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August 12, 2017 18:06

Radiant floor in the house with his own hands , manual + video installation

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Many homeowners consider radiant floor heating as an effective replacement of conventional heating system.Indeed, heated floors give the room a special picture of the distribution of heat flows, following the popular formula prescribing keep your feet warm and head out in the cold.Particularly relevant water heating system, located in the floor, for bathrooms and rooms where the children live.

Radiant floor in the house with his own hands

Radiant floor in the house with his own hands

Connection manifold for underfloor heating

heated floor system can be installed in a room of any size.Before you start the installation - you must make a payment of required pipe length.For this scheme can be drawn on the graph paper.Note that the distance between the pipes should be about 10 centimeters, at the same distance of the pipe should be located away from walls.

Connecting collector for underfloor heating

Connection manifold for underfloor heating

Video - Connect collector cabinet

for buildings in cold climates recommended allocation scheme "snake", it ensures minimum heat loss.

When calculating the system must take into account that the length of one loop water heating system in the floor can not exceed 60 meters, so large room devour take several paths.

input and output terminals of each of the pipes of the water heating circuit should be connected to the water manifold, which distributes the coolant flow from the highway.It is mounted in a wall cabinet or in a special niche.

Joining pipes to the water collector

Joining pipes to the water collector

marked up at each stop valve outlet when installing collector !.

Radiant floor - in every house.

Depending on the design of your home, you can use three basic methods of installation of warm water floor in your home.

  • If you repair the capital building with concrete floor slabs - the floor heating pipe systems can be installed directly in the thickness of the leveling screed.
  • In the event that the heating system is installed in buildings of light frame - pipes can be laid in the grooves of boards of thermal insulation layer.
  • During the construction or repair of the pipe system of a wooden house can be placed in the space between joists or directly in the thickness of the modular wooden floor.

Radiant floor with their hands in the house with concrete floors

Prepare surface

the preparatory stage draw slab surface cleaning, remove debris and pour a solution of large "holes".

Along the perimeter of the room near the walls is necessary to fix the damping tape.It will remove the thermal expansion of ties.

Overlapping home gidroizolirovant necessary.Use heavy plastic sheeting and sealed with tape or insulating solution.

Waterproofing floor floor Waterproofing

floor Waterproofing

Placing the insulation

To prevent heat loss must be placed on the surface of the insulation slab.It may have a special layer of aluminum to reflect heat rays.

floor insulation

floor insulation

Very often used as insulation foam boards.

creates the foundation fastening pipes

To fix the coolant pipe is placed on a layer of thermal insulation reinforcing mesh.In case of increased thermal insulation is not required - the grid can be placed directly on the waterproofing.

Reinforcing mesh for floor screed

Reinforcing mesh for floor screed

Mount pipe water warm floor with their hands

Installation of water pipes for floor heating Photo

Installing pipes for hot water underfloor heating photo

  1. Attach tube coolant water floor system to the reinforcing grid clips, placing thema step of approximately one meter.Do not tighten the clamps strong, leaving a small degree of freedom.
  2. placed on the input and output terminals of the protection pipes corrugated pipe
  3. We connect the end of the coolant pipe to the water reservoir.
  4. start testing the system, feeding it hot water with high pressure and a half times.We reserve system in operation for a day.
  5. Upon successful completion of the testing begin pouring screed.We use a special solution for the water floor heating.The minimum height of the screed must be at least 5 centimeters, shut off the coolant is not required.
Screed floor water in the house - Photo

screed water floor in the house - photos

The scheme of packing layers for water floor

scheme stacking layers for water floor

Radiant floor with their hands in the lung structures

To facilitate the weight of the water floor heating design, I frame spaces instead of ponderouspipe heating screeds laid directly into the grooves in the plates of the heat-insulating layer.Such plate elements are ready, they are also equipped with thermal expansion compensation regions.

Special plates for water pipes floor

Special plates for water pipes floor

  1. Just as in the case of the concrete start with waterproofing surface with plastic wrap.
  2. then put the lower insulating layer.
  3. Puts coolant pipe, guided the chosen layout.
  4. Place a layer of insulation from the ready slots for coolant pipe.
  5. Connect pipes to the contours of the distribution manifold.
  6. includes a pressure 1.5 times greater than the nominal and perform daily system testing.
  7. If successful, the test begins to lay subfloor and then topcoat.

Radiant floor in a wooden house with his own hands

of water underfloor heating system can be placed in wooden buildings.There are three basic ways of installation of pipes in houses of this type:

modular heated floor

most simple in terms of assembly is a modular floor.It consists of prefabricated wooden elements, which are located within the grooves of the pipeline system.

Rack Heated floor

water heating system with heated floor rack is mounted as follows:

1. On the prepared and leveled surface plate stacked ICE about 60 centimeters wide.Between them is left to the groove width of 5 centimeters.

2. The grooves formed aluminum profile is placed according to the selected layout pattern.

3. The piping system installed in the aluminum rails.

4. After connecting the pipes to the collector and system testing - rack floor closes the sub-floor and topcoat.

Water Heating in wooden floor on joists

Water Heating in wooden floor on joists

Water Heating in wooden floor on joists

  1. If necessary, carry out insulation of wooden floors,
  2. Place a wooden logs, align them,
  3. According to the chosen scheme pave the aluminum profile or a specialHeat-design,
  4. place the system piping in aluminum extrusions.
  5. insulate the space between the profiles and logs.
  6. wire connection and testing of the system, with good results - we cover the sub-floor construction and finish.

To check your water underfloor heating installation in more detail in the house with his own hands, we offer you to get acquainted with educational video files.

Video - radiant floor heating in the house with his own hands

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