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August 12, 2017 18:06

Materials and finishes of the walls in the hallway - wallpaper , plaster , paint

Hallway has a special "status" in every apartment, as it was this room is, in fact, pass.It is therefore necessary to consider all the details before deciding the question of what and how to decorate a wall in our hallway and what material to choose.

Firstly, it is more than the other rooms dirty, once there we take off shoes, garments, put on the floor (and often close to the wall) brought with them things.Secondly, it is in the hall more often than the other rooms, there are scratches on the walls different.For example, in winter, came to the streets with a sledge, a child in the living room will not go with them.He will leave them in the hall, putting to the wall.If the dog is waiting for it will lead a walk, then at least a couple of times certainly will scratch the wall.And examples of the fact that the walls in the hallway facing more common than in other rooms, comes into disrepair, very much.

So finishing materials for the hall should:

  • be durable and strong;
  • not very dirty and easy to clean;
  • create some positive attitude, as it is for decoration of the premises and people judge about the house, and on households.

The choice of finishing materials is huge, it would be money.Let's try to figure out what to use for finishing the hallway, if we have a small, like most compatriots prosperity.

Wall - to - hallway


Vinyl wallpaper. have two definite plus - they can be washed an unlimited number of times and the price is quite affordable.And with a wide choice of different colors and shades, patterns for all tastes, difficulties in the selection of wallpaper will not.Vinyl wallpaper are made or on a paper or non-woven basis.Recent stronger.If the walls in the hallway are uneven, have pronounced defects, it is recommended to use a model with a foamed vinyl.They "disguise" all the flaws surface of the walls.By the way, experts point out that these wallpapers cat for some reason do not scratch.

Liquid wallpaper. These wallpapers are considered to be an expensive material.However, a wide range of value allows you to choose not too expensive option.Their advantage is that they are well-align any surface.To prepare the walls to the processing liquid wallpaper is not necessary to spend time and energy on the preparations.If liquid wallpaper varnish, it will increase their service life and will make it easy to wash any stains.

manufacturers produce different types of liquid wallpaper, for VIP-buyers, and for the ordinary consumer.When working with them, and do not need to roll vymeryat band, working with glue and something to constantly trim.

finish - walls - in-the- hall

Decorative plaster

This type of finishing material is also quite popular among consumers.Some people confuse this with the plaster liquid wallpaper, but they are different materials.In use it is somewhat "capricious" because it requires a perfect flatness.Therefore, the preparation of the wall is mainly in its careful alignment.However, unlike the liquid wallpaper, you can buy or "color" plaster or unpainted part.In this case, the coated surface can be painted or paint on your taste.But in the liquid wallpaper does not get to draw.


clear that repairing the hall better to do in the last turn.After all, its design depends on how the rest of the rooms will be finished.It should "fit" into the design of the entire apartment.Therefore, in some cases, painting the walls is the most viable option.However, the complexity is the same as that of the plaster - it is necessary to align the surface of the walls.Fully or partially eliminated the irregularities, if you put a layer of plaster partially (normal), and then paste over the old wall paper wallpaper.This will hide the existing irregularities.

Walls can be finished and saydingovymi panels, the benefit of their choice is huge.Moreover, the material of the panels is different.It can be plastic, and wood, and metal.However, we must take into account the fact that the preparation of the walls takes a lot of time.

fact that it will be necessary for securing such panels to make the so-called crate (rack attached to the wall).Panels to hide the results of all the defects of the walls, but the time for such repairs will need much more.

There are also more expensive finishing materials, but it is their cost, and imposes certain restrictions on the application.