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August 12, 2017 18:05

Types of wall panels for interior decoration , tips on choosing and characteristics

choosing one or another type of finishing material, the average consumer (amateur) is not in the least guided by criteria such as the possibility of holding all the technological installation operations independently.This approach saves us from having to invite employees (which is not always convenient) and pay for their work (that few people want to or simply do not have the extra money).

In this regard, products, known collectively as the wall panels, suitable for both be most welcome.Which is used for interior decoration of buildings, what types of wall panels are different from each other, what are their characteristics - this and much more can be found in the proposed article.Classification

wall panels


Such wall panels are called composing, as they are characterized by a length in the range of 2.2 - 4 m, a width - from 12 to 30 cm and 12 mm thick.Although the market and examples can be found with parameters different from those specified.

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from this category are best known wall panels of wood (paneling) and plastic (PVC).Given the breadth of products, this type of product should be used for finishing small areas, so in the private sector - the most popular option in the cladding of residential and utility rooms.

installation Feature - fixing on the base plate (crate).Consequently, valuable space when it is furnish such wall panels somewhat reduced, and this must be taken into account.


panels designed for interior decoration, often referred to as MDF.Base - Fibreboard impregnated with various resins.Surface decoration sheet panels are so diverse that you can simulate almost any tiles (building) material.

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dimensions of this type of product is much more than the rack (rib - 1 m and more), the thickness in the range 3 - 7 mm.Consequently, the speed of installation is increased significantly.But it is also a definite disadvantage.Since the panels have a regular geometry and small thickness, the wall will have to align the maximum.From this point of view at the independent performance of works on finishing may be some difficulties.

feature wall mount sheet metal panels - landing on the adhesive.If the surface is smooth, it is enough high speed of installation.


Basic version - a square with sides of 30 to 90 cm, although there are specimens with a rectangular shape.The material for the manufacture of wall panels is very different - plastic, MDF, hardboard and some others.


mounting Features - depending on the type of tile or panel manufacturer may be glued to the wall or fixed on it with the help of special / devices (capping).

In principle, the information presented for a common understanding of what are the wall panels used for interior decoration, is quite enough, but was not considered a question that can not be called small.


What made this or that kind of production?Here there are some difficulties.Recommend something concrete is meaningless, since all known features of the structure, for interior decoration of wall panels which are acquired.

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Firstly, public spaces will be made, for example, repair.Residential or not, heated constantly or from time to time (for example, auxiliary or country house owners on arrival on site).For whatever scheme is organized ventilation?After all of it depends largely on climate.Nuances set.

Secondly, from what materials the house is built, how it is produced insulation, how effective insulation and the like.

Still, the overall properties of the wall panels, depending on the manufacturing of note is the material.

Wood (and products based on it)


  • «Environmentally friendly."
  • Low thermal conductivity (ie, additional wall insulation).

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  • gradually absorbs moisture.You will need high-quality ventilation.
  • deformed by sharp temperature jumps.Consequently, the gap formed with time.
  • Despite the strength, at careless handling scratches on the wall panels can not be avoided.



  • Easy care walls.
  • cheapness panels.
  • Large assortment.


  • material becomes brittle (brittle) at low temperatures.Installation of plastic wall panels is limited - it is carried out only in areas where the temperature is above zero.
  • insufficient mechanical strength.Punch a wall panel is easy enough.



  • Possibility of wall decoration for the most original patterns (over the entire area, in some segments, in the form of combinations with other materials).
  • Care - minimum.


Their little, but that some shortcomings of wall panels of glass limit their use.

  • Fragility.One wrong move (for example, when moving furniture) - and, again, at least a "point" repair.And when you consider that in rare families do not have children, the risk of damage to the glass cladding increases.By definition, all the kids - restless;plus toys (including, and iron).Wall trim such panels can only be at the level of not less than one and a half meters from the floor.By the way, not everyone likes to feel in an aquarium, so glass products in residential buildings are often used as an insert in the basic trim.For example, the so-called "apron" on the kitchen wall.
  • high cost.That is what stops many potential buyers.

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there and a few varieties of panels - from gipsovinila, option 3-D and several others.But they are not yet widely available in the private sector, so deal with them in detail the features of the author does not consider it appropriate.Those interested in details, will be able, with all their pluses and minuses to understand yourself - easy to find relevant information.

turns out that the range of wall panels impressive, but each type of product - the features.Consequently, what to choose for decoration of your home - it's up to you, dear reader.Good luck!