a variant in which the optimal combination of these factors.

guided into adjacent areas where there is already Abyssinian well, not quite right.We must not forget that the underground water layers have a complex configuration, therefore, spending time and effort, and as a result can "miss".

choice of materials

About pumps already mentioned.Therefore, everything depends on the section of the pipe.If we take "dyuymovka", the immersion model of the electric pump can not be installed.Therefore, only the surface-type.However, this parameter can be increased, as the "penetration" of soil will not cause too much difficulty with pliable soil (eg, sandstone).So, you can purchase a pump and submersible.

Another question - how to take the tube?This depends on the manner in which it will be installed.

barrel assembly

If it is a component, the individual blanks are bonded couplings.Feature - if the pipe will be installed by driving, then the elements of connection - only steel.cast iron couplings quickly will crack under the stress of the trunk.

Making simple filter

Technique is clear from the figure (one).

a- 6_

portion of the pipe, where the drilled hole is covered (wrapped) mesh material with tiny cells.Available for sale - "for the wells."

Mounting trunk

two basic techniques - drilling and trenching.With the first way is clear.If you purchased a screw pile, and cross-section of small, then at the end (above the conical tip) mounted mesh (filter).Screwing is performed by a lever placed in the technological holes.In the case of slightly larger diameter pipe hand drill shaft is sinking, after which the tube (with mesh) is put into it.

a- 7_ Clogging is made on one of the 2 methods.But the blank have to be sharp, durable tip that will crush the rock in the course of its movement.

Feature - cone diameter should be slightly larger, otherwise the pipe wall will be adjacent blade in the ground, and driving process is extremely complicated.How to fix it - to weld, establish by means of a threaded connection - the host decides for himself.The main thing - the strength of the structure.

Option №1 - the upper section of the metal must be put "grandmother", and it beat the hammer (a hammer).After the work is easy to cut the tip of the flared "grinder."

№2 version - smaller cross-section pipe is inserted into the barrel, and strikes are on it.She was moving down the main bury.In this case it is necessary to provide increased joint strength conical tip with the barrel.

Arrangement tip

a- 8_ part, this relates to the issue of site selection."Abyssinian" is convenient because it can be put in any annex, even the basement (as pictured).

for operation is not only true in the summer.But for year-round use of the source, if it is located outside the building, on the site, will have to think about the insulation of the well.What place, caisson or a house - have the details, but the problem should be solved.


Once in the trunk will be water, clean the filter.It is understood that during installation it will partially clogged ground.This is done in a water supply pipe from the outside, under strong pressure.Only after the washing pump is installed and the circuit performance is verified.

Dear reader!The article highlights only the main aspects of the work.If you understand the principle of the device Abyssinian well and installation specifics, the construction of this water source will not cause difficulties.

Good luck!